13 Best Article Generator Software 2023 [Ranked by Categories]

best article generator software

We have done detailed testing and brought you a list of the best article generator software divided into different categories. So whether you are a blogger, entrepreneur, SEO specialist, or eCommerce store owner, this guide will help you choose the right article builder depending on the content you want to create.

Unlike AI copywriting tools and writing assistants, AI article generator is able to generate content on its own from just a headline.

So if you want to get more done in less time and produce quality content in a short amount of time, read this list of the best article generator software in 2023.

Let’s get into it.


Best Article Generator Software in 2023

1. Article Forge 4.0 – Best article generator software overall

2. Jasper.ai – Best AI article generator

3. GrowthBarSEO – Best for SEO-optimized articles

4. AdZis – Best content generator for eCommerce

5. Word AI – Best article spinner

1. Article Forge 4.0

Article Forge 4.0

Article Forge 4.0 is a simple yet powerful tool to create articles, blogs, and other content in minutes just by providing a few keywords.

Article Forge is one of the first AI article generator software that has been tested and proved to be highly effective in helping business owners with their content needs.

This tool allows you to completely automate nearly all of your SEO efforts by automatically scheduling your posts and publishing them to your WordPress website.

Combined with a robust API and multiple integrations with other AI tools, it enables you to set up your full SEO campaigns to run on autopilot.

Besides that, it can automatically add to your articles relevant titles, videos, images, and other links to make sure your content is more than simply a block of words.

This AI article builder also works with new insights in LSI keyword innovation making your articles SEO optimized.

Article Forge is one of the few content creation tools that use artificial intelligence to produce content in many languages.

And as we know, competition for International search terms is super low, giving you the option for completely unchallenged markets.

The new version of Article Forge 4.0 has been designed with a simple but powerful drag and drop interface, so it will take less than 5 minutes for you to learn how to use it and a few minutes more to create stunning articles that will soon rank at the top of Google.

article forge dashboard

What about the quality of the articles?

Well, the quality of the copy generated by Article Forge was much higher quality compared to other article generator software I’ve also tested this tool with CopyScape for plagiarism and the content was unique every time I did the test.

In this Article Forge review, you’ll see how to use this tool step by step as well you’ll see examples of articles generated by this article builder.

Article Forge 4.0 offers you a host of new features designed to bring more power and ease of use to the already great capabilities.

And if you want to try this powerful article generator, Article Forge offers our readers a 5-day free trial.

Article Forge 4.0 Features

  • The most advanced synonym system ever developed for English articles
  • Multiple integrations with other AI content creation tools
  • A revolutionary sentence structure generator that creates sentences from a human-like point of view
  • A new module that detects and removes duplicate sentences in the article, making it 100% unique
  • English hyphenation rules have been added to give a natural feel to any article created with Article Forge 4.0
  • New modules for creating highly effective titles and descriptions for articles

Article Forge 4.0 Pricing

  • Monthly – starting at $27/month
  • Yearly – starting at $13/month

And if you pay yearly, you save 51% which is over half the price.

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2. Jasper AI

jasper AI

Jasper AI (before Jarvis.ai) is one of the best AI article generator tools on the market for a few reasons.

the software has over 3000 5-star reviews, and a customer base of digital marketing experts from companies like Google, IBM, and DigitalMarketer.

Jasper has over 50 copywriting templates such as:

  • AIDA Framework
  • PAS Framework
  • Product description
  • Content enhancer
  • Content rewriter
  • Creative story
  • Blog topic ideas
  • Personal bio
  • And more

They have a nice user-friendly interface and the ability to create articles with just a few clicks with a feature called Boos Mode.

Boss Mode is an excellent tool for generating long-form articles through the use of keyword shortcuts, also known as commands. Simply tell Jasper what you want to write about, and the AI will generate unique content for you.

What’s also great about jasper is that you can generate content in 29 languages.

Besides all of these features above, Jasper also AI image generator that can help you generate a unique image for your newly generated content.

In addition, Jasper AI offers a free trial where no credit card is required.

Jasper AI Features

  • 50 copywriting templates
  • You can create amazing art by just providing a short description
  • Include a Chrome Extension so you can generate content anywhere on the web
  • Offers a Surfer SEO integration to help you write SEO-optimized articles
  • The software works with 29 languages, including Spanish, French, and German, perfect for our international audience

Jasper AI Pricing

  • Starter – starting at $29/mo
  • Boss Mode – starting at $59/mo
  • Business – custom pricing
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3. GrowthBar


If you want the best article generator software for search engine optimization, then nothing can beat the quality offered by GrowthBar. This tool has been in this industry for a while, and because of its experience, top-level SEO experts use it to generate content for their websites and even link building

GrowthBarSEO offers a one-click solution for all of your outline problems. Just put your keyword and your blog is outlined properly with images, keywords, titles, headers, etc.

