17 Best AI HR Software Tools in 2023 [ATS, Recruiting & More]

In recent years, there has been an increase in the use of AI-powered tools for businesses. In order to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the workplace, HR professionals are turning to Artificial Intelligence to automate HR tasks. In fact, according to statistics, 24% of companies use AI to hire employees.

AI-powered HR software is designed to help HR professionals automate various tasks, freeing up their time so they can focus on more strategic initiatives.

From automating the hiring process to tracking employee performance, these tools can help your team work more efficiently and effectively.

AI HR software
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1. GoHire


GoHire is an advanced AI Applicant Tracking System designed to make the hiring process more efficient and effective.

The platform offers some of the essential features you can expect in an ATS system, including employer branding, multi-site job posting, candidate evaluation, and interview schedules.

In addition to providing essential features, GoHire offers a variety of machine learning and natural language processing-based features, enabling you to craft engaging and optimized content for your hiring needs.

One of them is the AI job description generator, which uses machine learning and natural language processing to create optimized and engaging job descriptions. 

Adding to its capabilities, GoHire’s AI careers page content generator, as the name suggests, produces enticing and detailed content for your careers page, highlighting your company’s culture, values, and benefits, all using state-of-the-art machine learning technology.

GoHire also includes a candidate outreach message generator that enables you to create outreach messages that captivate top talent on platforms like LinkedIn. Basically, it helps you move from generic, impersonal messages to highly targeted and effective outreach initiatives.

The AI interview question generator is another feature that sets GoHire apart. With this tool, you can generate customized and relevant interview questions, evaluating a candidate’s skills, knowledge, and compatibility with your organization.

However, it’s worth mentioning that earlier versions of GoHire lacked some critical features such as bulk emailing candidates. Since then, though, the software has undergone substantial updates, adding a multitude of new features and making it a more complete HR tool.

Some user-friendly improvements include automated messages when moving applicants between stages and a significant re-design, making advanced features more accessible. 

Furthermore, GoHire is a low-cost solution compared to other HR software tools.

GoHire works for any type of business, including startups, small businesses, marketing agencies, and SaaS companies.

GoHire Pricing

  • Starter – $89/month
  • Growth – $150/month
  • Pro – $290/month

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2. BreezyHR

breezy hr

Breezy is a visual recruiting and applicant tracking system (ATS) that assists companies in bringing their hiring practices into the modern era. The automation features and user-friendly drag-and-drop interface make it much simpler to zero in on the most qualified applicants.

Breezy HR streamlines the entire hiring process for you, giving you more time to connect with candidates by automating manual tasks such as scheduling interviews and following up with candidates after job postings and advertising on job boards.

When you are ready to let people know about your available positions, Breezy will then advertise them on over 50 of the most popular job sites with just a single click, including:

  • Indeed
  • ZipRecruiter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google
  • Local
  • Global
  • And many others

The platform enables you to create stunningly branded career sites that provide prospective employees with an overview of everything that is great about your business.

Breezy AI HR software automates tedious tasks like pre-screening candidates, sending emails, setting up interviews, and getting feedback from your team.

The platform lets you trigger background checks and send out offer letters at the exact right time, and automatically add them to your HRIS system of choice, which may include Zenefits, Rippling, BambooHR, ADP, and many other options.

BreezyHR Pricing

  • Bootstrap – free
  • Startup – $189/month
  • Growth – $329/month
  • Business – $529/month

3. Recruitee


Recruitee, a collaborative hiring software, offers an innovative solution to streamline and simplify the entire hiring process; from job posting to candidate management. 

Recognizing the rapid advancement of generative artificial intelligence (AI), Recruitee has implemented the power of OpenAI’s GPT technology to offer an AI-powered job description writing tool.

This tool is basically a response to the time-consuming and sometimes challenging task of writing effective job descriptions.

A good job description increases your chances of attracting the ideal candidate so Recruitee has leveraged AI to serve as a writing assistant that employs natural language processing (NLP) to draft engaging, clear job descriptions targeted at your preferred candidates, and all within minutes.

