15 Best AI Apps in 2022 [For Android, iOS & PC]

With the advent of artificial intelligence tools and the ability of machines to learn and work like humans, a number of AI apps have hit the market that use this technology.

AI apps that can do everything from helping you budget your money to keeping you organized to buy groceries and even help people with disabilities.

In this article, we’ll look at the best AI apps for Android and iOS and how they can help in your day-to-day life.

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1. Youper – AI Healthcare Assistant


Healthcare is the basic necessity for every living being, and Youper makes it accessible for everyone with an iPhone. The application allows you to interact with mental health specialists at any time of the day through video calls.

You can also use the live support features to communicate your illness and seek their guidance. Youper monitors your condition based on your symptoms and tracks improvement; the reports are automatically shared with the related doctors, and they can prescribe better precautions for the changed mental state.

Currently, Youper is only available for iOS users; however, we can expect an android version to come any time soon.

2. Ginger – AI Writing App


Wrong grammar and composition can hinder your growth as a professional and portray a negative impact on the reader. Ginger AI is an AI-based writing tool that can help you improve the grammar and composition of your text.

The application can be integrated into your phone’s default keyboard, and it will automatically detect any errors in your text.

Ginger not only provides suggestions for grammatical mistakes but also provides creative ideas to improve textual flow and enhance the reading experience.

3. Entrupy – AI Shopping & Authentication App


Expensive items selling for cheap always look like a good deal, but they don’t always come out as advertised. Entrupy protects buyers, sellers, and businesses in identifying fraudulent items and protecting their hard-earned money from going in vain.

The application has a luxury authentication feature that detects key traits of expensive jewels and protects you from trading in fake items.

Similarly, Entrupy has a specific sneaker authentication designed to help sneakerheads spot the correct items; the application detects the key traits in their shoes and analyzes their originality. The application has a wide range of other features that can be accessed by Android and iOS users.

4. eBay – AI Shopping App


Online shopping has made purchasing easier; it allows you to benefit from great discounts and avail a wider variety without leaving your comfort zone. eBay is amongst the most popular online shopping platforms worldwide and has made a name for its services and reliability.

eBay utilizes a recommendation engine system that recommends the most relevant items to a user or customer. 

eBay is also commendable for its massive discounts and cost-saving deals; the application updates daily discounts on several products in multiple niches, allowing users to benefit from reduced costs.

Another popular feature is the price notification that notifies users once the price of their preferred item drops.

5. Google Assistant – AI Assistant App

google assistant

Google has a diversified range of services for Android users, and they have helped improve user experience. Google Assistant was a long-awaited launch and has gradually become an essential part of our everyday lives.

It is a one-stop solution to control your complete phone through voice commands. The application allows you to send messages, set alarms, play music, and use a calculator without touching your phone.

Similarly, the application can be used to control various other home appliances that are connected to your Google account. You can use voice commands to change the home temperature or dim your room lights.

6. Seeing AI – Talking Camera App

seeing ai

The world has more than 7 billion people, and we all have different requirements that must be fulfilled for a smoother life. Seeing AI is a Microsoft production that caters to various everyday hurdles for iPhone users.

You can use the application to record and listen to textual documents around you; it also scans barcodes of different products and tells the product name and price. Similarly, the app uses a modern system to detect your friends and their emotions in your surroundings; it also recognizes the environment and describes it to the user.

There are various other unique features that make Seeing AI a valuable addition to our everyday life.

7. Hound – Voice Search App


Hound is an advanced AI assistant that helps you save time in your everyday life. It has a wide range of offerings designed to simplify menial tasks of the day. You can use Hound to call an uber; a small voice command about the pick-up and drop-off location is all it needs to place a ride for you.

Similarly, you can use its integration with Expedia to check the prices of foreign flights and book your next holiday. Other third-party integrations can help you find information about the ongoing weather, local restaurants, and more. The application is available for both iPhone and Android users.

