17 Best AI Tools For Startups in 2023 (Ranked by Categories)

Artificial intelligence is the biggest truth of the 21st century, and the technology’s implications are yet to be unleashed in full capabilities.

However, it is a fact that businesses are leveraging AI technology to gain competitive advantage and process optimization, regardless of the industry.

The trend of using AI is more common in startups than in bigger corporations, as the startups are more open to innovation and exploring new technologies.

Today’s article will walk you through the best AI business tools for startups to leverage the newer technologies to not get wiped out of the competition.

AI tools for startups
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Best AI Tools For Startups in 2023

Here is a quick summary of the best AI startup tools:

  1. Bubble.io – No code app builder
  2. Process StreetAI workflow management software
  3. Taskade – AI project management software
  4. Mixo.io – AI website builder for startups
  5. AdCreative – AI ad generator
  6. CustomGPT – ChatGPT chatbot for businesses
  7. MeetGeek – AI meeting assistant
  8. Tidio – AI customer service software
  9. HubSpot – AI CRM software
  10. LeadFuze – AI lead generation platform
  11. ClickFunnels 2.0 – AI sales & marketing automation platform
  12. GoHire – AI recruitment software
  13. Reply.io – AI sales engagement platform
  14. Repurpose.io – AI content repurposing tool
  15. RankIQ – AI blogging tool
  16. Compose.ai – AI email assistant
  17. DeepBrain – AI video generator


1. Bubble.io


Bubble is a great no code AI tool for entrepreneurs who want to start an AI business.

Bubble.io breaks the traditional barriers of app development by empowering entrepreneurs to build AI-driven applications without the requirement for complex code. In fact, it doesn’t require any coding. 

Whether you can want to create SaaS applications, marketplaces, job boards, forums, or social networks, with Bubble, you can do it all.

And now, you can even create your own AI-powered tools by integrating OpenAI tools like ChatGPT, GPT-3, DALL-E 2, and Whisper into your apps. 

Bubble.io also gives you a special feature called the API Connector. This basically lets you add your commands to OpenAI – or any other API – right in the Bubble app editor.

The software comes with lots of ready-made templates that you can change to fit your needs. You can change and improve these templates by using Bubble.io’s large library of plugins and AI features.

Bubble.io is not just for building prototypes but also for scaling them. Once you’ve tested your idea, perhaps with other AI tools on this list like Mixo (more on that later) and validated your business model, Bubble helps you scale your application to reach a larger audience.

Another cool thing about Bubble.io is its community, where you’ll find lots of people who help each other build AI apps. And they’ve been doing it long before AI was the big thing as it is right now. 

Bubble.io’s pricing structure caters to a diverse range of budgets. With options ranging from a basic free plan to a more comprehensive, feature-rich paid version, Bubble.io enables start-ups and businesses of all sizes to leverage the power of AI in their apps.

▶ Try Bubble.io for free

2. Process Street


It can be a big challenge for startups to manage their teams and workflows efficiently. However, technology has stepped in to aid entrepreneurs by offering automation and AI solutions. A similar solution is offered by Process Street, which is called Process AI. The tool is a ChatGPT-powered software that claims to make organizational workflow an effortless task.

Process Al understands your dynamic business needs and automates everything with a few bits of information. Uploa5d your manual document or give some inputs to begin The magic of process ai. Whether you are concerned about deadlines, assignments to team members, feedback or approval, the software manages everything for you. 

Besides task management and workflow alignment, you can create personalized tasks and complete the job by all. For instance, emails, assessing contents, language translations, etc., can be done with the in-built AI capabilities of the tool.

With uploading your organizational documents to the software, data security and integrity are legitimate concerns you might have. Although process Al is capable of reading, analyzing and interpreting uploaded documents, it doesn’t pose any threat to your data’s safety. According to the company’s terms, they never use customer data to train Al models or sell to third parties. Instead, any document read or interpreted by AI remains exclusive to the specific workflow instance.

With all the capabilities, it will be useless if software cannot integrate with diverse systems or processes. But another good thing about process AI is its flexibility & adaptability. You can effortlessly integrate your organizational workflows & processes with AI-powered tools.

Besides, the tool seamlessly integrates with popular platforms like Trello, Slack, Zapier, etc., further enhancing your experience.

▶ Start Process Street free trial

3. Taskade


The first tool we are going to introduce you to is Taskade. The AI-powered productivity tool recognizes itself as a second brain for teams. It implies that AI technology is facilitating the software to perform complex organizational tasks without a problem.

The tool is indeed a game changer for startups struggling to increase their productivity without exhausting their financial resources.

