7 Best AI Automation Agency Niches

AI automation agency niches

Today, I’m diving into the best AI automation agency niches you can target. This isn’t just some brainstorming session with random ideas. I’m giving you multiple real-world examples from projects that my agency has actually provided in these niches.

The problem with most people starting an AI automation agency is they aren’t able to get clients or see any results with the ones they’re working with.

They think this is because they’re doing something wrong or because they’re offering a bad service, or they’re struggling to find any clients and they think this is all their fault.

But this is completely false. The actual reason why you aren’t able to find any clients is because you aren’t looking for a good niche. The niche is the foundation of your business.

That’s why today, I’m going to be revealing the best AI automation niches.

1. Marketing Agencies (SMMA)

Nine times out of 10, if we go to someone who’s running an SMMA agency, chances are they know how to build a chatbot, and it’s probably not the best industry for us to go after.

But we do currently work with agencies that are a little bit bigger, not really on trend, and they don’t have a team in place for AI integration and these different chatbots.

Why are agency owners on this list? Well, in order for a potential client to be a qualified prospect, it has to hit on these points:

  1. They have to have the ability to pay – they can’t be broke
  2. They have to have the ability to implement the tools and get good results

Let’s dive into each of these one by one.

First, the ability to pay.¬† In order to integrate your AI automation services, it’s important that the business or person who’s going to be hiring you has the money to pay you.

A cash-flowing agency business making 30K a month in revenue is likely going to have the propensity to buy your service. By the nature of running an agency business, they’ll have excess cash.

Agencies at a high level are very cash-flowing businesses versus something like a tech startup.

Next, the ability to implement the tools and get good results.

Can the business implement the tools you are creating?

Let’s say you reach out to a massive bank like Bank of America, and you want to implement a customer service bot into their company.

That’s a great idea. Do you really think you’re going to be able to close Bank of America and integrate into their systems with all of their different compliance rules and regulations?

Unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, you’re probably not going to be able to close Bank of America.

Now, what about an agency business? Well, they’re likely a lean team, meaning there are not a ton of people there, and they can move quickly. And agency owners are ready to try things out to improve their business.

For example, I worked with a massive agency that did over 20 million annually, and I had direct access to their CEO when implementing new systems and strategies. Despite it being an eight-nine-figure business, the founder was ready to integrate new things into the business to help it improve.

Can you actually get good results with them?

What tools are you planning to integrate? Does the business really need them? If somebody runs a food truck outside of Austin, Texas, and does all their sales in person, sure, they could integrate to help them operate more effectively.

But is that as good of a fit as an agency owner who has to:

  • Help manage 30 different clients
  • Build out marketing strategies
  • Write 100 blogs a month
  • 400 plus short-form video

And do everything in between? Well, there’s probably a lot more room to integrate things for that agency owner.

And speaking from somebody who’s grown and scaled an agency business before, and we did over 50K a month, in order for agencies to scale, they have to bring on more clients.

And in order for them to serve more clients, they have to increase their output. In order for them to increase their output, they either need to become more effective or work longer hours. Nobody wants to do that.

They can also hire more people, and hiring is hard and expensive. They are always looking for ways to improve efficiency. That’s exactly what AI can do – increase your efficiency so you don’t have to hire more people.

Suddenly, if properly integrated AI, the impact on an agency owner is they increase efficiency, meaning they can sign more clients without hiring more people, which means their margins will increase, which means they’ll make more money.

How Can AAA Help Marketing Agencies?

Now, managing an agency actually has a lot of manual processes. My agency has worked with a few of these clients along with different agency models, such as Google Ads agencies. Here are a few essential automations that you can offer them today.

Onboarding Automation

First, you can automate their onboarding process from collecting client information, updating CRM statuses, sending out Slack notifications, and creating Google Drive folders.

There’s a ton going on here that you can literally completely automate. Here’s an onboarding example.

onboarding automation example

This not only saves them time, but also ensures a consistent and professional experience for their clients.