But what’s great is Recruitee’s AI tool integrates seamlessly with its job editor, allowing for the rapid generation of job descriptions and requirements.

How it works is after providing a simple text prompt in any language, the AI takes over, drafting the job description on your behalf.

Recruitee AI assistant

Following this, users can edit and tweak the generated content to ensure relevance, or even ask the AI to rewrite it. 

As they stated, its AI assistant may not produce a perfect job description at first, the role of this tool is to kick-start the writing process. It should be viewed as an initial draft that a human can later review and refine.

Recruitee Pricing

  • Launch – $199/month
  • Scale – $349/month
  • Lead- custom pricing

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4. Workable


Workable’s goal is to help you find the brightest candidates every time you post a job—and they do this by connecting you with over 400 million profiles on their database. The profiles include information like work history, achievements, education level, skills, and more.

Workable also has 200+ job boards on their platform so that you can post your job in places where your target audience is likely to see it. You can even set up alerts for when certain types of jobs come up on those job boards.

And here’s the thing: Workable isn’t just another piece of HR software—it’s designed to be used in conjunction with other tools from companies like Bullhorn and Taleo.

Their “full sourcing team” helps make sure that nothing slips through the cracks as far as finding candidates goes, which means you’ll get instant access to 50 best-fit candidates instead of having to sift through hundreds or thousands of applications yourself.

The whole point is efficiency: Workable makes it easier for you to find exactly who you want because they’re already plugged into the most relevant job boards and social networks.

Workable has been increasingly incorporating AI into the product. But not only will its native offerings include AI, but so will Workable partners. Supernormal is the first integrated partner in a new AI partner category.

Supernormal now automatically generates job interview notes for Workable-scheduled calls, and these notes are automatically added to candidate scorecards in Workable’s candidate view.

So essentially, with this new integration, Supernormal automatically generates job interview notes for calls scheduled through Workable and notes are automatically added to candidate scorecards in Workable’s candidate view.

They’ve got a team of people working on sourcing candidates for your position, so you don’t have to worry about finding them yourself.

All these features combined with their AI-powered expected salary estimation and job matching tools, make Workable a solid candidate sourcing platform.

It’s easy to use, it’s got all the bells and whistles you need, and it’s built with machine learning, so you can expect them to improve over time.

Workable Pricing

  • Paygo – $129 USD /month
  • Standard – $279USD/month
  • Premier – $559USD/month

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5. Teamtailor


Teamtailor is another AI-based HR software that is specifically engineered to assist recruiters and HR managers in enhancing their employer brand and revolutionizing their recruitment process, all within one platform. 

They offer a bunch of recruitment features including automated triggers, anonymous hiring, and GDPR compliance, along with an intuitive, user-friendly platform to build an interactive career site.

When it comes to its AI features, Teamtailor has the ability to spotlight top applicants. Essentially, upon the receipt of any application, Teamtailor’s AI identifies and flags the most promising candidates, making sure they don’t get lost in the influx of applications.

This is all done by the Teamtailor AI robot, which is adept at parsing, detecting, and recommending applicants, marking those with potential using an ‘AI suggested’ tag.

The secret to its effectiveness lies in its robust machine learning algorithm. The AI robot has been trained on the history of nearly a million anonymized applications to be proficient at distinguishing a promising application from the rest, based on the information added to an application.

Some of the critical criteria include the presence of a CV, cover letter, or LinkedIn profile, the connectivity status of the candidate, and whether they have provided a pitch, among other factors.

In the overall recruitment process, those candidates whose applications are a good fit, according to the AI robot’s analysis, receive the ‘AI suggested’ tag.

And to further streamline the process, Teamtailor incorporates ‘Smart move’ triggers. In short, these can then automatically advance a promising candidate from one stage to another, such as moving ‘AI suggested’ candidates from the Inbox to Reviewing stage.

Teamtailor Pricing

Teamtailor picing is disclosed only during a product demonstration.

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6. PeopleHum


PeopleHum is a people management and recruitment automation software that helps you uncover hidden workforce, make data-driven decisions, and visualize employee performance.