With cutting-edge GPT-3 technology, the quality of the content is comparable with human writers.

And to ease your SEO journey, a feature has been added that can let you monitor your ranks, research keywords, and much more! And the chrome extension that this software offers is the icing on the cake!

GrowthBar Features

  • GrowthBar helps you visually enrich your content with images and stuff
  • GrowthBar helps you plan high-quality marketing articles, press releases, and other content to help you attract new customers, generate leads, and build your brand’s reputation
  • The GrowthBar template offers various professional sections for showcasing businesses, creative agencies, companies’ product portfolios, individual project demos & many more.
  • You can also use it to structure longer pieces such as research papers, theses, or dissertations
  • You can work on multiple documents at once and easily switch between them
  • It’s a faster, smarter way to keep track of your marketing strategies and help you achieve your goals

GrowthBar Pricing

  • Standard -$ 29/month *$48/month when paid monthly
  • Pro – $79/month *$99/month when paid monthly
  • Agency – $129/month *$199/month when paid monthly
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4. AdZis


AdZis is an article generator if you are looking for a tool to generate content for your eCommerce store to increase traffic. It has an easy-to-use interface that anyone can master, no specialized training is required.

All you have to do is feed the tool with keywords related to your industry and let it create an article based on these parameters.

The tool will also automatically provide you with relevant images for the article, saving you a lot of time spent on research yourself. AdZis also provides you the opportunity to get your content reviewed by expert copywriters.

AdZis is an article marketing engine that can also create original, converting, and unique e-commerce content for you in just minutes.

AdZis’ technology is able to understand which keyword has the most searches over the last 30 days while consequently creating well-researched articles using a natural tone of language.

But what makes AdZis stand among other article generator software, it also allows you to generate videos with a few clicks making it one of the best AI video generators out there.

Adzis Features

  • If a word or phrase is used too often, it will be omitted, ready to keep your unique content readable and fresh
  • AdZis has one of the best article generators if you are looking for a tool to generate content for your online store to increase sales
  • AdZis’ algorithm can understand which keyword has the most searches over the last 30 days, consequently creating well-researched articles using a natural tone of language so that readers will enjoy reading your content
  • You can use the AdZis software platform to create engaging videos

AdZis Pricing

  • Starters – $9/month
  • Intermediate – $49/month
  • Professional – $99/month
👉 Try AdZis For Free

(No Credit Card Required)

5. CTRify

CTRify is an AI article builder and website builder that uses a process of machine learning and natural language processing to rank content higher in search engines.

CTRify is able to generate up 40 articles at once by simply providing a topic and keywords.

ctrify generated article

It also uses human input to help it find and fix typos in texts. If you’re not satisfied with AI output then you can also manually put keywords and outlines.

But what makes CTRify the best article generator software for SEO is that CTRify is not just able to generate SEO-optimized articles, but it’s also able to generate entire websites.

Here is a website generated by CTRify.

ctrify generated website

CTRify gets its inspiration from AI models like Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM). LSTM is an artificial neural network model that learns a sequence of data and then generates a similar sequence of data later based on what it has learned.

There are many more benefits to using CRTify for content creation, but some of the most amazing ones are listed below.

CTRify Features

  • Speed up your content creation process by 95%
  • Generate SEO-optimized content and websites
  • No human intervention is needed
  • Save time with automation
  • You can give custom outlines

You want to write blog posts but are unsure how to do it. Here’s how you can get started.

CTRify allows you to automatically insert images, graphics, videos, links, subheadings, subtitles, listings, and more into your new article. This helps you eliminate the need for tedious and time-consuming searches for relevant media files.


💡 Note

CTRify runs a lifetime deal on AppSumo where you can get access to this tool for a one-time payment.

CTRify Pricing

Trial Version

  • Requires Credit card
  • You’ll have 30 days of credit-usage
  • Website: 1
  • Credits: Unlimited

Premium Version

  • No time limit
  • $0.002 per credit
  • Websites: 10
  • You can unlock premium features
👉 Try CTRify


6. Texta AI

Texta AI is an article generator software that helps you generate quality content. Texta AI is designed to produce text for a blog, social media, paid advertising, and SEO purposes.