Lead Qualification 

A lot of agencies have website forms or call booking links, and frankly, a lot of the people who come through there are unqualified leads. This happens in my agency, so I totally get where they’re coming from. We’ve worked with these agencies to automatically filter out unqualified leads.

lead qualification automation example

In this example, our client did not want to work with leads who didn’t have the budget to work with them, so we automatically send over an email saying, Sorry, we don’t work with you, and we only add to the CRM and book calls with leads who actually have the budget.

CRM Management

For the CRM, you can add additional automations such as sending proposals when stages are changed, automatically updating other necessary software when leads are moved to closed one, and automatically sending recordings or notes from sales calls to the lead CRM account.

AI Lead Generation Chatbots

What’s super important for a lot of marketing agencies is being able to offer their clients something more than just a landing page to collect leads. Right now, we work with clients, optimizing landing pages and building sales funnels for them for their marketing campaigns.

Now, on top of that, how do we level ourselves up to become more than just landing page creators?

Well, we actually implement AI chatbots, and we implement AI lead generation tools that actually collect more than just email addresses and names from potential leads.

We can go way deeper than that, and we can almost have a scorecard with 10-15 different questions that we get answered using the chatbot on our specific landing pages. That, in turn, will increase our lifetime value. It will increase our client acquisition cost, all because we have more data being collected.

2. eCommerce

Now, a lot of you are only looking at customer support chatbots. Luckily, e-commerce is a great place to start.

Ecom brands are looking at customer satisfaction scores, stock turnover time, order quantity, order value, all of these different things that ultimately revolve around someone checking out on their store.

This is great because now we can go into a meeting with an e-commerce store owner saying, we are building this chatbot to specifically help drive more conversions on your store.

  • What are the problems right now?
  • Where are the bottlenecks with your products?
  • Are they getting enough information on the product page?
  • Are people trying to go to an FAQ, and not all of their questions are being answered?
  • How can we mitigate that?
  • How can we remove that problem?
  • How can we make it so that everything is answered on the website?

How Can AAA Help Ecommerce Businesses?

Everything is there when a potential customer needs it, and they can find every bit of information about every product in that store.

The answer is a chatbot, and that is exactly what we can train our chatbot to do. So rather than just uploading the knowledge base, we can use the entire range of products on that e-commerce store and actually train that chatbot to be able to recommend products based on requirements or based on birthdays that are in a certain month of the year.

Or maybe it’s a gift shop, and you have an AI chatbot that essentially asks you what the person likes that you’re trying to buy a present for. Then you can then recommend products based on that input and that data. These are all really good ways for you to build chatbots around e-commerce stores and ultimately help them get to that end customer and that conversion.

And if we’re looking at the other side of e-commerce, LTV is massive, which is lifetime value.

When I was running e-commerce stores, the biggest thing that we would focus on was email marketing and SMS marketing on the back end of those stores. We knew that if we converted a customer, we could actually spend more money than we would make converting that person from an ad into a paying customer because we knew that the LTV after that sale was much, much higher than their first initial order.

3. Real Estate

Now, obviously, property and real estate are very high-ticket items. So, it’s super important to ensure that the customer journey from A to Z is handled professionally and efficiently.

Now, a lot of the time, it’s just one person on the end of the phone taking bookings and booking appointments and viewings, and there is so much room for human error.

How Can AAA Help Real Estate Agents?

So, what can we do here for real estate agents?

This sector can experience substantial benefits from automation, from scanning property databases to managing customer relationships and enhancing online customer service.

Website Chatbots for Real Estate Customer Service

Firstly, creating a website chatbot is great for these businesses. To boost a real estate company’s sales and the boost ability to land a customer, it is almost essential for them to have an AI chatbot that’s GPT-powered and can point customers to the right spot on the website.

Are you looking for multifamily homes? Here’s a link. You can see a whole catalog of them.

Are you looking for single-family homes? Here’s a link. You can find a whole catalog of them.

Oh, you want a single-family home in three restrooms? Here you go.

real estate chtabot example

They can be programmed to answer frequently asked questions, provide property details, and even send leads to the exact property they’re looking for, which can be incredibly powerful.

We even take our chatbots up a notch by using make.com to store the essential information collected from the leads and send this data to their CRM or other necessary softwares.

By integrating these automations, you can help commercial real estate firms transform their operations and focus more on their ultimate goal: closing deals.

