27 Best YouTube Niches in 2023 with High CPM (+Channel Examples)

best YouTube niches

Today, you’ll the best YouTube niches in 2023. We’ll go over some YouTube channel examples, how much approximately they get paid per 1000 views, and how much they make per month approximately with just ad revenue alone.

If you’re interested in starting a YouTube channel, now is the time.   

And to help you get started we have done a lot of research and compiled this list of the best online YouTube channel niches.

These are evergreen niches that will pay you for years to come.

So let’s get into it.

1. Make Money Online

Make money online is one of the most profitable YouTube niches out there. The CPM is very high and the reason advertisers pay so much is there are so many different areas to make money online.

An example channel is Make Money Matt which is the creator of Tube Mastery and Monetization 3.0 – one of the best YouTube automation courses.

He makes videos about a lot of topics, of course, on how to make money online.

Make money online is a niche where I have a faceless YouTube channel and you can see that my CPM is very high for the last 28 days.

make money online niche cpm channel

And there are some topics like affiliate marketing that will pay you even more than that.

For example, this video on one of my channels has a super high CPM at over $114.

make money online niche cpm video

The lower CPM channels will make around two to $3 per thousand views and a channel like mine can make over $60 per thousand views.

So you can see, this is a very big difference in the amount of money that can be made.

So even though you see channels that are getting a lot of views, if the CPM on their channel is at the lower end, like $3 per thousand views, you can see that it would take a lot of views to get a good amount of money.

That’s why smaller channels can make a lot of money with a smaller amount of views because they are in a higher CPM niche.

Another great thing about the make money online niche is that you can monetize easily with affiliate products that would be of interest to someone looking to make money online.

I made a lot of money this way on my channel long before I was paid through Google AdSense.

I’ve made so many commissions on autopilot just from having affiliate links in the description of my videos.

And don’t think this type of niche is too competitive or saturated because there will always be people looking to make money online and advertisers willing to pay good money to place ads on your videos because YouTube ads are very targeted.

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2. Health & Fitness

Health and Fitness belong to one of the most popular YouTube niches.

There are many different ways to approach creating a health-themed YouTube channel, from talking about your own personal fitness journey to providing tips and advice on healthy eating or even just sharing inspirational stories about people who have overcome serious health challenges.

And I will say the more specific you can get in the selection of your channel, the better.

For example, if you have a channel about building muscle rather than random general topics, that’s better because the more niche-specific you are, the easier it is for Google to place ads on your videos and the more money you’re likely to make.

Here’s an example of a channel in this niche, Body Hub.

body hub youtube channel

The reason health and wellness is a great YouTube niche is that advertisers know people want to improve their health.

By placing ads in these types of videos, they get a great return on their investment.

Let’s say you are in a network marketing company that sells products for health and wellness. This would be the perfect type of channel to start.

And besides getting paid really good money from Google AdSense, you can also put an affiliate link to your products in the description of your videos.

And if you take a look at their videos, you can see these videos are not difficult to make, but they get a lot of views.

You can easily create these types of videos with tools like Pictoy.ai or other AI video generators out there.

This would also be very easy to monetize by placing affiliate links from ClickBank, Digistore24, or Amazon in the description of their videos, and that can make a lot more money than just with ads.

But with over 1.5 million views a month on their channel, depending on their CPM, they would be making $5,000 to $10,000 or more a month.

3. Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is definitely a trending topic to create a YouTube channel around, and I think it will be a high CPM for a long time. It’s definitely something a lot of people are interested in and advertisers will pay a lot to place ads on these videos.

An example channel is Crypto Gains.

crypto gains youtube channel

And you can see, besides making money through the Google AdSense program, they’re monetizing in several ways.

One of which is merchandise, using print on demand through Red bubble, which is free to set up.

There are definitely a lot of possibilities with this niche to monetize.

For example, if you’re part of an affiliate program in cryptocurrency, you can place your link in the description of your videos and make money that way as well.

Cryptocurrency is of the most trending topics on YouTube in 2022 so if you’re interested in this niche, this is a great channel to take a look at.

4. Finance

The finance niche is one of the most profitable YouTube niches because advertisers pay a lot of money to place ads on your videos.

An example in the finance niche is Economics Explained which is another faceless YouTube channel.

economics explained youtube channel

They’re also monetizing with affiliate links in the description of their videos, which you can as well.

