32 Chat GPT Business Ideas 2023 [SaaS, Services & More]

Chat GPT is taking the online world by storm and it’s making people a lot of money.

In this article, I’ve put together a list of the 32 best Chat GPT business ideas.

We’ll go over some of the examples of AI tools you can create using Chat GPT and different services you can sell as a freelancer solopreneur.

So let’s jump straight in.

ChatGPT business ideas
Table of Contents

1. ChatGPT SaaS Business

Everyone knows that software companies are the best way to run a business since you only have to make the product once, and then you can sell it to millions of people.

But the reason most people haven’t started a software company is because, in the past, you had to have coding skills or hire a developer, which is a very expensive process.

But thanks to the development of no-code AI tools, that’s no longer the case. 

Tools like Bubble help non-technical people build web apps, similar to how Shopify helps you build online stores without code.

With Bubble, you can build things like:

  • SaaS software
  • Marketplaces
  • Social networks

And more, all without a single line of code.

They have a free plugin that lets you connect the ChatGPT API to Bubble.

Bubble ChatGPT plugin

Then all you have to do is design the app for a specific niche use case, and you’re ready to accept payments and get customers.

So, if you have a great idea for an AI software product, you should definitely go for it. This is on doubt one of the best ways to start an AI business.

💡 Pro Tip

Note: Keep in mind that building software requires some technical skills even when using Bubble. If you don’t have experience in these areas, you can outsource it on sites like Fiverr where people already offer web programming services. 

Fiverr Bubble services

2. ChatGPT Business Chatbot

This is one of the more common no code projects that a lot of people in the space are using. Services like Stack AI and CustomGPT.ai can be used to create chatbots that have predetermined question flows that point users to a part of the site.

Sometimes a chatbot might point the user to various links. It might answer some common questions like an FAQ section that user might have. It’s basically acting like a real human would.

ChatGPT chatbot

Now evidently it’s not going to reflect the ChatGPT level talking unless you’re like a master AI programmer. But that’s okay because majority of site owners do not know how to use no code platforms like Stack AI or CustomGPT to make their chatbot.

If you have that skill and you know how to use the ChatGPT chatbot builders (there’s bunch of tutorials on YouTube on how to use it), you can use these skills and create your own chatbot and sell it to clients.

Once you understand the process of creating a chat bot, you can replicate it for any single site and sell it to the site owner. And the price for these chat bots can range from $2000 to $3,500. 

3. Chrome Extension

If you’ve ever had an idea for a Google Chrome extension, now is your chance to bring this into reality with a little bit of prompt engineering.

Let’s go to ChatGPT and create a simple word counter. You can type in a prompt like:

“write the full code of the tool website that counts the number of words in a text area. Use HTML, CSS, and JS”

chat gpt word counter code

Once you have the code you can open Visual Studio code, create three files JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, and simply paste the code.

visual studio code

And we have a simple word counter tool.

This is how you can create software with Chat GPT.

You can also tell it to make the interface more interesting and user-friendly.

You could also sell mini JavaScript files on sites like Code Canyon.

I know a lot of people making thousands of dollars every single month selling JS files on Code Canyon.

4. API as a Service

The next Chat GPT business idea is to create an API and sell it for a monthly recurring membership. And what’s nice about this method is you can start with no investment required.

But first, what’s an API?

API is simply something that developers use to access data of their own operations through their code.

A simple example. If you want now to publish a post on Facebook, you need simply to go and up your mobile phone or your web browser, open Facebook and publish using the browser or the Facebook interface.

What if you are a developer and you want to access Facebook within your application with your own code? You will need to use the Facebook API. So simply API is like a broker.

It’s kind of like a middleman between you, the developer, and a certain service like Facebook or anything else. Now, you know what’s an API, let’s create one in seconds with Charge GPT.

Go up in Charge GPT and let’s test creating an API that generates codes so anyone can use it in their own applications. So here is the code.

chat gpt API code

You can copy it, open Visual Studio, create a controller, paste the code, and the API is up and running in less than 1 minute.