The organizational productivity tool allows you to design your all-in-one virtual workspace with capabilities like team tasks, note-taking, project management, etc.

The in-built mind mapping, chat(video and text), and AI-powered tools are accessible for businesses leveraging Taskade.

The productivity suite seamlessly integrates with your business management system to increase your team’s productivity in real terms. You can automate your organizational functions like marketing, customer support, sales services, etc., without hassle.

If we talk about the Al capabilities of The software for startup businesses, the AI assistant allows the entrepreneurs to do their job better. When done with Al, mind mapping and brainstorming yield better business outcomes.

For instance, you can have productive discussions with your Al assistant related to your projects and tasks. 

You can also visualize the team connections and hierarchy in a virtual way. You can replicate your organizational network and manage everything from Taskade’s dashboard.

Besides, the collaboration capabilities of al-powered management tools enhance the platform’s usability for small teams and startups.

Whether you want to create project outlines or manage projects, add team members to work on projects or invite clients to review and give feedback about the projects, Taskade makes it happen uninterruptedly. 

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4. Mixo.io


The next AI software on our list for entrepreneurs is Mixo.io, an AI-powered tool for literally launching a startup. Wondering how?

If you want to launch your startup’s website, Mixo.io will do it for you within no time. As an entrepreneur, managing everything can be really tough for you. However, Mixo.io allows you to design and launch your website intelligently. All you have to do is give some input about your project and get the work started.

The Mixo website builder will do everything from scratch: website design, content, color schemes, images, etc. Your website and Mixo will also look after your email marketing campaigns. The in-built email waiting list allows you to collect customer feedback by testing different ideas.

As an entrepreneur looking to explore pocket-friendly tools and solutions, Mixo.io offers you a free plan to create and publish your website. However, only paid plans allow you to customize the site’s URL and remove the Mixo branding.

▶ Try Mixo.io for free

5. AdCreative.ai


AdCreative is your go-to platform when you’re looking to invest in creatives that truly convert.

The tool empowers entrepreneurs to get the maximum out of their ad campaigns by leveraging the power of AI marketing tools.

According to the stats shared by the company, entrepreneurs have been able to get 14 times better conversion rates by using AdCreative’s capabilities.

The software also allows you to lower your costs and design tasks as artificial intelligence takes care of things very efficiently.

You can explore high-performing creatives that will offer you optimized solutions with high conversions and an opportunity to stay ahead of your competition. You can create as many as hundreds of impactful ad variations with the software.

Besides creating ads, you can also conduct testing for your campaigns with the software. Whether you want to test the message content or design, AdCreative allows you to do so.

In short, you can get the fuel for your startup with AdCreatives and create content that matters to engage and convert your audience. As an entrepreneur, you can also learn a lot about converting ad copies and techniques with the power of AI.

Last but not least, you can also view and analyze the performance of your ads with the dashboard within the tool. The aggregate data of your ad campaigns helps you to identify your strengths, best-performing ads, and areas for improvement.

▶ Try AdCreative.ai for free

6. CustomGPT


You would have heard a lot about ChatGPT, but CustomGPT might be a new term for you as an entrepreneur. 

CustomGPT is a ChatGPT chatbot for businesses that revolutionizes customer engagement and customer support experience. The capabilities of the software include human-like interactions with customers and relevant responses according to the questions asked by the customers.

Moreover, the intelligent tool also follows your brand’s voice for a more professional performance.

CustomGPT would analyze the business content, understand the questions being asked, and provide accurate information without deviating from your brand’s voice. Therefore, the software becomes your real ally in maintaining its integrity in the audience.

Setting up CustomGPT is a breeze. You can quickly integrate your business content through a seamless website integration or simply uploading your files.

And the best part? It’s powered by ChatGPT-4, ensuring that the responses are accurate, advanced, and contextually relevant. You can even see citations and sources for the responses, adding another layer of trust and transparency.

CustomGPT is indeed more than just a chatbot. It’s a comprehensive solution that brings together the power of ChatGPT and the uniqueness of your business content. So, suppose you’re looking to elevate your customer engagement, streamline support, and ensure accurate interactions. In that case, CustomGPT is the platform to turn to.

Once set up, deploying your custom bot is straightforward. You can embed the tool on your website, in live chat, and even in your workflows. Manage your business’s customer service side with great efficiency inherent to the CustomGPT tool. 

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7. MeetGeek



Meetings are a crucial part of any business’s operations, especially startups. But they can often be time-consuming and challenging to manage. MeetGekk is an AI meeting assistant that aims to change this.

The platform is designed to be your all in one meeting assistant, from scheduling to sending reminders and assigning tasks to after-meeting assistance like transcribing meeting minutes and extracting keynotes from meetings.