It’s a helpful tool for writers, bloggers, marketers, SEO specialists, and much more.

It replaces the need to manually write or hire writers to create content for your website or social media posts.

texta ai

Texta AI helps in writing SEO content with correct keywords enrichment in your content without any plagiarism at all.

So all you have to do is put the right title and a short brief about what you want and in which language and tone you want it and Texta AI will provide it in seconds with no hassle.

The content is generated by the Texta AI algorithm which is trained by human experts to understand the different writing styles, and tones used in various niches.

Once it has learned the different styles, Texta AI can generate a high-quality article in minutes with a few clicks of a button.

Texta AI Features

  • +30 AI copywriting tools
  • It has an intuitive interface that allows you to create SEO-friendly articles in seconds
  • Texta.ai will ensure that your articles are always unique
  • Free plan available

Texta AI Pricing

Texta.ai has as of now 2 pricing plans:

  • Free trial- $0/month
  • Premium – $45/month

If you want to take a yearly deal then you can get a flat discount on all packages

👉 Start Texta AI 7 Day Free Trial

(No Credit Card Required)

7. SEO Content Machine

seo content machine

The SEO Content Machine is an article that scrapes content from the internet and feeds it to you in a logical order.

It integrates the latest innovations in AI and machine learning to automate the generation of content related to your business.

This way you will save time on writing repetitive text or updating your social media channels with original content.

seo content machine

It’s a good option when you need to find filler content, article ideas, or when you’re struggling to come up with good posts however after testing this tool the content is not so high quality compared to other AI article generators.

With SEO Content Machine, you are able to either publish the post immediately on a WordPress blog or plan for it for later.

In addition, SEO Content Machine offers you the option of using a Google scraper to look up the top 300 websites using the keyword you enter.

SEO Content Machine Features

  • Available for MAC, PC, and LINUX
  • You can generate articles for blog, link building, and PBNs

SEO Content Machine Pricing

It offers 4 types of plans to its users.

  • Monthly Plan – $27
  • Quartley Plan – $57
  • Yearly Plan – $120
  • Perpetual – $197 – one-time payment
👉 Try SEO Content Machine


8. Article Builder

article builder

The Article Builder is an AI-powered software that promises to create content at scale. This means that it can generate more than just one article based on a single topic, so you don’t have to wait for ideas to come up again and again.

Your article will either succeed or fail depending on your choice of keywords. Ignoring this step could lead to a lot of trial and error, or worse, not having any traffic at all.

With Article Builder you can generate bulk articles in many different niches.

Artificial Intelligence is not yet able to create a full article without any help. AI tools like “Article builder,” for instance, will not generate one coherent article by themselves.

AI tools can assist writers in different ways such as coming up with new article topics, providing insights on what readers want, and information about their writing style.

Article Builder uses algorithms and complex analytics to analyze the texts you write and then offers you feedback. The best thing about these tools is that they work with you as an assistant, you can re-direct it at any moment.

Article Builder Features

  • You can generate content in multiple niches
  • You can save time on content creation, increasing productivity

Article Builder Pricing

If we talk about its pricing then Article Builder offers 1 yearly plan for $127. In this way, you gain access to all the premium tools of Article Builder and have unlimited credits.

👉 Try Article Builder


9. Zyro


Zyro AI content generator is a part of an AI website builder – Zyro.

Zyro is a data-driven automation platform that uses machine learning to generate content for marketing, sales, and social media purposes. It has been designed around the best practices in copywriting, with an emphasis on creating engaging and persuasive text.

Zyro content generator creates content for you automatically by eliminating the need to rewrite content, it can reduce the time it takes to produce content while improving its quality.

All you need to do is select the category and keywords, and Zyro will generate relevant content.

zyro ai content generator

Then you can edit it to fit your style or publish it in its current format. There’s no need to worry about searching for content ideas all day long; It also makes sure that the generated text is relevant to your company’s niche or target audience, so there’s no need to worry about SEO either.

Zyro Features

  • Integrated with AI website builder
  • Low pricing plans compared to other article generators

Zyro Pricing

  • Unleashed – $9.49/month
  • eCommerce – $15.90/month
  • eCommerce Plus – $25.90/month
👉 Try Zyro AI Content Generator


10. Articoolo

Articoolo is content generation software that helps automate the entire content production process. Using just a few clicks, you can generate content on any niche.

Articoolo enables organizations and agencies to have a cost-effective, scalable, and consistent content creation process that can be managed from one central platform. You can get tons of articles without any spinning or plagiarism.