And if you don’t know any programs in the finance niche, you can simply go to Google and type in finance affiliate programs and find affiliate programs you can join and earn money from those programs, as well as Google AdSense.

And many finance companies offer high-paid affiliate programs for leads, new customers, and sales.

So if you have an interest in finance or a background in finance, this would be a great choice of channel ideas for you.

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5. Travel

The next popular YouTube niche is travel. If you’re passionate about traveling, starting a travel channel can be a great way to share your love of exploring new places with the world.

There are plenty of travelers out there who are looking for inspiration and advice on where to go next, and by sharing your own experiences, you can help others plan their dream vacations.

There are a few things to keep in mind when starting a travel channel. First, make sure that you have quality footage and photos to share. Viewers want to see beautiful landscapes and interesting cultural experiences, so make sure that your videos are well-shot and edited.

Additionally, be sure to create interesting and engaging content that will keep people coming back for more. Share your tips for navigating foreign airports, finding the best deals on airfare, or discovering off-the-beaten-path destinations.

An example channel is the World According to Briggs, and on this channel, he talks about facts about different places, mainly in the United States, like the top 10 most hated states in the US or the top 10 cheapest states for renters.

world according to briggs

And this channel has over 750,000 subscribers and their most popular video has over 4 million views and SocialBlade estimates they make over $22,000 a month.

6. Relationships

Relationships is one of the most popular YouTube niches. This type of channel can cover everything from dating advice to relationship tips. You can also share personal stories about your own relationships, and offer advice to other viewers who may be experiencing similar issues.

An example channel is called Make Them Love You. They talk about different aspects of love and relationships.

make them love you

Their most popular video has over 2 million views and they also use a script, a voiceover, and video stock footage and combine it together with tools like Pictory.ai or InVideo.

And their social blade stats show they make over $2,000 a month.

So if you like to talk about relationships, this would be a great YouTube channel idea for you.

7. Animals

If you’re passionate about animals, then this would be one of the best YouTube niches for you.

There are countless channels devoted to all kinds of animals, from dogs and cats to lions and tigers.

An example of a channel in this niche is Smart Dog Lover.

Smart Dog Lover youtube channel

Their videos are all about interesting information about dogs that people are already searching for and they have a script to voiceover and video stock footage.

And I did want to mention besides making money with Google Adsense, they are most likely making affiliate commissions with the Clickbank product and Amazon.

If you take a look at some of their videos, you you’ll see all of these are Amazon affiliate links so if people purchase this product they earn a commission.

8. Technology

If you have an interest in the latest tech, then starting a technology channel will be a great way to showcase your knowledge and expertise.

You can also use this as the base for a more general tech channel or create videos about more niche-specific topics like iPhones, Androids, drones, laptops, etc.

An example in this niche is Top Tech Now.

top tech now

They review technology which would be something you could easily outsource by having someone write the script, someone does the voiceover, and then have a video editor put it all together which it looks like they do on this channel.

And again they never do show their face and you can see for the most popular videos they have used keywords that have good search volume and low competition like the best Bluetooth speaker 2021 gets over 94,000 searches and has little competition according to TubeBuddy.

And considering these videos have millions of views and the CPM for this niche is around $16 to $20 we can assume these top videos have made a lot of money.

9. Luxury

The next profitable Youtube niche is luxury. If you are an expert in luxury products, then starting a luxury channel will allow you to share your knowledge and expertise with the world.

An example channel is luxury king and this channel has been around for only 10 months and they already have a video with over a million views.

mr luxury

This channel they have a script, a voice-over, and video stock footage – very simple.

On the luxury channel, you can discuss the latest trends in the luxury market, interview top designers and industry insiders, and review the latest high-end products.

10. ASMR

ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response and these videos have a certain sound that’s relaxing and help people with anxiety stress or falling asleep.

An example channel is ASMR Soap with over 562,000 subscribers and they literally crush or scrape soap.

asmr soap

Their most popular video has over 5 million views and it’s a very popular thing for people to watch.

And what’s cool about this niche, videos like this people would literally watch them over and over which would give you a lot more views.

And SocialBlade estimates they make around $15,000 a month so you can see this would be a very profitable YouTube niche to get into and I think one that would be very fun as well as relaxing.

11. Business

If you have a background in business or own your own business, then starting a business channel can be a great way to gain followers.