Now, you need to publish this API. For this, you can also ask Chat GPT where we can publish this for free. And here we have multiple options to start with like Microsoft Azure, AWS Lambda, or Google Cloud.

chat gpt hosting code

Okay, now, where to sell it?

Let’s ask Chat GPT. And here we have a lot of marketplaces where we can publish our API and sell it like Rapid API and much more.

chat gpt selling code

You can even tell Chat GPT to rewrite the code in any programming language you want, like Node, JS, or Python, anything you want.

Awesome. Okay, it looks simple. It is. But the main problem is with the API idea. From where to get an idea that people will buy or developers will buy.

Well, you can get some ideas by looking at the top API marketplaces:

  • RapidAPI is a platform that enables developers to find and connect to thousands of APIs. It provides APIs in a variety of categories, including finance, business health, and media.
  • ProgrammableWeb is an API directory that provides information on APIs and the companies that provide them. It allows developers to search for APIs by category and provides testing and integration tools for APIs.
  • The Postman API Network is a collection of APIs from leading companies that are available for testing and integration. APIs from companies such as PayPal, Microsoft, and Google are included.

API as a Service ideas

Here are a few API as a service ideas that you could develop and sell:

  • A weather API that provides real-time weather data, including current conditions, forecasts, and historical data. Businesses, developers, and app creators could use this to provide weather-related information to their users.
  • An image recognition API that can identify and classify objects, scenes, and activities in pictures. Businesses and developers use this to create apps that can automatically identify and organize images, or to train machine learning models.
  • A social media API that allows developers to access data from various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. This could be used by businesses and developers to analyze social media activity, track metrics, or build social media marketing tools.
  • A location-based API that allows developers to access data related to geographical locations, such as maps, points of interest, and traffic information.
  • A payment API that allows developers to easily integrate various payment methods, such as credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay, into their apps and websites.
  • A voice and speech recognition API that allows developers to add voice-controlled capabilities to their apps and devices.
  • A natural language processing API that allows developers to add natural language understanding to their apps and devices.

5. AI Automated YouTube Channel

Take a look at how easy it’s now become to create an AI social media presence on almost any platform.

With Chat GPT you can create your own fully automated YouTube channel.

You can simply go to Chat GPT and type “Write me 1500 word YouTube video script about…”.

The only limitation here at the moment is that it cannot edit videos for you yet.

But a real powerful tool to use is Pictory AI which is an AI video generator that can create videos without having to produce any Actual footage or record your voice

Just simply copy your script into Pictory AI and push the script to video, which will turn this script into a full video with a b-roll.

picotry video editor

And with this insane speed of creating content, you could literally be creating thousands of pieces of content every single day.

And it’s very obvious to me that if you’re a creator and you’re not going to be using AI in the future to actually create your content, you’re going to lose in the long term.

💡 Pro Tip

If you want to learn more about starting an automated YouTube channel, there is no better training course on this topic than Tube Mastery and Monetization 2.0.

6. AI Social Media Marketing Agency

With social media platforms growing more and more year by year more businesses are in need of a social media presence as a result there’s increasing demand for social media management services.

If you choose this route you can offer your services directly to businesses and start an SMMA agency or create gigs on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or Upwork.

There are several ways in which ChatGPT can assist you. It can help you develop a content strategy and assist you in writing engaging social media posts and captions.

However, it’s important to remember that social media management also involves tasks such as choosing and editing images and responding to comments which will still require your personal touch.

7. Create a Course Using ChatGPT

So we have to talk about the transformation of education. People are buying courses and coaching programs online from experts that are kind of replacing the need, not completely the need for college, but a lot of people that don’t exactly know what to do with their life.

And this is becoming more and more true with really niche topics like learning the piano or audio engineering or blogging or these unique things that people can buy a $1000 course.

Let’s say we’re making a course on how to make butter. You could generate an entire list of all the steps for making butter and add your expertise by making some changes here and there to get a perfect write-up of the entire course.

chatgpt make butter instructions

And if you want to add some pictures of specific things for the course, you could get non-copyrighted images from MidJourney and ask it to create a stick of butter thrown into a pan.

