7 Best AI LMS (Learning Management System) For 2023

AI LMS platforms are taking workplace training to the next level through customization, automation, and data-driven insights.

In this article, we explore the top AI-enabled LMS solutions available today.

We’ll break down how each leverages innovations like machine learning, predictive analytics, and natural language processing to create personalized, high-impact learning.

AI LMS software

AI is used in LMS to personalize the learning experience for each student. AI can track a student’s progress and recommend specific content or activities to help them learn more effectively.

AI-based learning management systems are widely used in higher education, and there are a number of them on the market.

This exploration into AI-powered LMS software is a continuation of our series on the best AI business tools. 

So if you haven’t already, check out our previous article, where we discuss the best AI tools for businesses, providing a comprehensive guide to leveraging AI in various aspects of your business operations.

Let’s dive in and discover how AI is reshaping the landscape of corporate learning and development.

Table of Contents

1. Adobe Learning Manager

Adobe Learning Manager

Adobe Learning Manager is an enterprise-ready platform that is built to scale. Whether you have teams or partners spread across geographic locations, with Adobe LMS, you can provide your teams with a learning instance of their own that they can brand and manage.

With Adobe, you can build scale with automation, manage training content centrally, and then share it with your teams around the world.

The platform lets you automate user group creation, learning journeys, and tracking.

Using the headless experience, training modules can be embedded and consumed from within your existing brand portals on Adobe Experience Manager sites or other content management systems.

An immersive browsing experience allows learners to easily opt for classroom training, virtual training, or on-demand courses.

What’s also great is you don’t need to worry about content formats; the Fluidic Player plays learning content of almost any format inside a single window. It also allows for easy navigation and progress tracking.

Adobe’s artificial intelligence recommendations personalize the learning journey based on the user’s learning behavior, profile, interests, skills, and peer activity. You may also use these insights to run personalized marketing campaigns using Adobe Marketo Engage.

You can also monetize customer training and certifications using Adobe Commerce. Gamification and social learning give people a chance to amplify their impact. Adobe Learning Manager allows you to gamify the learning journey with leaderboards, badges, and peer challenges.

Social boards offer learners the opportunity to share knowledge with peers and boost informal learning. While users are engaged in their learning journeys, you get actionable insights on each of their learning programs.

Adobe Learning Manager makes it easy for you to monitor every educational experience and deliver meaningful reports in the formats that best align with your business.

Learning Manager is integrated with other Adobe enterprise AI solutions, including Experience Manager sites, Marketo Engage, and Commerce.

Adobe Learning Manager Features

  • Unified Learning Experiences – Delivers content natively within existing apps or websites for a seamless and engaging learning experience.
  • Adobe Experience Manager Integration – Allows integration of Adobe Learning Manager courses within Adobe Experience Manager Sites or any CMS using the ‘headless LMS’ feature.
  • Personalized Learning – Utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to create a unique learning experience for each user.
  • Structured Learning Management – Enables the design of custom educational programs for quick onboarding of new customers or training of employees.
  • Learning Path – Allows the creation of learning journeys to guide learners through different courses and demonstrate mastery of a subject.
  • Gamification – Engages teams with a rewarding learning experience through points, badges, and certifications.
  • Analytics and Insights – Provides a clear picture of the team’s progress, measuring mastery of assigned materials and compliance across the organization.
  • User Management – Manages external and internal users separately, allowing the automatic creation of user groups based on unique identifiable attributes.

Adobe Learning Manager Pricing

The pricing plans for Adobe Learning Manager are not readily available on their website, but you can contact their sales team for more information

2. Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is an award-winning corporate learning management system that enables businesses all over the world to deliver high-quality training.

The platform can be used to train internal employees, customers, partners, and more.

In terms of its pricing, Absorb has gone the route of offering unique pricing options that are aligned to your company size and budget, learning goals, and other factors in order to accommodate the diverse ways in which Absorb customers can use the LMS including employee training, eCommerce, customer training, and other LMS functionalities

Having said that, their pricing is typically not at a level that is affordable for clients with fewer than 100 new learners each year.

Absorb LMS Features

  • Smart Administration – The absorb LMS smart administration streamlines the process of setting up and managing your training program.
  • Departments – You can easily set up departments to organize your training and expedite enrollment while ensuring only the courses relevant to each learner are displayed at any given time.
  • Scalability – Absorb is built to scale as your business grows since you can use the features you want and turn off the ones you don’t need keeping LMS navigation clean and intuitive.
  • Smart Workflows – The user-friendly course builder tool makes adding materials to your LMS a breeze while smart workflows can drastically reduce your administrative workload through advanced automation.
  • Smart E-Commerce – Absorb e-commerce empowers you to bring your training expertise to market in style with zero transaction fees or sales commissions. Absorb is designed to keep learners engaged and coming back empowering you to sell more training.
  • Learning Pathways – Learning pathways are an excellent resource for boosting sales by recommending additional training that aligns with customer interests.
  • Reporting – Wheeled data from Absorb LMS reports to evaluate your learning program using actionable, insights to guide decision making. While you’re reporting options, are virtually unlimited accessing valuable Insight is kept approachable through user-friendly functionality, such as mass actions.