PeopleHum offers AI-powered recruiting tools that help you find the best candidates for your job openings by using predictive analytics to score candidates based on their fit with your company’s culture, values, and goals. It also includes a unique feature called PeopleRank that lets you see how employees rate each other on a scale of 1-10.

The platform’s powerful yet intuitive performance management tool allows you to create objective metrics for measuring employee performance and track how well they’re doing with those metrics. You can also use this information as part of an overall compensation plan or as part of a rewards program.

With PeopleHum’s detailed employee insights, you’ll be able to see which areas need improvement and take actionable steps towards improving them. You’ll also have access to time-to-fill rates, drop rates, and recruiter efficiency reports so that you can make data-driven decisions about how your team operates overall.

Finally, with PeopleHum AI analytics software, you’ll be able to uncover hidden workforce trends and make data-driven decisions.

Although some users may find the user interface overwhelming or cluttered, PeopleHum is still a solid solution for modern hiring needs.

PeopleHum Pricing

Starting at $2 Per Employee/month

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7. SmartRecruiters


When it comes to hiring, you want to make sure your company is doing everything it can to attract the best talent available. Not only do you want to fill positions with the right people, but you also want to make sure that those people are happy and productive once they’re in their new roles.

In order to do that, you need dependable talent recruitment software that can help you streamline your hiring process and ensure that your company is a desirable place to work.

One such solution is SmartRecruiters, which gives you the tools you need to attract and hire top talent. This software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution is designed to help companies manage their entire recruitment cycle, from posting jobs to conducting interviews and making offers.

With SmartRecruiters, your team can also collaborate on every step of the process in real-time — something that can make your recruiting efforts more efficient. This solution gives basic HR functionalities where you can post jobs and attract candidates, manage their applications, conduct interviews, and screen applicants through video conferencing tools.

Further boasting HRIS integration, workflow automation, and integrated background screening, SmartRecruiters is a powerful all-in-one solution that can help you manage the entire recruiting process. With its intuitive interface, it’s easy for your team to navigate and find what they need to complete their tasks.

SmartRecruiters Pricing

Pricing is disclosed after a one-on-one product demonstration.

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8. Manatal


Headhunting is one of the most difficult things to do, and it’s also one of the most important parts of the hiring process. It can be a long, expensive, and frustrating process if you don’t have the right tools to help you find candidates.

Enter Manatal. Manatal is built specifically for HR teams, so they know your needs inside and out. They’ve made it their mission to help you source and hire candidates faster, so that you can spend less time searching for qualified candidates and more time getting them in front of your clients.

The best part? Their AI-Powered Recruitment Software goes beyond just sourcing—it helps with both candidate engagement and recruitment agency management.

As of now, they offer 2,500+ free and premium channels for all your social media needs, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not your brand will get noticed in a crowded marketplace.

Manatal also offers a branded career page that makes it easy for candidates to learn more about what it’s like working at your company before they even apply.

That way when they do apply, they only have good things to say about your company—not bad experiences from previous jobs or interviews gone wrong.

Manatal Pricing

  • Professional Plan – $15/per user per month
  • Enterprise Plan – $35/per user per month
  • Custom Plan – On demand

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9. SeekOut


When you’re hiring, you have a lot of things to think about. You need to find the best talent for your business, retain your employees, and grow your business with top talents. And if you’re looking to be more diverse in your hiring process, you’ll want to make sure that you’re considering all types of candidates for each job opening.

But how do you do it? How can you be sure that the person who is most qualified for the job is also the best fit for your company culture?

SeekOut is an AI-powered HR software that helps companies hire like never before. With advanced search capabilities, SeekOut can help you find exactly who you’re looking for—and keep them around longer than ever before.

With SeekOut’s Boolean and Power Filters, recruiters can narrow down their searches by specific skills or experience levels and even by location—or they can widen their search until they find someone who checks all of the boxes (and then some).

The depth of analysis available with SeekOut means that recruiters don’t have to waste time scouring through resumes; they can spend more time getting to know candidates before they even get in touch.

And once candidates are in contact with your company (usually via SeekOut’s automated email system), they can fill out a profile that includes their resume, cover letter, and references.