MidJourney Butter image

And just like that, you’ll have a nice picture of butter in a pan.

By doing this, you’ll have an entire course you can sell on platforms like Kartra or ClickFunnels.

And there are thousands of people who are willing to pay for information instead of learning it themselves. Essentially, you’re capitalizing on the education you’re selling.

The key is kind of opening your eyes to this world and realizing that people are making millions of dollars a month selling courses.

So really it’s ultimately traffic plus a back-end sales funnel that equals a million-dollar business. 

8. Start Print on Demand Store

The premise of this business model is creating niche stores on Etsy around specific topics that people are really interested in.

Your job in this business model is to create awesome art on mid-journey, which is an AI art generation tool, and then put it on some t-shirts or posters, and put it on your niche store on Etsy. Then use print-on-demand services to ship and create those products.

To get started, you first need to find a niche. A good keyword research tool for Etsy is called eRank, which lets you find low-competition keywords on Etsy.

erank etsy keywords

Once pick up a niche and find keywords, you can head over to the MidJourney website, which is an AI art generation platform.

And all you need to do is use the prompts provided to start creating your own art.

Midjourney art

Now that you’ve got a good piece of art that you think the people in your Niche will like, you now need to create an Etsy account and then connect that Etsy account to a Print-on-demand service like Printful.

Printful is an awesome print on demand that lets you put images on mugs, posters, t-shirts, and a whole bunch of other merch.

printful t-shirt design

Printful has an integration that will allow you to directly connect to your Etsy store.

And then, you can start creating your different items and selling them on Etsy.

The reason why this is such a profitable and scalable business model is that Etsy brings all the traffic in and you are not having to market any of your stuff.

All you need to do is be hitting these right keywords, and then your stuff will be marketed to the right people who are searching for that kind of merch.

9. AI Personal Assistant

Now, the next is probably the most natural use case, and everyone really has, at the moment, an AI general assistant, whether that be Alexa or Siri, or even Bixby. The trick is going to be to niche down into a really thin-sliced market.

I mean, you don’t really want Siri giving you fitness advice. You need to train up a specialized language model for that niche and provide a clean user interface for your customers to use. You could train your AI model to specialize and offer coaching in fitness travel or finance.

Potential target audience would be individuals and businesses looking for digital assistants to help them manage their daily tasks.

10. AI YouTube Assistant

As we just learned, we can train AI models to actually model a real person, just like we modeled Graham Stefan in the last idea. Now, the more input that you give the AI model, the more accurate and smarter it will become.

With this in mind, there’s a huge task for YouTubers and content creators to respond to their fans. And normally if they’re big enough, they only get two or 3 seconds to say thank you to each comment.

But with a simple Chrome plugin powered by an AI model that learns your tone, your cadence, what you like to say, and how you’d normally respond to one of those comments.

chat gpt comment responder code

It could assist you in generating really meaningful and thoughtful responses that you’re going to come in later and edit or reject or even just approve and have them post publicly to the website. And the best part is, it’ll be in your voice.

And the awesome thing about this app as well, the more feedback that you give it by approving or rejecting or editing comments, the AI is going to be learning and getting better and better with every single comment.

11. YouTube Optimizer

This application is another one focused on the booming creator industry. What you would essentially do is connect to the creator’s account via the YouTube API.

You’re then able to import the video analytics data so that you can start to provide insights much in the same way that we did with the e-commerce application.

You can build systems to dig through this data and provide Actionable Insights for the creator to improve their channel and continue their growth.

Now, I know that there are YouTube consultants that are charging thousands of dollars per month for this data analysis, so it should be a very easy sell if you can come in at a low price point with an offer like this.

12. Customer Service Chatbot

The chatbot for customer service is a type of AI-powered chatbot that is designed to assist customers with tasks such as answering frequently asked questions, providing information about products or services, and resolving issues.