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Take the Multiple Listing Service, for instance. It’s a vast database of property listings shared among real estate professionals. The task of manually going through this vast sea of information can be incredibly time-consuming. You can make a tool that automatically watches for new MLS listings and adds qualified properties to your clients’ Excel or Google Sheets. The tool can be programmed to filter listings based on client-specific criteria like location, price range, or property size, ensuring the listings that are added are the most relevant for your client.

Streamlining CRM Management for Real Estate Professionals

Then there’s the always necessary CRM management. In a business where coal calling, cold emailing, and networking are all daily activities, this can come in handy big time.

CRM systems can quickly get overwhelming for these companies, and you can come in and clean things up and streamline the entire process. An automation tool that syncs their CRM with their call software, cold email platforms, and other lead generation tools can keep things running smoothly.

Now, when it comes to money, this is a 5 out of 5 industry to get into because these companies are swimming in cash. They’re real estate companies. They’re selling properties worth hundreds of thousands, sometimes even millions of dollars. They’re obviously way more inclined to spend money on a chatbot.

4. Online Education

We all know online education is absolutely massive. There are a crazy amount of people online providing high-quality education to people who want to learn it. This is why online education is such a hot industry to get yourself into.

I’m even deep in it, and I’m a strong believer that this is the future.

So online education, what are the KPIs for online educators? Well, this one’s interesting because obviously they want to convert more people into their course or their mentorship, but they also want people to be able to complete the course. They want people to actually follow through with the mentorship and actually get value out of it.

Most people who buy courses don’t end up even finishing them because they just get sidetracked and move on to something else. This obviously doesn’t reflect well on the creator because they potentially lose someone’s interest whilst they’re being educated by them, which is not good at all.

This could lead to refunds. This could lead to people just moving away completely and just falling out of their sales funnel, if you like. It’s a really massive problem and it’s something that we can help with chatbots.

How Can AAA Help Online Education?

Let’s quickly get into the use cases for online education.

Chatbots Enhancing Learning

Now, I think a lot of you guys think that the word chatbot usually means it’s a chatbot that lives on that website and it acts as a widget where you can type it in, and it pops up a little chat box. Although that is the most common form of chatbot, that isn’t the smartest way to do it.

What if we could have a chatbot that sits behind the scenes that nobody knows is even a chatbot? This is how you can position these bots, too. This separates you from a lot of the other companies that build chatbots because guess what? Chatbots have been around for years. I was using them when I was first dropshipping 7 years ago.

If there was a chatbot, just like I said, that helped answer questions in real-time and acted as a personal coach to this person going through this course, and whenever they needed support, they could message this chatbot and this chatbot would come back because it’s been filled with a knowledge base all about this course.

It knows everything about it. We’ve uploaded YouTube videos to it. We’ve uploaded documents and text files. It is literally an expert on this course that this client is going through. Well, it can now answer all the questions in real-time for this specific client.

That is going to help them progress faster. That’s actually going to help them stick through this course and hopefully finish it.

Automating Email Queries with AI

What I mean by this is, imagine if I emailed you as a customer and said, Hey, I have this problem with my course. What does this mean? Or, how can I get to this?

What if that query then went through a Make.com flow, got bounced into ChatGPT or a bot that we build on the back end with a knowledge base, and then that response was sent back to that customer using an email?

That person wouldn’t have known that it was a chatbot, and that person would have just received a Google notification from the course creator with the response to their question.

Now, that is just one way to look at it, and this translates across every single niche that we’re talking about today, but it is just another way to look at things.

You don’t always have to have it as an actual chatbot. You can build it behind the scenes so it acts as almost like this automated AI administrator, which I much prefer.

Proactive Feedback Gathering

Then, we can also get this chatbot to ask for reviews and get real-time feedback. Maybe every single week, we set it up. This chatbot messages users who are following this course and asks for feedback. That can then be used to create more modules or create more courses, and the list goes on.

Now, obviously, you could just put it on the course page and it can act as a live FAQ, but that’s boring. We want to get a bit more excited than that. Those are the ways that I would be helping online educators

5. Law Firms

Finally, for the third niche, we have law firms. Think about all the paperwork and documents that are filled out during the legal process.