In addition, Articoolo offers a WordPress plugin.

Articoolo Features

  • WordPress plugin available
  • Creating and rewriting article option

Articoolo Pricing

Pay Per Use

  • 10 Articles – $19
  • 50 Articles – $75
  • 100 Articles – $99

Subscribe And Save

  • 30 articles – $29/month
  • 100 articles – $49/month
  • 250 articles – $99/month
👉 Try Articoolo


11. Kafkai


Kafkai is a simple AI text generator to create original articles. Using an intuitive interface, you can easily create a new article from scratch or rewrite an existing article with the press of a button.

Kafkai is powered by the GPT-2 artificial intelligence engine, which learns from each user interaction to improve the quality of future generated articles.

It’s an intelligent article generator that will analyze each sentence of an article by defining its context and extracting the most appropriate synonyms for it.

You can use this tool to create an unlimited number of unique articles that can be spun again and again to create unlimited unique articles.

Kafkai also offers a WordPress plugin to help you publish articles in a matter of minutes. It already has garnered thousands of active installations, and it’s compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Kafkai Features

  • Kafkai can help create content on almost 29 niches
  • Kafkai has a powerful WordPress plugin to create content
  • It’s fast, easy to use, and great as an alternative to writing articles by yourself
  • This article generator can write content in 6 different languages including English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French and Italian
  • You can specify synonyms and choose which words you want to keep or get rid of

Kafkai Pricing

  • Industrial Printer – $199/month
  • Printing Press – $129/month
  • Newsroom – $49/month
  • Writer – $29/month
👉 Try Kafkai


12. Word AI

word ai

Word AI is one of the best article spinners that make generating articles straightforward and simple. This software can produce effortlessly articles with no plagiarism and no grammar mistakes. You can use this content for web, news, press releases, blogs, and even books.

Word AI was created to help content marketers, social media influencers, and small businesses get fast and engaging content.

Using advanced logic and artificial intelligence, WordAI rewrites content from scratch by deeply analyzing the meaning of the sentence and rewriting it more engagingly.

This is just not restricted to articles but also paragraphs and short contents as well.

Word AI Features

  • WordAI technology scans your existing article and replaces verbs, nouns, and adjectives with the most appropriate synonyms to ensure comprehensive, unique content
  • Using SEO tools, WordAI can help you increase your website’s search engine rankings
  • WordAI uses its own special spin coding system to get the job done, no long sentences or difficult words here

Word AI Pricing

  • Monthly-$ 57/month
  • Yearly-$ 27/month(billed annually)
👉 Try Word AI For Free

(No Credit Card Required)

13. AI-Writer Review

ai writer

AI Writer generates readable text from a set of instructions with complete SEO. You can give these instructions in the form of words, sentences, or a full paragraph of dialogue.

AI Writer combines artificial intelligence with human copywriters. The software creates written content using neural networks by analyzing the input of a human copywriter.

You can use it in many different ways and generate content for specific topics or niches:

  • Brand storytelling
  • Website content
  • Advertising and sales collateral
  • Social media posts

The term “AI writer” is a new one, but it’s not hard to imagine how perfectly it works. When you’re writing a novel, for example, you have to come up with a lot of content – names, places, descriptions, you can do almost everything with AI Writer. Simply provide some outlines and the magic will happen.

AI-Writer Features

  • Text generated by AI-Writer is unique and relevant
  • it provides you with a list of citations so you can deliver accurate and quality content for you readers
  • You can rewrite text with a few clicks

AI-Writer Pricing

  • Basic Plan – $29/month (up to 40 articles)
  • Standard Plan – $59/month (up to 150 articles)
  • Power Plan – $375/month (up to 1000 articles)

AI Writer offers a 7-day free trial where no credit card is required.

👉 Start AI-Wirter 7 Day Free Trial

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AI Article Generator Software FAQ

What is article generator?

Article generator is a web-based software that generates articles with the help of artificial intelligence. It uses machine learning to generate content from scratch or it can search for topics and generate articles based on those topics.

What are benefits of article generators?

There are many benefits to using article generators. One of the most obvious is that it can help you create content for your blog or website. Many people use article generators to create articles for their blogs, businesses, or websites because they don’t have the time or skills to write the articles themselves.

Best Article Generator Software Final Words

We hope that all of your queries regarding the best article generator software have been answered.

Hopefully, this guide will help you in deciding the best one for yourself.

If you’re still undecided, this video below will help make the final decision.


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