7 Best AI Avatar Video Generators & Talking Head Software (2023)

Generating great videos on a budget can be challenging without hiring actors or videographers. But have you looked into AI avatar video generators?

These tools make producing engaging videos much easier by using lifelike talking AI avatars that can mimic human speech and gestures.

After diving in deep and testing several tools hands-on, I realized not all video AI is created equal. Each platform has unique strengths and advantages that appeal to different needs. 

So today, I’ll help you choose the best AI avatar video generator for your needs.

AI avatar video software

Want to jump straight to the answer? The best AI video generator overall for most people is DeepBrain AI.

But for those of you who prefer a visual deep dive, we’ve got great news. Alongside this article, we’ve made a YouTube video covering these tools in details.

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1. DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI

DeepBrain AI is an innovative AI content creation platform that uses human-like AI technology to generate video content featuring over 100 customizable avatars covering multiple ethnicities and professions.

Creating over 100 diverse avatars representing different ethnicities and roles, DeepBrain gives you the power to generate videos featuring AI humans who talk and move naturally. The quality is so high their avatars are practically indistinguishable from actual people.

Through detailed research and testing, DeepBrain has refined their video AI to capture critical details like voice, accent, expressions, and gestures. Filming real humans in their specialized studio provides data to train the AI via deep learning. The result – AI avatars with convincing lip sync and facial expressions.

You have abundant options to customize avatars to meet your needs, like modifying appearance, voice, and speech patterns. DeepBrain gives global businesses a flexible tool by enabling avatars to speak any language fluently.

DeepBrain’s video templates save you time when creating training videos, tutorials, marketing spots, news clips, and social media content. Their specialized social media templates for YouTube, TikTok and Instagram give you made-to-order video ads in minutes.

A standout DeepBrain capability creates digital twins of real people, cloning their unique voices, gestures, and mannerisms. This takes AI video generation to the next level.

Leading companies in retail, eCommerce, education, media and finance use DeepBrain to scale high-quality video production. For example, DeepBrain recently partnered with KB Kookmin Bank to launch Korea’s first AI virtual assistant using their avatar tech.

With versatile features, customizable AI avatars indistinguishable from humans, and cutting-edge video AI, DeepBrain offers a trusted solution to create great videos fast without professional crews. Their 50,000 satisfied users confirm the platform’s time and budget efficiency.

When researching talking AI avatar software, keep DeepBrain top-of-mind. Their human-focused AI generates amazingly life-like avatars to be the digital faces of your business.

DeepBrain AI Pricing

  • Strater – $29/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing 

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2. Synthesys


Right after, DeepBrain, Synthesys is our second pick for the best AI avatar video generator. This innovative platform lets you make videos and voiceovers using realistic human voices and avatars.

Creating professional multimedia content is now much easier with Synthesys. Its user-friendly interface and advanced AI technology streamlines production, making high-quality videos and voiceovers accessible to anyone in minutes. No tech skills or experience required.

One of my favorite Synthesys features is the ability to customize videos by combining your own visuals with AI-generated voiceovers and avatars. This allows you to match the style and messaging to your brand while adding originality.

Tired of robotic, unnatural audio from other voiceover software? With Synthesys, you get access to a huge library of human voices, avatars, and languages to craft authentic-sounding content.

Translating videos and voiceovers into multiple languages is also a game-changer. Now you can expand your reach beyond local markets with just a few clicks.

I’d recommend Synthesys for creating all kinds of multimedia content – explainer videos, product demos, e-learning courses, social media spots. You name it, this AI-powered platform can handle it.

The bottom line? If you’re researching talking head generators, put Synthesys at the top of your list. With its easy-to-use interface, customization options, and multi-language support, Synthesys makes producing high-quality, engaging videos and voiceovers way easier.

Synthesys Pricing

  • Audio Synthesys – $27/month
  • Human Studio Synthesys – $36/month
  • Audio & Human Studio Synthesys – $52/month

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3. Synthesia


Synthesia is an AI video generator that offers the largest collection of over 125 AI avatars to act as presenters.

Localizing videos is a cinch too. With over 130 languages available, Synthesia can easily generate voiceovers from text.

Making your first video is super simple. Just pick from 55+ professionally designed templates, choose your custom AI avatar, type in the script, customize it, and voila – you’re ready to generate and share quality videos fast.

One of Synthesia’s coolest features is creating custom photo-realistic AI avatars. These can mimic real humans and become the digital faces of your business. The custom avatars integrate seamlessly, so you can use them in videos alongside the standard ones.

But fair warning – the custom avatar and voice carry an additional cost at $1000 per year. It’s one of the only paid add-ons.

Even without the premium features, Synthesia still stands out with its huge avatar and language selection. When I researched video avatar generators, Synthesia quickly emerged as a top contender. And with reasonable pricing plans, it’s a great fit for most budgets.

If you’re looking to produce videos that engage without breaking the bank, put Synthesia on your shortlist. With its massive avatar library, multi-language support, and easy templates, Synthesia makes video creation affordable and achievable.

Synthesia Pricing

  • Personal – $23/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing


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4. Yepic AI

Yepic AI

As you explore AI talking head software, Yepic AI stands out for its pioneering API personalization capabilities.

Their seamless API integration lets you pump out customized videos, scaling production in real-time. You can easily drop AI avatars and presenters right into your workflow.

