9 Best AI Tools For Marketing Agencies in 2023 [Ranked by Categories]

Today, we’ll look at some of the best AI tools for marketing agencies available in the market.

From AI-powered sales and marketing automation platforms, SEO tools, and ad generators to PPC management tools, we researched and selected only the best AI marketing tools specifically for agencies.

So, let’s get into it.

AI tools for marketing agency
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1. GoHighLevel


GoHighLevel is a rapidly expanding white-label marketing platform specifically created for digital marketing agencies and consultants.

GoHighLevel essentially combines a CRM, marketing automation, landing pages, email marketing, and more into one powerful platform. And the entire thing can be completely customized and branded as your own software service.

Some seriously cool features include using machine learning and AI to auto-nurture leads and enable two-way customer communication. You can automatically engage leads across channels like voicemail, SMS, email, Facebook – no more manually reaching out.

There’s also Eliza, GoHighLevel’s AI booking assistant that uses natural language conversations to automatically schedule appointments for clients. This provides a smooth self-service booking experience.

Other notable features are reputation management, custom forms, templates, GDPR compliance tools, analytics, and webhooks to connect other apps.

But the true magic lies in the comprehensive AI white label software capabilities. GoHighLevel allows applying your own branding, domain, logo, colors, essentially making the platform your own private labeled software.

Even better, you can resell access to clients and automatically charge monthly subscriptions using your agency’s banking credentials. It’s an all-in-one client management system and recurring revenue stream.

For agencies that want to consolidate their marketing technology under their own brand, GoHighLevel is a seriously powerful option. It centralizes tools while enabling full customization and monetization. 

GoHighLevel offers our audience an extended trial.

GoHighLevel Pricing

  • Starter plan- $97 per month
  • Unlimited plan- $297 per month
  • White Label – $497 per month

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2. AdCreative.ai


AdCreative is an exciting new AI tool that takes the grunt work out of creating high-converting ads. It uses AI to generate awesome ad creatives tailored to your brand in seconds.

The platform recognizes your fonts, colors, and other branding to ensure the ads it creates are visually consistent. But it goes way beyond just slapping your logo on a template.

AdCreative’s advanced machine learning algorithm was trained on millions of proven top-performing ads. So the creatives it churns out are designed using real data and learnings from the most successful campaigns out there.

You can also leverage your own successful ad data to inform the AI. AdCreative customizes creatives for different demographics and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google to optimize performance. The more data you provide, the smarter it gets!

And it’s not just display ads. AdCreative offers an AI social media marketing tool as well. This lets you quickly generate targeted social posts sized for all major networks like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Really, if you want to scale your advertising and experiment with new creative strategies, AdCreative streamlines everything with the power of AI. Save hours of manual work while unlocking better results.

For our audience, the founders are offering an exclusive 25% off any plan, plus $500 in free Google Ads credit – sweet.

AdCreative.ai Pricing

AdCreative.ai has six pricing editions, ranging from $29 to $999 per month, with a free trial available

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3. SE Ranking

SE Ranking

SE Ranking offers a powerful yet affordable white label SEO platform designed specifically for digital agencies. With robust AI-driven SEO tools for agencies like keyword research, rank tracking, competitive analysis, and more, it equips SEO professionals with everything needed to boost campaigns and showcase expertise.

One standout feature is the new AI-powered Content Marketing Module. This makes creating optimized, high-quality content incredibly simple and fast.

It starts with the Content Idea Finder, which analyzes any keyword and clusters related terms complete with helpful SEO data. Easily export these ideas into the Content Editor with one click.

The editor lets you craft SEO briefs, write posts optimized for rankings and readers, and score content quality. SE Ranking’s proprietary AI studies top-performing competitor pages to inform your content strategy.

My favorite part is the AI assistant that can generate complete SEO-optimized drafts for you in minutes. This automates the most tedious parts of content creation, freeing you up for more strategic work.

And with white label reporting and branding, SE Ranking makes it easy to deliver beautifully branded results to your clients.

The pricing is also much more affordable than competitors, starting at just $39/month. So you get enterprise-level features without the huge cost.

For end-to-end SEO campaigns and optimized content in one platform, SE Ranking brings tremendous value.