It implies that your team members can analyze and review meeting content even if they were not present during the meeting. You can integrate the tool with popular meeting software like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Zoom, etc., for a better experience. 

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8. Tidio


Tidio is the next software on our list that aims at startups in the early stage of business development. It is the stage of any startup when you’re working on making your ideas work for the better. You least care about customer support service as you have more important things to be taken care of.

However, the reality of this era is that ignoring customer interactions at any stage of the business can cost you everything. But it can be very difficult for struggling entrepreneurs to be present everywhere. Therefore, trying out AI-powered tools like Tidio can solve the equation.

With Tidio, you get access to several tools and capabilities simultaneously that would cost your business a fortune when accessed individually. It includes customer support, answering FAQs efficiently and effectively, and even taking care of your customers when you’re not around by answering their questions and generating human-like problem-solving responses for customers.

Another Tidio tool is FAQ Wizard, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to understand, analyze, and answer the queries of the customers based on the fed data.

The automatic responses of the tool save a lot of time for the customer support and sales team as they don’t have to spend more time resolving the issues of the customers. 

The AI tool efficiently answers FAQs, and humans can manage the interactions with more complicated queries and problems. Most importantly, the tool follows your brand’s voice for a consistent experience for a chat.

▶ Try Tidio for free

9. HubSpot

HubSpot CRM

Hubspot is an inclusive, sales and marketing software that empowers businesses regardless of their size. The company’s solution suite can manage your whole business and departments, be it sales services, customer service, content management, marketing, or lead generation.

Hubspot has worked on AI capabilities of the platform with different tools like predictive lead scoring, data cleaning, customer support bots and content assistant. We will briefly discuss the AI-powered capabilities of Hubspot and how your startup can leverage them for its benefit.

Predictive lead scoring uses machine learning algorithms to analyze and understand the behaviors and interactions of leads with your business. The tool helps filter the leads most likely to become your paying customers.

The data cleaning tool of HubSpot allows automated data maintenance and saves time of manual work to remove duplications, enhance contact information, etc., with AI capabilities.

The conversational bots of HubSpot use natural language processing for real-time human-like personalized customer support for partnering startups and businesses. It saves time and cost for repetitive tasks of answering FAQs and general queries.

Content Assistant uses OpenAI GPT-3 capabilities to create marketing content that is converting. It aids the marketing and sales department of any startup to create engaging content quickly and efficiently.

Yet another AI tool introduced by HubSpot is ChatSpot AI. It is a conversational CRM bot that offers better productivity across customer service, marketing, and sales. The chat-based commands generated in the bot automate several tasks like contact creation, pulling reports, segmentation, follow-up emails, etc.

With these capabilities of HubSpot, no entrepreneur or startup owner would like to trade off this software for any asset in its resources. You can leverage the capabilities of HubSpot for free as well to know if it is the right solution for your business needs.

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10. LeadFuze


Lead generation is an integral part of customer acquisition as it is the process of hooking your customers to market your products and services. Therefore, having a tool that aids you in lead generation can be a big relief for a startup business.

LeadFuze is our next AI tool for startups that allows you to find contact information of the ideal prospects and automate the outreach process.

Gathering, matching, and verification of the data in real-time is done by data intelligence, which gives you access to global databases to choose your ideal customers. Therefore, you can always do passive recruiting and segmentation for targeting.

LeadFuze is like LinkedIn Sales Navigator but with more detailed information and insights about your audience.

The data you collect and validate with Leadfuze becomes an asset for your business that can be leveraged for several purposes like cold email campaigns, social selling, direct mailing campaigns, ad marketing campaigns, cold calling, etc.

The capabilities of LeadFuze don’t end here, as you also get your personal assistant, Fuzebot, to help you manage the workload.

You don’t need third-party validation as the Fuzebot has its own real-time email verification with zero bounce rate. Besides, Fuzebot can also do the manual work of eliminating duplications for a clean lead list.

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11. ClickFunnels 2.0



The next tool your startup should have is ClickFunnels 2.0, which is ideal for startups focused on selling stuff online. Whether you want to market your product, sell it, or deliver it to your clients, ClickFunnels 2.0 will be your ally.

To market your product, ClickFunnel 2.0 helps curate high-converting sales funnels to allow a seamless buying journey for prospective customers.

Besides, you can create your online website and landing pages with the drag-and-drop page builder offered by ClickFunnels 2.0. It ensures that your products and services have an online space where you have to sell them.

The next thing you would want will be shopping cart integration, and ClickFunnels can do that as well by creating a smooth checkout process.