Connecting with a global audience is a piece of cake too. Yepic gives you instant access to 70+ languages and a whole cast of digital actors to spotlight your brand.

But it gets even cooler. Yepic generates personalized videos using talking pictures. You can make custom avatars deliver scripts in next-gen voices that sound completely natural.

Creating videos takes just 4 simple steps: Pick avatars or talking photos, type scripts, choose voices/backgrounds, and download or translate for your viewers.

Can you tell I’m impressed? Yepic is revolutionizing personalization and integration for avatar videos. And those talking picture videos? So unique and engaging.

Really think about Yepic if you want to maximize video production and customization. With its seamless API and tailored talking pictures, Yepic helps you forge authentic connections worldwide.

Yepic empowers you to engage audiences in a remarkably human way. When evaluating avatar software, make sure innovative Yepic is on your radar. It delivers the tools you need for next-level, personalized videos.

Yepic AI Pricing

  • Standard – $29/month
  • Plus – $79/month
  • Premium – $299/month

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5. Colossyan

Colossyan is a free AI avatar video generator that is designed to help businesses and individuals create engaging video content in a straightforward way.

Like other AI video creation platforms, Colossyan allows you to input text and generate a video featuring an AI avatar that presents your message in a unique and captivating way.

Additionally, the platform includes pre-built video templates that you can use as a starting point for your videos.

It does also offer the ability to choose from a variety of AI avatars and to change the avatar’s appearance to some extent. Plus, you have the ability to create your own custom AI avatar with yourself, a friend, or your team member.

There are some requirements to create your own avatar like a camera that shoots in 4k at 60fps, a teleprompter, a green backdrop, a microphone, and good lighting.

The software provides a simple and intuitive interface, making it easy to create videos even if you have no prior experience in video editing.

But where Colossayn has an advantage over other tools on this list is the platform offers an AI script assistant powered by OpenAI GPT-3 technology so you can write a script and then use it for your video production.

Colossyan Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
  • Basic – $30/month
  • Pro – $100/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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6. Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo

Wondershare Virbo is our best AI video generator for all Windows users out there. This platform is designed to revolutionize video creation from top to bottom. Based on what I’ve researched, here’s an overview of Virbo’s capabilities.

Virbo gives you over 150 incredibly lifelike custom AI avatars to humanize your videos. Whether you need a marketing pro, training coach or customer service rep, Virbo has tailored avatars to fit your needs. You’ll love the diverse age range, ethnicity and outfits to connect with any audience.

The AI voice feature is another big advantage. Virbo generates amazingly natural voiceovers in multiple languages from your text. Finding the perfect voice to engage global viewers is a super simple.

Virbo also simplifies the process with an AI script generator to boost your productivity. Their 180+ templates help you make high-quality videos every time.

As a Windows user, you’ll appreciate the seamless cross-platform access. You can craft avatar videos on your Windows laptop or phone whenever inspiration strikes.

The avatar personalization, voiceovers and templates help you efficiently produce compelling, professional videos.

Whether you need marketing explainers, training materials or social media spots, Virbo gives you the right tools for video success.

If you want to seriously upgrade your video creation abilities on Windows, check out Virbo. Its AI-powered platform simplifies making engaging videos that captivate audiences. Give Virbo a try to effortlessly produce avatar videos from your Windows devices.

Wondershare Virbo Pricing

  • Monthly Plan – $19.9/month
  • Yearly Plan – Essential – $214.8/year
  • Yearly Plan – Pro – $262.8/year

Try Wondershare Virbo

7. HeyGen


With HeyGen, you can seamlessly generate professional videos using 100+ AI avatars and 40+ languages.

One of the top features is the talking AI avatar. You simply pick an avatar from diverse options covering various ages and ethnicities. Then by typing your script, HeyGen creates spokesperson videos with perfect lip-syncing in just minutes.

The face swap capability is cool too. You can easily swap your face onto an AI avatar to become the video spokesperson.  Swapping images and videos from your asset list is super straightforward for you.

Plus, HeyGen has a quite unique “Generative Outfit” feature to customize your avatar’s wardrobe for any occasion. You get unlimited clothing options for male and female avatars—from casual to business to elegant evening wear.

And HeyGen isn’t just for face-swapping. You can bring photos to life, make custom avatars in minutes, convert text to natural speech, and more. HeyGen supports multi-scene videos, audio uploads, and 1080P downloads too.

As a content creator, HeyGen gives you all the tools you need to produce remarkable AI talking head videos with ease.

However, compared to other tools on this, I found that HeyGen talking AI avatars are not that human-like compared to other tools on this list like my top choice – DeepBrain.

HeyGen Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
  • Creator – starting at $24/month
  • Business – starting at $72/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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Choosing The Best AI Avatar Video Generator

After testing all these amazing AI talking head software tools, one thing is clear – professional actors and videographers are no longer required to make engaging videos.

The platforms we’ve explored offer a flexible solution for crafting awesome video content based on your specific needs and budget. 

However, if I had to choose the best AI video avatar generator, DeepBrain AI would take the prize. No questions asked.

Their human-focused AI tech blows me away. The ultra-lifelike avatars, the ability to fully customize their appearance, and the natural human-like speech and gestures are unparalleled.

The bottom line is video creation is now more achievable than ever thanks to these futuristic AI tools. They save time, money and take the hassle out of producing high-quality video content. The future is here – embrace it. AI avatars are a game changer for telling your story without costly pros. Try one out and prepare to be amazed.

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