SE Ranking Pricing

  • Essential -$39/month
  • Pro – $89/month
  • Business – $189/month

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4. GetResponse


GetResponse offers a robust marketing automation and email marketing platform designed to centralize key tasks for agencies. Its automation tool enables creating customized subscriber workflows using drag-and-drop conditional blocks.

You can trigger actions based on subscriber behaviors and deliver tailored content accordingly. Segment contacts, treat groups differently, and engage those needing nudges – it’s total adaptability.

GetResponse lets you leverage subscriber interests and purchases to target them with relevant offers. The scoring model identifies your VIP customers while surfacing declining engagement. This understanding drives more strategic communication.

Some seriously cool AI features include the code-free website builder which creates unique sites through simple Q&A. For ecommerce clients, GetResponse provides AI-driven product recommendations to personalize shopping experiences.

And the AI email generator creates attention-grabbing email campaigns all on its own. The AI handles the tedious details so you can focus on strategy.

For agencies looking to centralize marketing automation, email, CRM, and optimize it all with artificial intelligence, GetResponse brings some powerful capabilities to the table. The platform helps understand audiences and deliver hyper-targeted, personalized communication that converts.

GetResponse Pricing

  • Free – $0/month
  • Basic – 1000 contacts for $12.3/month
  • Plus – 1000 contacts for $40.18/month
  • Professional – 1000 contacts for $81.18/month

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5. Vendasta


Vendasta provides an end-to-end platform to partners who sell digital products and services to more than 5.5 million small and medium businesses worldwide. These partners include marketing agencies, independent software vendors, and media companies. 

The platform provides AI-driven marketing automation, sales tools, and an integrated CRM. It also includes project management, orders, and billing management systems to help scale through robotic process automation. 

SImilary to GoHighLevel, Vendasta also offers a white-label and reselling platform, giving you access to resell hundreds of SaaS products and white-labeled services like SEO and website design.

SMBs are provided one login for all solutions purchased under a Vendasta customer’s brand. They enjoy a single integrated dashboard with prescription, context, and tracking. 

Vendasta also has its own white-label agency for the fulfillment of advertising, reputation management, and a variety of other marketing services.

Essentially, Vendasta enables businesses to expand their current offerings and deliver marketing services under their brand name by providing a team of skilled marketing strategists. This allows businesses to scale their operations without hiring, training, and retaining additional employees.

Among Vendasta’s white-label marketing services are review management, reputation management, listings management, content services, digital advertising, web design, and social media content. 

These white-label marketing services are available for resale, allowing businesses to sell the products at a marked-up price for profit while Vendasta takes care of the service execution.

The main difference between Vendasta and GoHighLevel is Vendasta is a more professional and robust platform that is better suited for larger agencies. In comparison, GoHighLevel is easier to use and better suited for smaller agencies.

Vendasta Pricing

Vendasta pricing plans range from $0 to $3099/month.

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6. SemRush


SemRush is the leading all-in-one digital marketing platform, offering comprehensive insights into various aspects of digital marketing, such as SEO, PPC, content marketing, and more.

To provide the best insights to its users, Semrush employs its own machine-learning algorithms and many different data providers to provide comprehensive SEO analysis, including keyword research, site audit, backlink analysis, and competitor analysis. 

Furthermore, SEMrush offers its own SEO AI writing assistant tool, which provides a list of actionable SEO recommendations based on your top organic competitors on Google and other search engines.

But what makes SemRush one of the best AI tools for marketing agencies is the SemRush Agency Growth Kit which assists businesses in generating inbound and outbound leads, closing deals, managing projects, collaborating with clients, and more.

For lead generation, Semrush enables you to make your agency’s presence known to potential clients. With an easy-to-use, embeddable lead generation widget, you can create your dedicated page on the Agency Partners platform, increase visibility among marketers looking to hire an agency and expand your pipeline.

When it comes to pitching, Semrush can help you close deals more quickly and effectively. It adds value to your pitches by providing competitive intelligence data, allowing your presentations to stand out. You can use the platform to provide actionable recommendations for content and technical SEO, as well as identify growth opportunities through gap analysis.

You can make your work processes transparent for both your team and your clients by using Semrush’s Client Manager. You can assign projects and reports to each client to track their progress, manage access for different user groups, and set up alerts to keep everyone up to date at all times.

