Wisecut Review | How It Compares To Other AI Video Editing Tools?

wisecut review

If you spend most of your video editing time doing cuts, adding background music, and adding punch zooms, then Wisecut may be the right choice for you.

Wisecut is one of the best AI video editing software that helps you cut your videos and also add punch zooms by making use of its AI face recognition.

And also, it lets you edit your whole video by making use of a storyboard.

But it all is not so good as it seems. For many people, this may not be the right choice, but I will help you decide in this Wisecut review.

So, let me go to the tool.

Wisecut Tutorial

Once you log in, the first place that we will be beginning is in the new project area, even before giving your project a name you need to add your media.

And the process of uploading a video into Wisecut is super easy.

wisecut new project

You can upload your separate video files all at once and Wisecut will place them together in order on your timeline.

And I can go to the style section and then “someone is talking” where I need to select the language.

wisecut style

UI and UX need a bit of refinement here, to be honest.

Next, I need to select any of the background music that I would like to have in this video.

wisecut music

So, these are all royalty-free tracks.

You can select any of these tracks and Wisecut will automatically tailor the music to my video.

You can select music from their curated library or just let Wisecut choose for you.

But here’s where Wisecut makes editing way easier.

Before creating your video project, you can choose from this selection of AI features:

  • Auto-cut silence
  • Auto punch in
  • AI voice booster
  • Auto duck

And more.

Wisecut AI features

In the auto cut silences feature, if you have a lot of filler words then this will automatically take care of it.

And smart background music in case if the music is louder than your voice, then when you are speaking to the microphone, then it’ll automatically lower the music. That feels really good.

And auto punch in; those punch zooms will be automatically done.

And you have an AI voice booster, burred-in-captions, and many more features.

I have already uploaded a 13-minute video for this review’s sake and it took around 1 hour for the AI to process and complete the editing of the video.

And after that, I uploaded one minute clip from my training course, which is 87MB. And it took around 1 minute for AI to process the video and do the editing for me.

Not bad.

So, as you can see, it gives the details of the video.

video details

So, it has removed 9 seconds of awkward silence, 6 jump cuts created and 38 lines of subtitle created.

So once this is done, you will be able to see the storyboard. It has automatically created the scenes and it has removed some scenes.

So, the thing is that here, everything is split into scenes.

In between the scenes, you can add other scenes from your other videos.

And here, you have various options compared to similar AI video editing software like Synthesia AI.

wisecut video editor

Play this scene; in order to play this scene and play from this scene, the rest of this video and change scene volume, in case if the volume is really loud in this section.

And you can change the scene type to intro scene or outro scene for it to select the appropriate music and volume. You can edit the subtitles.

And you can also split the scene into sub-scenes so that you can get rid of some portions and you can delete an entire scene.

Similar to that of Descript, there’s no option for you to just delete out some word here and expect that word to be taken out of the video.

You need to delete the entire scene or split up your scene into multiple scenes and delete those scenes adding to the friction in the video editing process.

One really good option is you can select clips for a new project.

You can select some of the scenes that you’ll find interesting, and you can create a project out of these scenes.

So, you can effectively repurpose the various segments or scenes or of your complete video to separate videos for usage on social.


And next, we have translations.

So, provided that your subtitles are 100% accurate we can leverage translations in our video.

In the setting we have things like an AI voice booster; this will remove background noise and enhances the voice quality.

And as per my experience so far playing with this tool, it really does its job of removing the noise without any distortion in the base audio.

They have a really cool feature called auto-ducking. For example, when I didn’t speak any word, the music came in. When I start talking, then the music will be faded to the background. So that is auto-ducking.

The last step is the preview & export.

preview & export

And you have a resolution max up to 1080p and you can select the aspect ratio, and you can also download the subtitles in SRT format.

At this point, your video is ready to render.

And the process of rendering the video will again, take one minute for this one-minute video.

So, in case if your video is around 20 minutes, you may need to wait for another 15 minutes for it to generate the preview of the changes that you have made.

That’s one aspect I didn’t really like.

