Missinglettr Review & How To Use It To Automate Social Media

missinglettr review

After spending days writing the perfect blog post, you want to hit publish and instantly have your work read – not waste time and effort trying to get the word out. Lucky for you, in this Missinglettr review, I’m going to walk you through a tool that generates social media campaigns and creates massive buzz around your blog posts, so you don’t have to.

In this Missinglettr review I’m going to show where this tool stands out among other AI social media marketing tools out there.

Now I’m going to show you how to use this tool step by step, and if you want to work along with me, here you can get Missinglettr 14 day free trial.

Let’s get into it.

MissingLettr Tutorial& How To Use It

I’ve been using many social media tools out there to share business social media posts for myself and my clients, and some of them were pretty good for sharing and loading up a queue and having posts drip out but not so much for creating tweets and Linkedin posts on a scheduled basis.

And where MissingLettr shines is when I create a blog post; instead of posting to social media that I posted a blog post once and it’s forgotten, now I can turns every blog post into a year’s worth of social media content designed to drive traffic and increase engagement.

So when you create a blog post and once you’ve connected it to your MissingLettr workspace and you make a post, it brings it in as a draft.

missinglettr dashboard

Every time you make a blog post, MissingLettr monitors your RSS feed and brings that post in as a draft.

And then you can review the campaign that it’s created, personalize it and configure it the way you want it, and then Missinglettr will automatically drip out the content for a year.

You can do it in different cycles so you can have like a 12-year cycle, a 6 month, or just like a burst for 2 months.

So I just posted this blog post and I’m going to review the campaign, and so here’s what I’m talking about.

missinglettr campaign

As you can see, you can do 12 months, 6 months, you can do a 2-month blast so for something that’s has a limited time span of how long it’s the content is useful.

Like say it’s a blog post about a conference, then you’re not going to want to post about it 6 months after the conference so you can do a blast for 2 weeks all these different time frames.

I typically do 12-month evergreen unless the post is time-bound. You can also start the campaign at a later date which is cool.


And then the next thing you do is choose your hashtags; that’s what this section is.

missinglettr hashtags

This is where you’re choosing the content and media, so the hashtags that you use, the images, and also the quotes.

It’s going to pull in hashtags that it thinks you might want to use based on the content and of course you don’t want to use too many hashtags.


Then the AI pulls in images from the blog post so this is the featured image for that post and then this is inside the post itself. Usually the more pictures you have the better.

missinglettr images

Missinglettr is really awesome because it’ll actually generate new unique, helpful images for you. It’ll actually pull quotes from your blog post or from the quotes that we’re about to go through and create cool images for you.


So let’s go in and select quotes. It’s already selected 14 quotes for me based on content from my blog post.

missinglettr quotes

I don’t typically like to use them as is or even all of them. I like to read through and make sure the quote is good, so I can add them manually one by one.

And then also, if you want to change the quote, for example, the quote doesn’t really fit in context to being shared as an individual item, you can click on it, and you can remove anything or change that doesn’t; fit for social sharing.

So once I get that, I build a campaign, and this is going to do all kinds of automated stuff for me.

You can even republish your post to medium, which I already have that connected,.

And you can even have Missinglettr send you a reminder in 6 months to go back over a blog post and make some updates because that’s always good practice to make sure there’s nothing that needs to be added to a post or maybe change a few things or maybe completely revamp the post.

missinglettr launch campaign

So once you get to this point, you can select each one whether you want to share it to all profiles or just one if you want to remove it.

Then it’ll create the text for the social share with a link to the post, your hashtags and this image it actually created for me so it’s pretty cool that it’ll actually create content for me.

And if you want to change any of these which I definitely do and I recommend you customize each one too.

While it’s automated, they’re still unique pieces of content that you created. So it’s not like you’re sharing some automated generic piece of garbage that doesn’t mean anything to you; these are all custom crafted by you that are going to share out over the next 12 months.

And as you can see, that’s the first day that’s going to share on the first day this campaign starts.

missinglettr social post day 0

And then I can use these arrows to cycle through the next day, and the next social share that’s going to go out is on day 3 so 3 days after I post this one, it’s going to post another one.

And I can go on to day 7, day 14, day 30, day 90 all the way up to day 365 and it still has the same link, but different hashtags, and images.

missinglettr social post day 90

So it’s going to post one year after I started this campaign.

In the campaign settings, I can select an optional start date I don’t want to do that and I can set an optional stop date I don’t want to do that either but for time-bound post you might.

missinglettr campaign settings

If you are working with somebody else on your social shares then you might have have to get it reviewed you can add a reviewer to make sure this this is looking good.

And then, of course, they want you to share all the unique content that you own, not somebody else’s.

So this is all mine. I created this blog post and all the content except for the images, but I’m not claiming those are mine.

So I just launched the campaign and it completes and optimizes everything, it created tracking URLs and scheduled 9 unique content posts.

missinglettr launched campaign

And it creates a draft post on Medium for me so I can go into Medium and it’ll send me an email and say that your post is ready.

If we’re going to go back to the dashboard, you can see now that post moved over to the “active” section.

active post

It will show you when it started, the clicks of each one that it was shared to Medium and you can download all the assets that Missinglettr created for this blog post which is pretty cool.

Once a campaign is running, you can pause and modify it, view all the scheduled content, reschedule a campaign, republish it to Medium, and then view the original source that’s just going to bring you to the original blog post.

Missinglettr Scheduled Content

Now if we’re going to go to the general calendar tab and it’s going to show me everything that that I have scheduled.

missinglettr scheduled content

So you can see the posts already sent, the ones that go out later today, and then there’s one tomorrow.

And these things keep piling up and adding up, so they have little spots that they’ll post in; if your spot for the day is already filled up, then it’ll move to the next day.