This means that your company won’t have to spend valuable time sifting through the hundreds of resumes you’ve received; instead, you can get right down to business with applicants who have already made themselves available.

SeekOut’s cloud-based system makes it easy for recruiters and hiring managers to manage the hiring process. They can manage candidates’ profiles, check their eligibility for specific positions, and even schedule interviews with people who are a good fit.

SeekOut Pricing

Pricing is disclosed only during a product demonstration.

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10. HireVue


With the advent of AI recruiting software, it’s easy to see how we’ve reached a new level of efficiency and accuracy in the modern hiring process.

Consider HireVue’s approach to automation: they use AI to speed up the time it takes to hire by four times and provide 24/7/365 engagement with candidates that’s powered by NLP.

This means there are no more late-night or early-morning emails from recruiters. Instead, your candidates can expect automated responses throughout their entire experience with you.

In addition to its efficient approach, HireVue also offers a number of innovative features that make it easy for you to make a great first impression on your candidates.

For example, HireVue automatically moves through “best” candidates in your ATS so that no one falls through the cracks. And if someone isn’t ready for an interview when you are, HireVue can send them a text message or WhatsApp invite instead.

HireVue Pricing

Pricing information is disclosed only during a private product demonstration.

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11. Loxo


Loxo is a talent intelligence platform that helps companies to do just that: find and hire top talent using data-driven processes.

Loxo has been described as “the next generation of HR software,” and for a good reason. The company’s AI Talent Intelligence Platform is designed to help companies do the jobs they don’t have time to do: manage data, make sense of it, and use that information to make better business decisions.

The platform is horizontally integrated—meaning it works across all departments of your business, whatever they are—and it’s meant for people who mean business. It’s also data-driven, and AI-powered HR products allow you to automate outreach with Loxo Outreach and build your own instant talent pipeline.

Loxo’s full recruitment life cycle features give you the ability to manage every aspect of the process from hiring through onboarding and beyond.

They even have a built-in SMS texting feature that allows you to communicate with candidates and employees through text messages instead of email, so you can save time by keeping everyone on the same page.

Loxo Pricing

  • Free – 0$
  • Premium – Price disclosed after a product demo

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12. Avature


You know what’s better than a new perspective on your workforce? A whole new perspective on your workforce.

That’s what Avature delivers with its advanced skills management features. It will help you identify the best talent in even the most competitive industries, attract it to your company, hire it and make sure it stays happy with the best benefits possible.

Avature also offers an integrated portal builder so you can make sure everyone has access to all of the information they need when they need it. And if you need to add custom APIs or integrate with other systems, Avature has you covered there, too.

With Avature’s leading-edge practices, you can bring your HR process into the 21st century without having to reinvent any wheels or start from scratch. 

Avature Pricing

Avature pricing is disclosed only during a product demonstration.

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13. PyMetrics


PyMetrics is an HR-focused software that uses artificial intelligence to help businesses and organizations find the best candidates for their open positions. It works with a variety of recruitment methods and offers data-driven behavioral insights for hiring managers to use in their process. Its AI helps build the most efficient process, so you can focus on what matters most: finding the best employee for your business.

PyMetrics also redefines hiring management with its fair hiring process, which ensures that all qualified applicants are given equal opportunity to be considered for employment opportunities within your organization. This removes bias from the hiring process and allows your organization to hire based on merit rather than bias or prejudice.

In terms of talent management, PyMetrics offers personalized behavioral assessments that provide you with an accurate picture of what kind of employee would fit best within your organization’s culture and environment. This essentially reduces turnover rates and helps retain employees who are truly invested in their work because they feel like they belong at their job.

According to the vendor, PyMetrics is audited by AI experts who ensure that this platform is fair, unbiased, and ethical—so you can rest assured that your company isn’t discriminating against any applicant based on race or gender.

PyMetrics Pricing

A product demonstration is required to receive a price quote.

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14. eightfold


eightfold is a talent intelligence platform that helps HR teams make better decisions about their hiring process. It’s the only tool on the market that combines deep data analysis and machine learning with human-powered insights in order to give you a clearer picture of your workforce—and it’s all done at scale.