Absorb LMS Pricing

You can fill out a form on their website to get a more detailed quote based on your needs

3. OnlineCourseHost


OnlineCourseHost is an AI-powered LMS that’s truly transforming how online courses are built and delivered. With its revolutionary AI assistant Owlie, it provides a ton of cool features to simplify course creation for educators.

Owlie is a ChatGPT-based AI included in all plans that assists with course development tasks, both specific and general. For specifics, Owlie can suggest lesson content, titles, video/audio scripts, assignments, outlines, quizzes – you name it.

It can also help improve course descriptions, recommend new course features, draft FAQs, advise on pricing, and more. Even optimize welcome messages, newsletters, and drip campaigns.

For anything related to course creation, Owlie is there to help. Need new content or translation? Want to enhance existing materials? Owlie handles the heavy lifting so you can focus on high-level strategy.

And everything is recorded so you don’t lose any of Owlie’s output. There’s even AI student assistance to answer questions and help learners succeed.

Really, OnlineCourseHost combines robust LMS features with an incredibly smart AI assistant that makes course development far simpler. If you want to create stellar online courses with less work, Owlie brings some serious support.

For educators looking to develop engaging, effective eLearning without the slog, OnlineCourseHost is worth exploring.

OnlineCourseHost Features

  • White Label Option – Brand your online course platform with no platform fees or limits
  • Intuitive Course and Website Builder – create professional courses and landing pages in minutes, no coding/design skills required
  • Attractive Sales Page Templates  – to showcase courses and convert visitors
  • Powerful Marketing Tools – Send email newsletters, grow your email list with built-in lead generation tools, and optimize your ads with Facebook ad integration
  • Online Payments – Accept payments globally via Stripe and PayPal in 100+ currencies. Instant payouts with no fees or deductions
  • Integrations – Zapier and Pabbly Connect allow connections to 5000+ other apps
  • Interactive Course Features – quizzes, assignments, discussions
  • Responsive course player – great experience on all devices, be it desktop, tablet, and phone
  • Digital Downloads – Add digital downloads, written lessons, and other complementary materials
  • AI Course Creation Assistant – “Owlie” to help generate and improve course content and answer student questions

OnlineCourseHost Pricing

  • Basic – $25/month
  • Pro – $49/month
  • Enterprise – $107/month

4. Docebo


Docebo solves all learning challenges your enterprise will face. Whether it is about managing the right content or proper delivery, Docebo’s AI LMS can work well in such cases.

 The first challenge that any enterprise or organization faces in learning management is to create the right content. With the Shape feature of Docebo, it might be easy to create engaging content using artificial intelligence.

With Docebo, you can make a custom domain for your LMS platform with HTTPS protocol. It allows customizations along with SSL certificate installations making LMS much more reliable.

This LMS from Docebo focuses on bringing sharper functionality by enabling AI capabilities. Additionally, it can offer flexibility and scalability to manage things according to the use case and requirements.

Docebo Features

  • Mobile learning – Docebo brings mobile learning features for users who want to go beyond desktop learning. It also allows you to create your custom app and publish it on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store while keeping all the Docebo’s learning content on them.
  • Social learning – It offers social learning features to enhance the learning experience. Social learning creates a learning culture that can enhance business productivity. Additionally, it can help in better content curation.
  • Extended enterprise – With Docebo, you can sell educational content online with a single LMS. The LMS will be managing certain things about the customer lifecycle while you will be building strong partners across the globe.
  • Advanced Reporting – You can easily track and measure the impact of your training programme with a dashboard and reports that you can customize to include only the data you need.
  • eCommerce – Docebo has a user interface that makes it easy for learners to look through and buy learning modules or content catalogues.
  • Gamification – Gamification feature lets you add things like badges, points, and awards to get people more involved.

Docebo Pricing

Similar to Absorb LMS, Doceo has a single pricing plan that is based on your needs. You must, however, contact their sales team for a detailed pricing plan.

5. SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos LMS brings cloud-based learning opportunities for global organizations and enterprises. It enables companies to deliver content over the LMS to help people for transformation encouraging learning faster, bringing better value for time, and focusing on a better user experience.

SAP Litmos provides embedded tools that can help in immediately building learning content in different formats. The online course building work becomes quick and simple this way.

Reliability at Sap Litmos LMS is comparatively better with a good secure system under firewall protection.

Sap Litmos Features

  • Robust reporting – Reporting at SAP Litmos LMS is robust, considering the quick performance measurement and progress tracking. SAP Litmos LMS has built-in tools for getting analytics and reporting about performance.
  • Universal accessibility – With its cloud-based system SAP, Litmos LMS can bring learning opportunities to everyone around the world at any time of the day. It also brings offline options with more than 35 languages that users can select as their preferences.
  • Video Assessments – This feature allows students to record and upload videos in order to deliver communications such as product overviews or elevator pitches.
  • ILT (Instructor-Led Training) – Using the intuitive ILT module, you can easily schedule classroom or virtual training. It also provides user feedback, course evaluation, and a clear picture of learner progress.