The reporting tools provided by Semrush enable you to demonstrate progress without overwhelming your clients with complex data. You can keep your clients informed about their performance by using Semrush’s’set-and-forget reports. 

The reports can be branded, customized, and scheduled based on your needs, and they are available in both the Semrush interface and Google Data Studio.

So you if want to manage your SEO, PPC, reputation management, market research, and social media marketing in one platform, SemRush provides you with an all-in-one marketing agency software.

SemRush Pricing

  • Pro — $119.95 per month
  • Guru — $229.95 per month
  • Business — $449.95 per month

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7. Monday.com


A dispersed customer database can transform an otherwise successful process into a complete nightmare.

Tracking progress and making decisions is super tricky if your customer data isn’t centralized.

Monday.com is a work operating system that consolidates all of your data into a single source of truth and eliminates silos between departments, mainly marketing, sales, and customer service.

Monday.com recently launched a variety of AI-powered tasks to help streamline processes.

Monday’s AI assistant is a feature designed to streamline your workflow that can generate tasks intuitively based on your inputs and goals.

Basically, Monday’s assistant can deconstruct complex tasks and present them in an easy-to-understand format. This summarization not only helps in understanding the scope of the tasks but also in their management.

And if you dread those complex formula-building tasks, the AI assistant is ready to help you there as well by assisting you in formula construction, reducing your manual work even more.

Monday.com will release a series of innovative in-house apps to expand its AI capabilities. These apps, which will be built on the same AI Assistant infrastructure, will cater to a wide range of use cases. 

Furthermore, monday.com allows third-party developers to build AI applications on the monday WorkOS. This will give customers access to a wide range of AI-powered applications beyond Monday.com’s native capabilities.

This AI integration is all part of Monday.com’s vision for 2023. The AI assistant is expected to significantly increase user productivity and efficiency by automating mundane tasks and providing insightful suggestions.

Monday.com Pricing

  • Individual – $0/month
  • Basic – $8/month
  • Standard – $10/month
  • Pro – $16/month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

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8. HubSpot


HubSpot’s reputation as a marketing platform is well-established, but what sets it apart is its intelligent use of AI to offer personalized marketing solutions. 

From AI chatbots that offer real-time customer support to predictive lead scoring and content optimization tools, HubSpot’s AI arsenal is awe-inspiring.

These features allow businesses to automate their marketing processes, personalize their customer interactions, and make data-driven decisions, thus maximizing their marketing efforts. 

HubSpot is also known for its ease of use. Despite all of these advanced capabilities, HubSpot’s user-friendly dashboard makes navigating through the numerous AI tools and features on offer easy.

HubSpot’s pricing structure is flexible, with options for start-ups, scaling businesses, and established enterprises, making it a suitable choice for businesses at any stage.

HubSpot Pricing

HubSpot pricing plans range from $0-$1200/month.

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9. Revealbot


Last but not least, we have one of the best AI tools for marketing agencies specializing in paid advertising – Revealbot.

Revealbot is Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and Google Ads optimization platform that automatically tracks CPA and calculates ROAS and other metrics via Facebook Pixel to optimize ads according to your custom rules.

With Revealbot, you can pause underperforming ads, rotate and test ad creatives, and adjust budgets and bids as often as every 15 minutes. 

Revealbot notifies you via email or Slack when a rule is triggered, or a specific benchmark is achieved. 

They offer a robust bulk creation tool that can help you launch and test a bunch of ad variations, and then built-in automations will highlight the winners.

What’s great is with Revealbot, you can also cross-platform performance reports via email or Slack on Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Mailchimp, and other platforms.

Revealbot Pricing

Starting at $99 per month, the standard plans range from $99 to $1799 per month. Annual plans come with a discount. Custom plans are offered for enterprises.

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AI Tools For Marketing Agencies Final Words

So these are the best AI tools for marketing agency that revolutionize the way agencies operate and interact with their clients. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, agencies can streamline their workflows, optimize their campaigns, and deliver more personalized experiences to their customers.

However, keep in mind that despite the fact that AI is evolving at an extremely rapid pace, it’s important to remember that it’s not a silver bullet solution and requires human supervision and interpretation to be effective.

As technology continues to evolve, we can expect even more advanced AI tools to emerge in the future. It’s essential for agencies to stay up-to-date with these developments and incorporate them into their strategies for sustainable growth.

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