To build a chatbot for customer service using chat GPT, you will need to train the model on a data set of customer inquiries and responses. This will allow the chatbot to understand the types of questions and issues that customers may have and provide appropriate responses.

The potential target audience for a chatbot for customer service is businesses in a variety of industries looking to improve their customer service. This could include eCommerce businesses, service-based businesses, and B2B companies.

13. Financial Planning App

The next idea is to create an app that is designed to assist with tasks such as budgeting, saving, and investing.

For example, you could train the ChatGPT model on the investing and budgeting philosophies of Graham Stefan by inputting his entire back catalog of videos and courses.

And then the AI will be able to monitor your spending patterns, bank accounts, investments, and provide you feedback on what are things you should do in order to hit your financial goal.

If you need inspiration for this type of app, you can check out fylehq.com.


It’s an expense management software that uses AI to accurately extracts and codes data from expense receipts.

14. Health & Wellness App

This ChatGPT business idea is all about creating a health app that is designed to assist with tasks such as tracking health metrics, providing health and wellness tips, and connecting users with healthcare providers.

A great example of such an app is cass.ai.

cass.ai app

To train a model for this type of chatbot, you would need to train it on big data sources like patient medical records, hospital records, and medical exam results.

15. Personal Inbox Management Bot

This bot would use the Gmail API to connect to the user’s Gmail and then allow them to interact with it naturally. For example, a user could wake up in the morning, hop on the Chat GPT and ask, “give me a one line summary of all of the emails that came in overnight.”

From there, you could also allow them to easily respond to all of these so that they get all of their inbox management done in the morning.

Or you could provide them with some easy labeling feature that would essentially read all of their emails, determine what they’re about, and then label them with the correct label so that your inbox is all sorted and labeled correctly.

SaneBox is a tool that offers similar features.

16. Facebook Ads Assistant

Almost all businesses are using Facebook and Instagram ads through the Facebook ads manager right now. What this app would do is connect to the business owner’s Facebook ads manager via the marketing API, which is a product that Facebook allows people to use.

Now, once you have access to the performance data of all their ads, then you can do a number of different things such as data analysis or turning on and off campaigns and ad sets, or even suggesting new campaigns to run.

If you created this app so you knew how to run Facebook ads profitably, this would be enormously valuable because, suddenly, a business owner can run their own ads through ChatGPT instead of having to outsource it to a marketing agency and paying thousands of dollars a month.

17. AI Crypto Trader Assistant Bot

This product will be created for crypto traders and crypto investors in order to give them access to real-time financial information in a more accessible way.

There are thousands and thousands of tokens across the crypto market. So for someone looking to trade or invest, being able to essentially filter through these different coins and figure out which ones meet the criteria would be hugely valuable.

For example, someone may want to search, what coins have been down 50 % over the past three months? What you could then do is use the coinmarketcap API to search for any tokens that meet that criteria and then give it back to the users nice and quick.

18. Real Estate Assistant

This is very similar to the crypto app in that you are accessing the entire market’s worth of information but making it easily accessible through chat interfaces.

For example, someone could enter the area, the budget, and the house size of what they’re looking for into the chatbot, and it would search for it within the that Zillow or other realtors provide.

Then it could easily provide them with all of the houses that match that search.

This would be such a game changer because instead of having to manually set up filters and preferences and filter through all these different properties, you could just search it with a natural language prompt and get back the houses that you want.

19. Personal Coaching App

This plugin would be perfect for people with a coaching business so that they’re able to take all of the knowledge and all of the information that they regularly teach their students and make it available to a chatbot through a custom knowledge base.

This is essentially making a plugin version so that people can sell it as part of their coaching package.

People with coaching businesses could load all their information into this plugin, and then all of their students could get one on one access and 24/7 assistance in the coaching program from this custom chat out. 

20. Ecommerce Data Analysis Assistant

his application would allow owners of Shopify stores to essentially connect to their Shopify account and use the Shopify API to import all of their information, and all of their sales data and then be able to provide insights to the customer through ChatGPT.