The AI silence remover functionality is really good. It has added enough padding to the left and right so that the cut will be really smooth. Not really rough, similar to that of Kapwing.

And after this, you need to download your footage, once this process is done. They’re not throttling the download speed.

Download speed is really good. It took around 40 seconds to generate the preview.

But one thing that I really like, when you go to the project list, you will see the rendering progress and it says, “we will notify you by email once this is ready.”

You can quit your tab, in case, if you have projects really well planned ahead of time, then the rendering process will not be a time sucker because you have planned it really well.

Wisecut Pros & Cons

Now let me discuss some of the pros and cons of Wisecut.

Wisecut Pros

You have a lot of features like silence remover, automatic punch zoom, auto-ducking. There are a lot of features, and you also have Wisecut snippets where you can reuse certain portions of the scenes in your video to various other videos.

And also, the automatic silence remover is really good. It is not giving you rough cuts like that of Pictory or any other software.

Wisecut Cons

But there are some cons that you need to consider.

When you are making use of Wisecut for automatically transcribing and cutting your videos, you need to upload your raw video considering the limits to Wisecut.

And depending upon your internet connection, it can take a while for it to upload the video compared to tools like Kapwing.

And it takes a lot of time to process the video, and let AI do the editing for you.

Then for each preview, you need to keep on clicking the render button. And it again, takes some time for you to just see the preview of all the editing that you have done.

So, this can take a lot of time compared to that of other software like InVideo where the preview of the editing will be available almost instantly.

If you ask me, this is not a true storyboard video editor.

And adding to that, AI-powered face recognition punch zoom works really well, but they need to seriously consider adding some options to set the amount of punch zoom that will be there.

So, there is some lack of flexibility with this software and also after the editing is done, then there’s no option for you to download the XML file so that you can import the XML file to premier so that you can see the cuts that it has done and maybe get some footage back.

And adding to that, if you are into 4k video production; as of now, Wisecut only supports 1080p.

If you take a look at the Wisecut roadmap, they have the search and replace function, improved scene trimmer, Grammarly integration, and all these things available.

wisecut product roadmap

But they don’t have 4k video support, and the XML download feature for you to just continue your editing in Premier pro. So, like it can save a lot of time.

As of now for our workflow, we are making use of an offline software called Timeboard. I have bought their lifetime deal.

It helps me to cut any size of the video, whether it’s 4k, 8K. So, I can set the preview playback, create, and also, I can just get rid of the unwanted parts in my video by just making use of the timeline.

And you have a lot of silence detection options, padding options, fast-forwarding silences, applying transitions, looping background music,

And even have the option to export my cuts as XML so that we can continue our video editing inside of Premiere Pro.

Wisecut AppSumo Lifetime Deal

Wisecut is running an AppSumo deal. There are 3 license tiers.

Wisecut AppSumo

And almost all their features are available in all their plans.

So, you’ll get 90 minutes of video per upload. You can’t upload to a very long Zoom interview hoping that Wisecut will be able to handle that.

And you have 150GB storage. So, in case if you are recording your videos over DSLR then you can easily exceed this 150GB mark, but still, you can delete your videos.

Besides that, all the features are available. And the only difference would be the number of hours of transcription and AI-powered video editing per month.

So, in case if you are serious into video production, then I highly recommend you to either get a tier 2 or tier 3 license. If you feel that this tool may be the right choice for you in your workflow.

Wisecut Pricing

And if I go to the pricing section, they have two plans: the basic plan that gives you 45 minutes per month and the professional plan that costs you $57 per month.

So, the main thing is that even in their monthly plan, the resolution support is max up to 1080p. That’s one thing that you need to consider.

Wisecut Review Final Words

Considering my workflow, I’m thinking there’s no solid reason for me to move my video editing workflow to Wisecut because I’m already using Timebolt, which is a big productivity booster, considering that it is offline.

For some of the people, Wisecut may end up costing a lot of time, because it takes a lot of time to process and even previews the edits that you have done, then saving your time, like in some of the cases.

But still, depending upon your workflow, you may need to give Wisecut a try.

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