The Missinglettr content calendar is almost the same as in Predis AI as you can see in this Predis AI review.

Missinglettr Analytics

Missinglettr also gives you the analytics of each post so you can see this blog I just started back up.

Missinglettr Analytics

So I’ve been kind of dormant on it nothing posted, but there you can see I’ve got a few clicks.

And it’ll give me total clicks by social profile. It can tell you where these all clicks are coming from, which post is doing the best, what country, what browser they use, and so on.

I’m getting a social traffic from France which is interesting.

And also, you can see when the best time of day that people are clicking looks like for me; most people are up pretty late, but since it’s France and this is in my time zone, that’s probably in the morning time for them.

So depending on where your audience is, that’ll tell you varying degrees of valuable information.

And then you can filter all these analytics by date, you can look at them by social media profile all kinds of good data here.

Missinglettr Curate

The next thing I want to show you is the Missinglettr curate section.

Missinglettr Curate

This is where you can share other people’s content and browse stuff that people have chosen to put their content into the curate tab, where you can then add that to your queue.

And you actually get more spaces to share your content and curate the more you share the content of other people.

Of course, you can purchase spots and curate, but you can also earn them by sharing other people’s content.

I can create a new post, so I can add external content or a blog from my previous campaign.

missinglettr new post to promote

It creates it based on the content that you have and these are all the shares that I’ve had of that.

So then I can select which one goes into curate. And then other people will see that and decide if they want to add it to their cues or not to share your content.

If you want to share other people’s content, you can go to browse on the dashboard. It shows some recommendations based on the categories that you’ve selected, tags, topics, and countries.

You can just look at the different topics of stuff that you can share and, of course, you want to look at something before you share it.

missinglettr curate - browse topics

So you can click on the link and you can open somebody else’s blog post in another tab, you can read through it and if it looks like something I might share then I can add it to my queue

And if it’s something really bad that you wouldn’t share and you don’t think you’d ever share something from that source, you can also remove the suggestion from your list.

You can also preview the post. This is what they’ve set up, and you can see what it looked like on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin.

post preview


And then you also get a curate quality score which is bases off of various things.

It represents how well your content is being accepted by the community; so is it being reported, are people skipping over it because it’s a bunch of garbage, well you’re going to see that.

And if all sounds good, I can add that to my curate list with a click of a button.

Missinglettr Settings

Now let’s go through the Missinglettr settings.

Campaign Settings

First off, here’s where you can set up some default hashtags. I don’t have them set up for this one, but you can have Missinglettr pull in the same hashtags every time for every post that it loads.

missinglettr settings campaign

That doesn’t mean you have to use those hashtags, but it’s going to pull them in addition to all the ones that it finds so that’s helpful to do if you’re posting on the same topic.

You can customize what actually happens when it generates a campaign.

And then, you can also use your own URL shortener. I do not recommend using another one; the Missinglettr one is by far the best because that’s how they tie in the analytics and that’s how you get that information.

You can even create your own UTM campaign variables, so if you want to see in your Google Analytics where website visitors are coming from, that’s helpful to customize that.

Social Profiles Settings

In the settings social profiles, you can connect different social media profiles to it.

missinglettr settings social profiles

So I have connected personal Linkedin, Twitter, and Medium account of my client.

You can add as many social profiles as you’re paying like

  • Facebook page
  • Facebook group
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn page
  • LinkedInprofile

Those are the only things you can share too. You can’t do automated stuff to your Facebook personal profile. You used to be able to but not anymore, just pages and groups. This is the main con of Missinglettr that you should consider.

But it is extremely helpful for businesses because it can just automate all these campaigns in one go.

You can simply publish the campaign, and then it’s done and for the next year, you have social shares happening, and that’s very helpful, saves a ton of your time, makes it really easy to promote your content.

Dates & Times Settings

Let’s go into the date and dates and times. As you can see, it’s set to my time zone, and you can choose the days of the weeks you want to publish a post.

Missinglettr settings Dates & Times

So say you don’t want Missinglettr to send out posts on Saturday and Sunday. Just Monday through Friday because generally, for a business, you only want to promote stuff during the week.

You can even add blacklist dates so say you don’t want to send out any social shares on Christmas you can do that as well.

Scheduled Templates Settings

Under the scheduled templates tab, you can change how it creates these campaigns.

missinglettr settings cheduled templates

So for 12 months evergreen, you can change that to 270 days, whatever you want to do.

You can even quickly have more posts at the start more to them; this is kind of a balance but a little bit more distributed towards the front end of the post.

You can even add more so you can post more than 9, and then you get to select the days. You get to customize all this stuff for each type of campaign.

Then you can even add your own schedule so this is extremely helpful if you have your own way of managing social media.

Missinglettr Pricing

missinglettr pricing

Missinglettr offers 3 pricing plans:

  • Free – $0/month
  • Solo – $9.50/month
  • Pro – $29.50/month

The free plan allows you to connect 1 social profile, have 1 workspace and 50 scheduled posts.

In addition, Missinglettr provides our readers a 30 day pro plan access for free.

Missinglettr Review Final Words

So as you can see, Missinglettr is extremely powerful for scheduling social media campaigns and having it all automated but at the same time not taking up all your time. Missinglettr makes it easy so you can create good content while not wasting a ton of your time. It’s definitely one of my top number one absolute favorite social media applications out there on the internet.

There’s nothing I’ve seen like it, and I’ve used things like SocialBee, Promo Republic, Buffer. I’ve used all used all kinds of social media tools, but this one is by far the absolute best for promoting your content and other people’s content.

I hope that Missinglettr review, was helpful for and if you’re still unsure, you get access to Missinglettr 30 day pro plan.

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