8. Envision Ai – Text Recognition App

envision ai

Everyone deserves an equal opportunity to succeed in their lives, and Envision AI is built on a mission to help the visually impaired see the world around them. The application uses advanced AI technology to detect crucial environmental information and speak to its users.

A user can use envision to read over 60 different types of texts ranging from handwritten texts to formal intent documents. Envision provides award-winning smart glasses to help people in video calling and text recognition. It has amassed a positive reputation amongst its user base and critics.

9. Fyle – Expense Management App


Fyle is an intelligent application to improve expense management and attain great returns. The application allows its users to simplify expense reporting and prevents fraud and errors. Usually, business employees fail to record expenses regularly due to laziness or lack of training.

Fyle helps you quicken the procedure; the application has multiple integrations with accounting apps that would automate reporting and help you stay updated in all instances.

Similarly, it enables you to keep your records updated per your bank statement; it has an automatic reconciliation system that balances any additions from your bank statement to the business accounts.

10. Cleo – AI Finance App


Cleo has an advanced system to help you manage your everyday expenses and make most of your existing finance. The application has various features that can remove your financial trouble and put you on track for success.

Cleo allows you to create a budget and monitor expenses and incomes to improve financial management. Similarly, it provides investment and saving opportunities that can help you generate an income for the future.

Cleo also has a credit service that can assist you in improving your credit score through effective strategies.

11. Hopper – AI Travel Agent


Studies show that stress levels are at an all-time high, and the best solution is to enjoy a good vacation with your loved ones. Hopper is an excellent choice for finding the perfect tour packages for travelers. It is a one-stop shop to help all your traveling needs.

You can find the ideal hotels, tour guides, transport, and restaurants using the application. It also provides various discount packages for multiple cities around the United States.

Hopper provides a price freeze feature that can be used to avoid rising prices later on and helps you save more.

12. Tinder – AI Dating App


Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps worldwide, and it is used around the American and European continent by more than 100 million users. The application allows you to meet and interact with possible matches in your neighborhood.

You can swipe your favorite choices from a list of options, and if they swipe you back, you can contact them through messages. The contact service is fluid and allows you to communicate with multiple users simultaneously.

The application has multiple premium subscriptions that come with additional features and swipes.

13. Replika – AI Virtual Friend


Making new friends isn’t easy for most people, and sometimes, they feel lonely and need someone to share their thoughts with. Replika is an AI assistant that can help you overcome loneliness and find a humane friend.

You can communicate with the AI robot and talk about various topics that affect your daily life- the more you talk with it, the better it understands you. The application also allows a video calling feature that lets you connect with a friendly face to speak at any time.

Replika is also remarkable at matchmaking; it detects your standout trait and finds you a partner looking for similar qualities. There are various other features that can be used by both iOS and Android users.

14. Gradient – AI Photo Editing App


Raw photos often need bits of editing to look illustrious and appealing. Gradient is an advanced photo editing platform that can help you up your photo editing game.

The application has various editing options that can change the dynamics of your image. You can use it to recolor your hair, blur the background, and use a brush to cleanse your face. Gradient can also be used to replace the face on the image with another one.

The AI technology in Gradient offers various fun features that can add to your editing experience.

15. Databot – AI Virtual Assistant


Databot is a fun voice assistant designed to take your commands and provide relevant results. You can use the application to view images, videos, and presentations about a particular topic; all it needs is a voice message about your preferred subject.

The application has a wide range of language support from Mandarin to English and Arabic; thus, it is effective for users from various regions. Databot has a list of modules; every module has a list of related commands.

Users can select a module and use the prescribed voice commands for relevant actions.

AI Mobile Applications Final Words

In conclusion, AI apps are becoming increasingly popular and useful. They can help us with everything from personal organization to productivity to entertainment. As AI technology continues to develop, the possibilities for what these apps can do are endless. So why not try out a few for yourself and see how they can make your life easier?

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