Most of the time, these processes start with an intake call, then a consultation call where the lawyer gathers all the information needed to fill out all of these documents.

Most of the time, the documents and emails they send out are all predefined templates.

How Can AAA Help Law Firms?

You can completely automate this using Make.com to simply fill out certain variables that you’ve already gathered, such as defendant name, plaintiff name, case number, and boom, lengthy 20-plus page documents can be automatically generated, emails with the documents can be sent, folders for the case can be created, and much, much more.

legal firm automation example

If you can get your automation services in with a big law firm, it’s likely they’ll be coming back to you month after month.

It’s really one of the most administrative heavy industries, which is prime for automation.

6. Gyms

People want their questions answered, and most of the time, gym websites do not have a chat feature. They just don’t exist. I’ve barely seen it. And people want to know:

Hey, what’s the membership cost?

Are there any deals going on? I don’t want to keep going through the entire gym website.

What machines are there?

How Can AAA Help Gyms?

Everything can be entered into a chatbot. You can train your entire chatbot to learn everything about the gym, from the amount of machines, the amount of typing machines, the peak hours, everything.

fitness chatbot example

A gym would benefit greatly from this because now they can land customers more easily, and now they don’t have to have their work actually on call talking to the customers, explaining, “Hey, this is how a gym membership works.”

Money-wise, this is moderately profitable just because gyms aren’t swimming in cash as much as real estate websites or marketing agencies, but they still have a lot of cash for their name. So landing a $2,000, $3,000 AI automation deal with these gyms is not too hard, not too far-fetched.

There’s very low saturation. There’s not a lot of fitness chatbots out there. In fact, I bet if you go to the 10 local gyms near you, maybe only 2 out of 10 will actually have a chatbot that’s pretty good.

And since gyms don’t have much going on, just a bunch of machines and peak hours, and general membership costs, it’s not hard to create a chatbot for this.

In fact, it might only take you an hour and a minute to create one, so the difficulty of creating a chatbot or any AI automation solution is relatively easy.

7. Car Dealership

Everyone, when they go to a dealership, they need information on cars and they just don’t know anything about them. This is an opportunity for you.

How Can AAA Help Car Dealerships?

That’s for these information, they can go on the dealership’s website, search for whatever they want in the chat feature say, “Hey, I need a car that has 400 RPM that goes 150 mph”, and it’ll give you a list of cars that actually have that.

Or “I want a car that can get on a $5,000 down payment.” It’ll give you a list of cars that offer that.

car dealership chatbot


There’s a constant influx of customers, and car dealerships are people who need to limit the amount of sales reps they have because that’s one of their main costs.

And it’s amazing if you can just have a sales rep close the deal. So, everything else is handled by the chatbot, and the final step is a sales rep. So that will help car dealerships free up resources and time and need fewer sales reps.

So stuff like this is why a chatbot for a car dealership can be extremely beneficial. And there are a bunch of other AI automation solutions that you can create when it comes to car dealerships.

Money is also big because they’re selling cars that are worth thousands and tens of thousands of dollars.

When it comes to saturation, there are a good amount of car dealerships with chatbots already, and more and more GPT-powered chatbots are appearing in these car dealerships, so it’s getting a little bit saturated.

And in terms of difficulty creating a chatbot for a car website might be a little bit of hard just because of how many cars there are, the different features of cars, soaring through that data. But overall, most chatbots are easy to make.

Final Words

There we had it. Best AI automation agency niches that you can target today. Each of these sectors offers unique opportunities and unique challenges for AI automation agencies.

Don’t just think about these projects for these niches, and don’t just think about these niches to offer systems automation.

At my agency, we’ve worked with more niches than this, and now we have finally found our stride with what we call our primary niche, coaching, and consulting businesses.

We’ve also begun to productize our service so that things stay consistent, and we aren’t always reinventing the wheel and coming up with bespoke automations for every single client.

If you have experience in an industry, you already know where a lot of time is spent on manual processes. Figure out how to automate it and go make that your next offer.

Hopefully, this guide has given you a blueprint and a bit of a structure in terms of how we look at things. Obviously, there are hundreds of more industries where this could work, so make sure you choose a couple and hit them hard. Become an expert and you will win.

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