This is due to the fact that there are plenty of people who would love to learn more about starting their own company.

And an example channel is Success Secrets TV and they have over 1 million subscribers.

success secrets tv youtube channel

They also use animated whiteboard videos that are very easy to create with tools like Renderforest and talk about different aspects of business and entrepreneurship.

Their most popular video has over 4 million views and their social blade stats estimate they make over $3000 a month in ad revenue which again I estimate is higher because of what advertisers will pay in this niche and the number of subscribers I have.

So if business interests you this would be a great channel for you to check out.

12. Makeup

The next very popular YouTube niche is makeup. And an example channel is Christen Dominique.

Christen Dominique youtube channel

She has other topics besides makeup, but I would recommend if you want to get into this niche, to be very specific and just have it be about makeup.

For example, makeup for women over 50 years old or makeup for teenage girls.

And of course, there are many ways to monetize with affiliate products from Amazon, or if you’re part of a network marketing company that has makeup products, you could put a link to your products in the description of your video and make money from affiliate commissions besides Google AdSense.

13. Investing

If you are a huge fan of investing, then starting an investing channel is a great way to show the world your tips and tricks for investing money. You can also use this as the base for a more general finance channel.

An example of a Youtube channel in the investing niche is Casgains Academy where they talk about different aspects of investing you can see the most popular video has gotten over 1.3 million views just 7 months ago.

casgains academy youtube channel

The CPM for the investing niche is around $25 to $30 per 1000 views.

14. Personal Finance

A personal finance channel is the perfect way to discuss topics like budgeting, debt, and taxes, but also provide tips and tricks for maximizing your money.

A great example is the Practical Wisdom channel which talks about all aspects of managing your personal finances.

practical wisdom youtube channel

And this niche pays anywhere from $35 to $45 per 1000 views.

Their most popular video has 9.8 million views and if we take a CPM of $35 we can imagine that video alone has earned them over $300,000.

15. Book Reviews

Many people love reading and they love getting recommendations for books from others. This means that there is always going to be interest in book reviews. Additionally, there are a lot of ways to monetize book review videos. You can include ads, affiliate links to Audible, and even sell your own products related to books.

A great example of a book review channel that I actually follow is Productivity Game which has over 480,000 subscribers and gains around 7,000 subscribers a month.

productivity game youtube channel

This guy is doing book reviews on popular books about productivity and entrepreneurship.

He is using software like Renderforest to do whiteboard videos. This type of software is drag and drop so it doesn’t require a lot of technical skills.

And these types of videos keep people’s attention which is one of the most important metrics on whether a video does well or not.

16. Cars

Cars is a popular YouTube niche with a big earning potential. You can either talk about cars like this channel, Bladed Angels.

bladed angel youtube channel

With these types of videos, you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to.

You can just have video stock footage, a script, and a voiceover, or if you’re fixing cars, you don’t have to show your face.

You can just show your hands and what you’re doing with a car. So if you know something about cars, this would be a great channel idea.

And this is one of the top advertisers on YouTube in the carnage because they have highly targeted leads who are interested in cars.

So companies like Carvana will pay really well to advertise on your videos.

You can also monetize this niche with affiliate marketing as ChrisFix does.

chrisfix youtube affiliate links

He links to products and tools he uses on eBay and Amazon, and of course, he makes a commission when someone purchases through his link.

And his videos get a lot of views. In fact, he has over 1 billion views on his channel so he’s making really good money through the Google AdSense program.

So people really want to watch videos about how to fix their cars, right?

And he links to his website where he sells merchandise as well. So, in several different ways, he’s making money through his channel and really good money at that.

17. Software

The great part about the software niche is that the CPM is super high and you can get recurrent income by placing affiliate links to the software in the description of your videos.

An example in the software niche is our channel Business Solution.

Some of these videos get quite a lot of views despite the fact we have a small number of subscribers compared to other channels in other Youtube niches. But hey, everyone has to start from zero, right?

And you can see how we work with other software companies helping them promote their products and earn recurring income besides what we’re making with Google AdSense, which is as of now a couple of hundred dollars a month.

18. DIY & Crafts

A YouTube channel idea that doesn’t require a lot of setups is DIY & crafts. If you’re handy with drawing or if you have a creative side, you can do something very similar to 5 Minute Crafts, which is one of the most popular YouTube channels with over 75 mln subscribers.