The result? You’ll be able to find the best candidates for your open positions while also making sure they stay engaged by providing personalized development paths and reskilling opportunities.

And if you’re looking to improve your recruiting efforts, eightfold can help with that too—it uses AI-powered algorithms to identify talent that may have fallen through the cracks or been overlooked in the past.

However, some users have mentioned that Eightfold AI could provide more in-depth analytics to gain deeper insights into user data.

eightfold Pricing

To get a price quote, please request a product demonstration.

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15. Textio


Textio is a powerful new tool for recruiting and performance management that uses artificial intelligence to help you write more inclusive job postings, give actionable feedback to employees, and improve the diversity of your workplace.

When it comes to hiring, Textio uses AI-powered language guidance to give you instant access to the best way to describe your role.

You can also use its social bias detection tool to make sure your job posting is free of any unconscious bias—which, according to Textio’s research, can result in an 18% lower chance of getting a response from women or people of color.

Textio also helps you run better performance reviews by connecting HR managers with their employees’ work performance across all channels (email, chat, and more).

This way, managers have instant access to actionable feedback and can quickly schedule time with the employee so they can work together on improving performance—all without having to manually track down the information themselves.

This tool isn’t just for recruiters—it’s also great for managers and executives who want better insights into how they’re performing against their goals.

With advanced analytics tools like DEIB (Diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging), which helps HR teams measure and improve diversity in their companies, recruiters and managers can better understand why certain groups of employees feel excluded from the workplace.

The tool also helps employers identify gaps in their culture and provides specific recommendations for how to address them, so they can create more inclusive work environments.

Textio Pricing

For more information and a quote, contact sales team for a product demonstration.

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16. Arya


One of the best examples of a company that has successfully incorporated AI into their HR strategy is Arya. They offer a holistic approach to talent management that goes beyond conventional algorithms and uses human intelligence to create tailored solutions for individual companies.

Arya’s platform gives users access to 800 million candidate profiles from around the globe, so they can find compatible talent for jobs within their organization. This makes Arya an enterprise-grade solution for any industry, whether you’re looking for a new hire or trying to retain your current employees by making sure they feel valued.

Arya Pricing

For more information and a quote, please contact Arya sales team for product demo.

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17. Paradox.ai


Paradox.ai is an AI-powered HR software that uses Olivia, the company’s AI assistant to assist with everything from payroll and benefits to recruiting and onboarding.

Olivia is capable of understanding human language and is able to learn from your company’s data to provide personalized insights and recommendations for your employees.

Paradox.ai also offers a conversational recruiting solution, which allows candidates to interact with Olivia through text messages or by using the Paradox.ai app. It can help you find potential recruits by identifying skills they have on their resume, asking questions about their work history, and even providing recommendations of other positions they might be interested in applying for within your company. In addition, Paradox.ai’s solution provides insights into candidate behavior so that recruiters can make better choices when deciding which candidates should be interviewed first.

Paradox.ai measures client success through its automated reporting tools which allow users to track performance metrics such as employee retention rates or time spent on different tasks throughout the day (such as answering emails). This data can be used to identify trends in your business’s performance over time so that you can make adjustments accordingly .

Paradox.ai’s solution is a good fit for companies looking to boost their hiring efficiency but does require some customization depending on the needs of each business. As such, Paradox recommends that users reach out to their customer success team before using the product so that they can provide recommendations on how best to use it within your organization.

When it comes to drawbacks, some users have mentioned that the software could offer more customization options and others have reported experiencing technical issues with the software.

Paradox.ai Pricing

For more information and a quote, please contact Paradox sales team for product demo.

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AI HR Software Tools Final Words

In conclusion, AI HR software is still in its early developmental stages. However, it has the potential to revolutionize how HR departments operate.

By automating many of the tasks that are currently done manually, AI HR tools have the potential to improve efficiency and accuracy in HR departments.

As the technology continues to develop, it will be interesting to see how AI HR tools evolve and how it is adopted by HR departments around the world.

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