Once you have access to this data, you can then provide custom reporting, or you could allow the e-commerce store owner to pull insights out of that data in a new way.

From these insights, they’re able to make better decisions about how they run their business.

Ecommerce is a huge business and store owners typically have a lot of money to invest in anything that’s going to help them make more money or make their lives easier.

21. Inventory Scanner

A cornerstone of the ecommerce store owner space is being able to purchase their target products at bulk.

Now there are inventory checking sites out there right now, but it’s usually one site sometimes that you usually have to pay for that checks for Walmart and another site that checks inventory for Amazon products, another site that checks inventory for Best Buy products.

But it’s hard for a store owner to get their hands on an all in one platform where they can check a bunch of companies inventories all in one place.

So creating an all in one scanner that takes in the link of a product and scans each of these stores will be extremely beneficial to a consumer.

And this can be done with very minimal coding knowledge. All you have to do is be able to understand how to use an HTTP  get request, which is a very simple thing that you can figure out just by looking the tutorial on YouTube below, and use it to ping each of these sites and check their inventory.

And most site security is low enough where if you ping the site every ten minutes, they will not flag you nor block your account.

And the best part is that this service is something that’s need to be done on a weekly basis, sometimes even a monthly basis.

22. AI Email Newsletter Generator

Email newsletter is crucial for a lot of influencers and anyone who has some sort of email list or is building one.

This is where you can use ChatGPT, Midjourney and other AI tools to create beautiful image as well as text that you can put in an email.

If you’re able to link these services together in an all in one AI email newsletter automation app, you can essentially start creating emails that you can send to subscribers for influencers and you can sell this system to various influencers.

And like I said, anyone who has any sort of newsletter, since you are cutting down time and actually writing these paragraphs, subject lines, creating beautiful images in the newsletter, you’re minimizing all the time needed for that, an influencer will have to put.

The best part is newsletter vary in size and some newsletters are very small, some are very big. So if you’re able to find the right client who has a healthy sized newsletter, they will purchase your newsletter AI system immediately.

23. Entertainment App

The next idea is to create an app that provides recommendations and information about movies, TV shows, music, and other forms of entertainment.

To train a model for this type of app, you would need a large dataset of entertainment information, such as movie and TV show reviews, music recommendations, and information about upcoming events.

For example, a dataset could include phrases such as “what are the best movies of the year,” “what are the top 10 songs on the Billboard Hot 100,” and “what are the must-see shows on Broadway.”

24. Digital Replicas

There’s a website called character.ai where you can try and train a language model to represent anyone in the world, whether that’s someone alive like Elon Musk or even someone dead like Benjamin Franklin.

You could turn them into a 3D augmented reality experience with AI models that I could actually interact with.

Tony Robbins has been working on this behind the scenes as the magnum opus of his life work.

An AI language model that knows everything that he knows and has the technology and ability to scale to the point where he can have his teachings given out in the form of a Tony Robbins personal coach for everybody around the world.

25. Transcribing App

There are websites like scribie.com that literally pay for transcribing content from videos or registrations so the demand is there.

And in fact, if you navigate through Scibie’s website you’ll see many services. For example transcribing meetings, speeches, dissertations, and so on.

scribie services

So you could think about creating an app and using the API from open AI to use the whisper service in your application. Whisper is another service from OpenAI.

There is a little more work involved here but I think it’s really worth worthy to understand how to integrate the API into an app and also how to build a front-end app because this API has so much to offer.

26. AI Travel App

There are AI travel apps that can help you with tasks such as booking flights and hotels, finding travel deals, and providing recommendations for things to do and see in a destination.

One of these apps is Emma.ai which automatically gives you travel time and journey information directly in your calendar, for customer appointments and meetings.


The app lets you manage your calendar with a buffer time feature and appointment booking function.

They train their models on a large dataset of travel information, such as flight and hotel bookings, travel deals, and recommendations for things to do and see in a destination.