The story doesn’t end here, as the customer relationship management capabilities of the software allow you to interact with your leads and customers with automated tools and understand your audience based on data collected by ClickFunnels.

You can also capitalize on the analytics features of ClickFunnels 2.0 to understand your business, its performance, and its audience in a better way.

Therefore, it would be safe to say that ClickFunnels 2.0 is more than a funnel builder and offers an inclusive online business management suite for startups and entrepreneurs.

▶ Try ClickFunnels 2.0

12. GoHire


As the name suggests, GoHire is a hiring software that offers solutions to attract and hire the right talent for your business. You can publish your job openings on the biggest job sites with a single submission on GoHire.

No matter which part of the world you want to hire talent from, GoHire takes care of things for you.

Even more, you can build your brand for your employees to rely on. And GoHire will help you from beginning to end. From crafting your employer brand to laying the groundwork for your business, GoHire’s career pages are what you need.

You can also leverage the tool for a seamless experience for prospective employees, whether navigating your job openings or applying for a job.

From the employer’s perspective, you get a clean and user-friendly dashboard to manage everything from a single page.

You can also add team members to your company’s recruitment team for hiring the right talent without boundaries.

Besides, scheduling interviews, sending reminders, and evaluating candidates can also be done with GoHire’s AI-capable tools.

You can make informed decisions on one page with the whole recruitment team by leveraging evaluation forms in GoHire.

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13. Reply.io


Reply.io is a highly effective sales platform that uses AI to automate your sales activities, including prospecting, follow-ups, and scheduling meetings. 

Reply’s AI ensures that your team’s time is used efficiently by engaging leads in human-like, personalized conversations across multiple touchpoints, including emails, voice calls, and social media.

The platform’s AI capabilities also extend to analyzing sales communication patterns and providing insights to help you optimize your strategies. The email validation feature prevents bounces and protects your sender reputation, while the Email Quality feature ensures your emails are well-structured and effective.

▶ Try Reply.io for free

14. Repurpose.io


Repurpose.io harnesses the power of AI to help you maximize your content’s potential. This tool automatically converts your podcast episodes into engaging videos, blog posts into social media snippets, and more, simplifying the process of repurposing content for different platforms and audiences.

The AI capabilities of Repurpose.io ensure that the repurposed content matches the platform’s requirements, saving you time and enhancing the quality of your content.

▶ Try Repurpose.io for free

15. RankIQ


RankIQ is an AI-driven tool that helps rank higher on search engine results. In short, the tool analyzes the top-performing articles for a given keyword and provides specific writing instructions based on the analysis, which helps writers create SEO-optimized content.

RankIQ’s AI also predicts the difficulty of ranking for a specific keyword and the amount of traffic you can expect if you rank in the top 10, allowing you to make data-informed decisions about your content strategy.

So if you’re trying to get your startup off the ground with SEO, RankIQ is worth giving a shot.

▶ Try RankIQ for free

16. Compose.ai

Compose AI

Compose.ai is a Y Combinator-backed company that offers a free Chrome extension that helps automate writing using AI-powered autocompletion, rephrasing, and even full-length generation. 

This tool is a game-changer for teams that send a bunch of emails because it dramatically reduces the time spent crafting emails. 

By leveraging Compose AI, you can quickly compose follow-up emails, eliminating the 10 to 20 minutes that each one usually takes. 

The result? A 25% increase in productivity at no extra cost. 

▶ Try Compose.ai

17. DeepBrain

Deepbrain AI

DeepBrain is a perfect AI tool for streamlining the process of onboarding new employees. 

DeepBrain AI truly sets itself apart with its unique ability to generate AI human-like avatars that closely mimic human speech and gestures. The avatars produced by DeepBrain AI’s video technology are so lifelike they’re almost indistinguishable from actual humans.

Here is what it looks like:

There are more than 100 customizable avatars that kind of span various ethnicities and professions.

You can adjust the avatar’s appearance and speech patterns to align with your specific requirements. And if you’re targeting the global market, DeepBrain AI avatars can speak in any language which is another perk of this tool.

It’s also worth mentioning that DeepBrain AI’s technology is used in many fields like retail, eCommerce, education, media, and financial services. 

In fact, DeepBrain deployed its first conversational AI human at Korea’s First Unmanned 7-Eleven Convenience Store.

We use DeepBrain to create onboarding or training videos so we can maintain an up-to-date training process without hiring professional actors or videographers.

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AI Startup Tools Final Words

We have shared the best AI tools for startups your business must leverage in order to gain a competitive advantage over others.

Whether you want a customer support tool, content management tool, HR tool or marketing tool, our list has covered everything.

Do let us know how one or more of these tools helped your startup in automation and capitalizing on AI capabilities. 

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