5 minute crafts youtube channel

In this, you can create videos around drawing, woodworking, and coloring books, so there’s a whole bunch of wide range of different crafts that you can do.

And you don’t have to show your face and oftentimes, all you have to do is just have an overhead camera and film how you make what you’re doing.

19. Unboxing

The great thing about the unboxing niche is if you become a famous YouTuber in this niche, companies will send you their stuff to review.

One of the most famous YouTube channels in the unboxing niche is Unbox Therapy.

unbox therapy youtube channel

And on the channel, pretty much he unboxes new gadgets and gives commentary on what he likes and what doesn’t like.

And it ranges so from really luxurious stuff like a BMW phone to some really really cheap smartphones, so he does a wide range of stuff.

20. Beauty & Fashion

Beauty and fashion channels on YouTube offer a wide variety of content from trending fashion and hair tutorials to product reviews and more.

Bestdressed is a popular beauty and fashion channel featuring outfit ideas, lifestyle, and more.


These channels are often run by beauty and fashion experts, who share their knowledge and experience with their viewers.

Many beauty and fashion channels also feature hauls, where the creators show off the products they’ve recently purchased, as well as lookbooks, where they show off different outfits and styles.

21. Education

Educational channels on YouTube cover a wide range of subjects, including science, math, history, and more. These channels often feature lectures, demonstrations, and other types of content designed to teach viewers about a particular topic.

Khan Academy is a well-known educational channel that offers a wide range of educational videos on subjects like math, science, and more.

khan academy

Some educational channels are run by teachers or educators, while others are created by individuals who are passionate about a particular subject and want to share their knowledge with others.

22. Entertainment

YouTube is a great platform for all kinds of entertainment content. This can include music videos, movie trailers, TV show clips, and more.

There are also many channels that offer entertainment news, celebrity interviews, and other types of content related to the entertainment industry and if you want to learn from the best in the business then look no further than MrBeast.


MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers with over 125 million subscribers. He is known for his extravagant videos, in which he performs elaborate stunts and challenges and often gives away large sums of money to his participants and viewers.

23. Mental Health & Self Care

There is a growing interest in mental health and self-care, and YouTube is a great platform for sharing information and resources on these topics.

If you have some education or knowledge, YouTube could be a great platform for sharing information and resources on mental health and self-care.

The School of Life is a popular YouTube channel that covers a wide range of topics related to mental health and self-care, including psychology, philosophy, and personal growth.

the school of life

And if you think that this YouTube niche is for you, you could cover topics like anxiety, depression, stress management, and more, and could offer tips and techniques for improving mental well-being.

24. Eco-Friendly Living

With increasing awareness of environmental issues, there is a growing audience for content related to eco-friendly living.

Shelbizleee is a popular YouTube channel that covers topics related to sustainable living and environmentalism, including green home improvements, eco-friendly products, and more.


YouTube channels in this niche could cover topics like sustainable fashion, green home improvements, and more.

25. Gardening & Farming

Gardening and farming channels on YouTube often feature content on topics like organic gardening, permaculture, and homesteading.

Epic Gardening is a popular YouTube channel that covers topics related to gardening and farming, including organic gardening, permaculture, and homesteading.

Here you could offer tips and techniques for growing your own food, as well as information on sustainable farming practices.

26. Pet Care

Pet care channels on YouTube offer a wide variety of content related to the care and well-being of pets. This could include training tips, nutrition advice, and health information for a variety of different types of pets.

An example of a successful YouTube niche in the pet care space is The Pet Collective.

the pet collective

Some content examples for this niche could include training tips, nutrition advice, and health information for a variety of different types of pets.

27. Art & Design

Similar to the DIY niche, there is a large audience for art and design content on YouTube, with many channels featuring tutorials, reviews, and other resources related to these topics

The Art Sherpa is a popular YouTuber artist.

the art sherpa

If you have some artistic skills, you could cover a wide range of topics, including drawing, painting, graphic design, and more.

Best YouTube Niches in 2023 Wrapping Up

So these are the best YouTube niches in 2023. Whatever angle you choose, make sure that you are passionate about the topic, and be prepared to put in the time and effort required to make your channel successful.

Remember that quality content is key – viewers will only keep coming back if they feel like they are getting something valuable from your videos.

So take the time to plan out each episode carefully, and make sure that everything you post is both informative and entertaining.

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