Sap Litmos Pricing

You can get pricing information on request.

6. Cornerstone


With Cornerstone LMS, anyone in the organization can have a personalized learning experience. It focuses on things like growth and skills with a proper learning environment that makes it future-ready for any organization’s needs. With Cornerstone LMS, your business and team members grow together with higher efficiency.

Cornerstone LMS works with a unified platform that comes with AI capabilities. Artificial Intelligence automates assignments and auditing along with guides. It also comes with a version control feature in several languages.

With Cornerstone OnDemand you get the choice to go for a higher degree customization option with WebEx integrations. In this way, you can make your custom web pages appear better.

Cornerstone Features

  • Scalability – Cornerstone LMS enables scalable learning for everyone. These training sessions are instructor-led. These eLearning sessions bring a personalized experience for every individual of an organization. It is available for organizations of all sizes. There is a good scalability option for organizations.
  • Insights – Cornerstone LMS provides a personal learning experience, but it allows for tracking organizational success. It is possible with reports and analytics based on individual learning, team learning, skills learning, and organizational learning.
  • AI functionalities – AI-based Cornerstone LMS recommends content with proper insights to teams and individuals. It can make learning more self-driven and personal.

Cornerstone Pricing

Pricing is disclosed after a personalized demonstration from the Cornerstone sales team.

7. Cypher Learning

Cypher Learning

Cypher Learning AI LMS software provides intelligent learning options. It brings 3 different products for individuals and organizations. It comes with a robust architecture based on cloud technology that enables features like flexibility and scalability in its services. This cloud-based architecture also allows better and more efficient learning mechanisms according to user requirements.

Cypher Learning AI LMS not only focuses on its backend but the front-end is also made intuitive. The front end is very simple and easy to use for any audience. So, it enhances the functionality its features bring.

Cypher Learning Features

  • Gamification – This feature of Cypher Learning AI LMS makes it a good choice. Along with artificial intelligence-enabled learning, it comes with a gamification experience. So, the whole learning journey goes like a game taking assignments, lessons, and quiz assessments as a part of the game.
  • Microlearning – Not all learners can pick things quickly. So, Cypher Learning AI LMS brings a microlearning feature for organizations and individuals. These courses provide bite-sized learning material. It enables a very streamlined learning experience.
  • Adaptive learning with AI – The AI-infused system focuses on material according to personal preferences. It can bring dynamic learning, but the seamless automation makes the learning experience smooth and easy. Moreover, users get to hide or show different modules for better learning options.

Cypher Learning Pricing

Pricing is disclosed after a personalized demonstration from the Cypher Learning sales team.

What is AI in LMS?

Artificial intelligence is transforming learning management systems by providing more personalized and impactful training experiences. AI-driven LMS platforms are taking workplace learning engagement, retention, and analytics to the next level.

Unlike traditional LMS systems, AI-powered options tailor the learning path for each individual user. Machine learning algorithms track employee progress and preferences, recommending the right content at the right time based on unique needs. This creates a customized journey that keeps learners motivated and focused.

NLP technology enables training content to be delivered conversationally for greater engagement. Chatbots provide interactive support and coaching integrated directly into the coursework. Analytics dashboards leverage predictive modeling and data science to provide insights that optimize learning pathways in real-time.

As learners interact with courses, the AI collects data and refines its models for more precision over time. This means the system continuously improves, keeping material relevant and impactful across changing workplace dynamics. The hands-on approach accelerates proficiency while ensuring long-term retention.

For leaders, AI LMS platforms uncover rich insights through detailed analytics, forecasts, and data visualizations. Skill gaps, engagement metrics, learner sentiment can all be tracked across the organization. This enables developing targeted learning programs that support strategic goals.

In summary, infusing LMS systems with artificial intelligence transforms corporate training through customization, automation, and actionable insights.

Choosing The Right AI LMS System

The bottom line is that AI-powered learning management systems are poised to transform online education. Unlike traditional LMS platforms, they adapt to individual students and provide a highly personalized learning experience.

The AI tracks progress, identifies potential problem areas, and recommends specific content tailored to each learner. This level of customization was unheard of before AI entered the picture.

Now, even LMS tools not explicitly branded as “AI platforms” are integrating artificial intelligence features. Personalized learning paths, smart content suggestions, automated assessments – AI is creeping into all facets of online course platforms.

Of course, needs and budgets vary. As you evaluate options, focus on the features and support that align with your goals. But for those seeking to deliver a modern, customized e-learning experience, AI-driven LMS solutions are becoming a must-have.

The future is here, and it’s artificially intelligent. AI LMS platforms provide the individualized experience learners expect in today’s era. Adopting this technology early allows schools and organizations to lead this transformation.

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