SmartWriter Review: Best AI Email Outreach Software in 2023?

smartwriter review

Today, we’ll take a look at SmartWriter. A very unique AI outreach software that can help you create hyper-personalized messages that get you really high reply rates as well as build new relationships.

SmartWriter is an AI lead generation software that can generate emails, follow-up emails, Linkedin outreach, and even backlink outreach to help maintain your professional presence.

In this SmartWriter review, we’ll be talking about what makes SmartWriter stands out from other AI content creations software, we’re going over some of the unique tools and features that they have so you can see if it’s the right tool for you.

Let’s get started.


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In this SmartWriter AI review, I’m going to walk you through this powerful tool so, at the end of this tutorial, you’ll know exactly how to create hyper-personalized messages that help you stand out from everyone else. And if you want to work along with me, here you can start your SmartWriter 7 day free trial (no credit card required)

SmartWriter Tools & Features

So here is how the dashboard looks and as I mentioned, SmartWriter AI is a place to create high-level professional content for emails, social media platforms, etc.

smartwriter dashboard

So their main focus is email outreach, but they do have other options as well, such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and other places to create content for.

Personalized Outreach

And so here is your personal personalized outreach section.

smartwriter features

We have:

  • Personalized Icebreaker Generator
  • Personalized Linkedin Outreach
  • Personalized Google Review Icebreaker Generator
  • Instagram Comment Generator
  • Cold Email Outreach

They also have things like Converting Subject Lines, and Shopify product title and description generator.

So this is helpful for those in the e-commerce and dropshipping field.

Blogs Content

In addition, they have a lot of tools for creating blog posts and long-form type content in general.

smartwriter blog tools

You have a content expander, some growth ideas, ads, landing page, marketing strategies, and social media content, and that is pretty much it.

Email Verification

You have the email verification to verify emails, to see if they are verifiable.

smartwriter email verification

So a lot of times there are leads that you will get that are not verified.

They either are expired or they’re just non-existent I guess you can say. So this is a great tool for that.


So the integration section is basically Shopify and that’s pretty much it. So I feel like they should have a few more apps before they call it integrations in my opinion.

I guess in the future, they are going to integrate more third-party tools.

Now, let’s take a look at how to use some of the key SmartWriter tools and see what you can expect.

I’m going to choose the cold email outreach since they are focused on that and I guess most people will use this tool for this purpose.

Let’s run through one of these examples to show you how it looks.

SmartWriter Cold Email Outreach

The SmartWriter personalized cold email outreach tool uses unique information that they find about your prospects’ business on the internet.

So that you can create a tailored personalized message that helps you stand out from everyone else in your prospect’s email inbox, therefore, increasing the chance of getting a response.

So here is how the setup looks.

smartwriter cold email outreach

In general, the other features do look the same in terms of the setup, but of course they will ask you different questions depending on the feature.

And there are various modes you can use to use cold email outreach that is:

  • Book a meeting
  • Demo
  • Share a link to the product

For the purpose of this SmartWriter review, I’m going to book a meeting to show how it works.

What you’re going to do is pretty much paste your information, including the prospect URL, product name, and description.

The product description is usually the value of your product and how your product helps your customers.

And from this point, you pretty much click generate copy, and you’re going to have your output generated by AI.

now I know this might not be

You can also upload a CSV file where you’re uploading mass amounts of data.

And once you’ve uploaded the CSV you have an option for you to map which URL belongs to what.

csv upload

And once you’ve mapped the URLs you can pretty much click on generate copy.

So what you would see is pretty much an output generated which I think is actually pretty neat.

email outreach copy

It mentions exactly what the company does.

I’ve also got it given a pitch about what my product is and how a product might help them grow their business if they want to.

And if you want to remove the salutations, you can simply click on remove salutation.

This is pretty powerful and you can use this to automate your entire outreach business and grow your company significantly and if you’re not happy with the output for any reason, you can click on regenerate, which regenerates the output for you.

And I did want to mention the credits so you will see how much a feature will cost in terms of the credits.

And they will show you the total credits that you have in the bottom left corner.

smartwriter credits

They go based on copy credits and outreach credits depending on the feature and it is divided based on per month.

So it’s almost as if you’re creating a personal inventory where you have to purchase things, but it is based on credits.

So you’re not actually paying any money directly on your dashboard. It is through your pricing plan of course.

SmartWriter Personalised Linkedin Outreach

The LinkedIn personalizer is the most powerful feature that they have in the product, amongst many others. Maybe expect, as you can see why in this review.

It uses unique data points that they collect across your prospect’s LinkedIn profile to create hyper-personalized messages that look super detailed as well as warm.

So it helps you create one-to-one relationships with the people you’re reaching out to and all on automation.

So the way the product works is quite straightforward.

The engine uses LinkedIn cookie tokens to go ahead and find LinkedIn profile data that you can then go ahead and create processed messages for either it’s on their bio, job bio, recommendations, or recent activity as well.

So it looks hyper-personalized and very unique so you get that response rate, you get that engagement and conversation going.

And depending upon your plan you can select as many options as you want.

I can select which cookie I want to use.

The reason why they have this thing called 0/100 used today or 100/100 is that they provide users the ability to go ahead and cycle through cookies.

If they want to go ahead and essentially have unlimited profile accesses.