27. News & Information App

To create a ChatGPT-based news and information app, you would need to gather a large dataset of news articles and other relevant information on a variety of topics like articles from reputable news sources, as well as information from other sources such as government websites, industry reports, and expert analysis depending on your niche.

You would also need to train a ChatGPT model on this dataset, fine-tuning it to understand and respond to natural language queries and commands related to news and information.

Your model should be able to understand and answer questions such as “What is the latest news on the coronavirus in India”, “What happened with the stock market today” and “What is the current situation in the Middle East”.

For this, I’d recommend starting in a smaller niche instead of creating a news app that tries to cover everything.

28. AI Streaming Service

If you’ve been following live streams lately, you may have heard about the AI live streamer called Neurosama who is essentially an anime girl who plays video games like Minecraft and OSU.


At the same time, she interacts with chat, cracks jokes, and learns from the information she processes using machine learning technology. It’s pretty impressive.

Now, here’s the thing. If you want to create a similar AI streamer, it can be quite challenging. I’m not aware of any specific tools that are available for the public. If such a tool existed, I’m sure everyone would be using it.

But if you can figure out a way to program something like this or create a similar tool, you could potentially sell these AI streamers as a business.

You can offer the entire coding to create an entire AI streamer, run it on your servers, and sell it to companies for a monthly fee.

This could be very enticing for companies that don’t have coding knowledge and want to enter the streaming space. Or you could run 10 to 20 AI streamers or figure out other ways to make AI content.

29. AI Influencer Marketing

Next, you can even create AI Instagram influencers. In fact, the face behind Pacsun is a digital influencer that doesn’t even exist, yet she has almost 3 million followers on Instagram.

miquela AI influencer Instagram

And imagine for companies looking to hire models or influencers to promote their pages, using an AI influencer is a win-win situation. They don’t age, work hard, and have no liabilities in terms of getting sued.

If you can create some of these AI influencers and market them to companies, you could make a hefty bag.

30. Copywriting Services

Selling copywriting services is the most obvious Chat GPT business idea but at the same time the most competitive one because everyone can do that. But it may still work as it works for many freelancers worldwide as you can see in a moment.

Here are some of the copywriting services you can sell:

  • Blog writing
  • Product description
  • Website copy
  • Sales copy
  • Proofreading

And all these services are highly profitable and people are willing to pay you for them.

The human brain has limitations but now you don’t have any limitations and you have a real competitive edge and that is thanks to this artificial intelligence.

You can provide multiple different services at once on freelancer websites.

So let’s just take the example of blog writing on Fiverr.

So as you can see these people are already making a lot of money selling this service.

But again, the key is to find a specific niche as it is with almost all of these Chat GPT business ideas.

31. Coding Services

As you’ve just seen ChatGPT creates code for an app or Google Chrome extension so it can create code and it can correct it as well.

And coding is in extremely high demand businesses and entrepreneurs are willing to pay vast sums of money to anybody who is able to provide this service and do a very very good job of it.

And now you have another unfair Advantage you have ChatGPT to do all the work for you.

It’s just about utilizing the freelancer websites and advertising yourself there as a professional coder.

Give it some time to get some clients together, produce some quality work using chat GPT and then from there you just scale and build.

32. Transcription Services

The last business you can start with Chat GPT is offering translation services. If you’re bilingual or have basic knowledge of a second language this business is perfect for you.

I personally speak Polish so I’ve tested Chat GPT to see how well it can translate in my experience it produced an excellent translation.

Maybe there were some words here and there that needed to be adjusted but overall it did a great job.

So if you know more than one language definitely give this business a try as it can earn you great money and potentially replace your current job

Chat GPT Business Ideas Final Words

So these are the best chat GPT business ideas you can try. AI-driven businesses are proliferating and the opportunities for entrepreneurs to leverage on this technology are vast.

ChatGPT has the potential to revolutionize existing industries, create new ones, and provide highly personalized services to consumers.

If you’re looking to start your own business, consider incorporating ChatGPT into your business model and applying it in innovative ways. As the technology continues to evolve rapidly, so too will the potential applications of AI in different industries and markets.


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