Because they’re using tokens from Linkedin, they want to make sure your account is protected therefore they only allow for 100 profile scrapes a day.

So if you want to do more than 100, simply create a new LinkedIn account or use another prospective Linkedin account that you have then go to your settings page via your profile and in the cookie management section, just add a new token and give it a name.

And that way you’ve added 100 more per day for your particular profile.

Let’s generate some output and then see what it actually looks like.

email outreach example

The data we’ve got is actually really unique and I like some of the output that’s come through. I can look through the recommendation that I received and the personalization that’s been created for it and that is if someone is reaching out to me.

And the messages are very unique where the message is actually empathizing towards the prospect.

So I think it’s a super powerful way for you to completely automate your entire outreach business so that you can grow your leads, get more sales, and make more money.

SmartWriter Backlink Personalisation

Personalized backlink outreach is an absolute game-changer for the SEO industry.

If you’re in SEO you know the power of backlinks and you know that currently the only way people go out and get backlinks is either in a very manual process where you personalize the outreach message which takes a lot of time.

And secondly, they use general templates where they get pretty much sometimes no response.

So SmartWriter is one of the best AI SEO tools for link building that created a multi-faceted AI engine that understands blogs, finds unique data points that can create conversations, and help you stand out from the entire crowd.

And actually, build a relationship with this person that you’re reaching out to.

Now what I’m about to show you is the first version of the feature which creates the personalization or icebreaker.

In the near future, they’re going to be releasing a pitch version.

The pitch can basically be anything where you want to do a guest post, ask them to add your link, mention a broken link, or whatever link building method you’re using.

And the way this works is you go ahead and create or add any blog that you want to reach out to.

Let’s say I want to reach out to the people at HubSpot.

So I simply type in the blog URL and then what you have is an option to tell AI what type of blog this is.

smartwriter backlink personalisation

So in this case, it’s a “best of blogs” type post.

And remember in a situation you do not know, you can leave this completely empty or you can also select “All other types of blogs”

It makes no difference. This is just to help the AI technology a little better.

So I’m going to click on generator copy and let’s look at the results.

backlink outreach example

So this is what we’ve got for the HubSpot one which I actually really like.

And you have a preview over here that shows what the blog is actually about and if you click on the full article and what you’ll see the AI is actually referring to is this section about the UpCity tool and what it does.

So it’s picked up a specific tool and talked about the benefits that the author has mentioned so it looks like you’ve actually read into it and you agree with them about what they have to say.

Now as you know this is fantastic, to begin with, and can work really really well when you upload this at scale and then go towards the pitch whether it’s a guest post whether it’s building a relationship, or even asking for a link.

So that is pretty much it, in terms of the processing using the features on SmartWriter.

I personally use this Backlink Personalisation feature in combination with Postaga which is my personal favorite AI link-building tool as of now.

SmartWriter Pros & Cons

Now let’s take a look at some of the SmartWriter pros and cons that we found after testing this tool.


  • Personalized outreach: SmartWriter uses AI technology to generate customized emails and messages, helping businesses create highly personalized communication with potential clients
  • Time and cost-saving: The automated nature of SmartWriter allows businesses to automate their outreach process, saving time and money
  • AI-driven content generation: SmartWriter can generate copy, scripts, and other content with just one click, utilizing the latest advances in artificial intelligence
  • Lead generation: SmartWriter can help businesses find leads and improve their professional presence through backlink outreach and lead generation
  • Positive reviews: SmartWriter has received positive responses across various review platforms, indicating its effectiveness and usefulness


  • Generic responses: some generated responses are generic, so even if they are personalized, you would need to re-write those for your cold outreach campaigns.

SmartWriter Pricing

smartwriter ai pricing

First of all, SmartWriter offers a 7-day free trial and after the trial, the pricing plans are as follows:

  • Basic plan – $59/month
  • Popular plan – $149/month
  • Pro plan – $359/month

With the basic plan, you are getting full access to all the AI tools, as well as the other pricing plans.

With all of these plans, you will get an AI email generator, a LinkedIn personalization, outreach, backlink outreaches, unlimited projects, and export AI contact, as well as Chrome extension access.

The only difference between these plans is the number of personalized icebreakers.

And what’s also great is that with all the plans, you’ll get unlimited credit rollover.

SmartWriter Lifetime Deal

The SmartWriter lifetime deal on AppSumo is sold out. The only way to purchase this tool is via SmartWriter’s official website.

SmartWriter Alternatives

Here are some of the best SmartWriter alternatives:


SmartWriter Review Final Words

So that’s my SmartWriter review. For me, it’s one of the best cold email outreach software that I’ve ever used.

However, it’s not the best solution if you want to create long-form content. For this, you would be better off with tools like or even ChatGPT.

But if you do a lot of outreach, this is one of the most powerful tools that you can find to automate your entire outreach business and grow your company significantly.

SmartWriter is created specifically for cold outreach so that you can create super-tailored personalized messages that help you stand out from everyone else.

So if you do a lot of email or Linkedin outreach, you can’t go wrong with this tool.

I’ll definitely use this tool for backlink outreach because this is the most time-consuming process in my business.

If you do have any opinions or if you have an alternative tool that you would like to recommend, feel free to comment down below.

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