How to Promote Clickbank Products in 2023 | Top Affiliate Strategies Revealed

how to promote clickbank products

Today you’ll learn how to promote Clickbank products in 2023 with advanced strategies used by super affiliates.

We’re talking about what funnel should you use to sell ClickBank products. That’s a question I get a lot from people because there are so many funnels out there and people are wondering if they should build their own bridge page and talk about the product.

But for me, I sell ClickBank products a little bit different strategy than I’m selling software for example.

There is one strategy that still works great for promoting affiliate products, or you are kind of behind the scenes and you’re not really showing your face.

And actually, this is the exact funnel and strategy super affiliates are using to promote ClickBank products.

So, people who make thousands of dollars per day, typically they’re not on YouTube, they don’t have some huge audience or anything like that, talking about these ClickBank products.

They promote them in a little bit different strategy and that’s just using paid advertising, where they’re completely behind the scenes.

So again, this is a little bit different marketing strategy. It’s not the best thing I’d recommend long-term but is a great way to start making a couple of hundreds of dollars on ClickBank, and then maybe eventually when you start getting results like this, you can move on to building more of a brand around a certain topic that you want to go all-in on.

And before we get into the strategy, you need to understand something important…

The Difference Between ClickBank Products And Other Affiliate Products

When promoting ClickBank products, I like to stay behind the scenes because usually, I can’t relate to the product.

So usually, I tell people to create your opt-in page, develop a whole sales funnel, create your bridge video to get some bonuses, and that’s typically where you are kind of like, if your email marketing, you have your own personal name.

So, it’s more like personal branding, almost when you’re promoting affiliate products in your niche. You kind of have to be the face of the brand because that’s who you’re buying.

However, with these ClickBank products, if I’m selling some little weight loss offer to 40 and 60 years old, I can’t really relate with that, I can’t really make my own bridge video and talk about the product because for one, I’ve never bought it and I’ve never tested it myself.

So again, this is why I like to stay behind the scenes with these products on ClickBank, whereas if you’re promoting more of a company, I would use a different funnel where you’re actually behind that, where you’re actually showing your face and stuff like that.

So anyway, enough of me rambling, let’s go and get into the strategy.

Best Way To Promote Clickbank Products in 2022

So anyway, let’s go ahead and get into the funnel. So now that you kind of understand why we’re using this kind of funnel, now we can get into it.

Top ClickBank affiliates promote products using quiz funnels and I was testing it for a couple of months and it works like a charm.

So basically, this is a quiz funnel and I actually made it all a Builderall.

So you can see the different questions that I’ll go through in a moment.

The whole strategy of this, and I’ll show you the ads that you would place for this kind of campaign or this kind of funnel later towards the end of this guide, so be sure to stick around.

So, the way the funnel works is we’re getting people off Facebook or Instagram, wherever you’re placing your ads, and you’re sending them to take this quiz.

Now, one of the reasons we’re using the quiz is number one, ad platforms don’t like affiliate links so this is a great way to kind of pre-sell them through a process.

Take them through a little process, and then at the very end of this quiz, that’s where you would put your affiliate link, and then you’re not going to get banned on Facebook because you’re just promoting a quiz. You’re not doing anything spammy.

So, something like this tends to work really well, especially for weight loss offers where Facebook is a little bit more strict.

So, the real strategy with this, as you can see the main headline is “Easier than Keto for a woman.” So, what I would do for this is I would go target on Facebook, women who are on the keto diet.

Women who are using the keto diet and chances are those people are going to be interested in this type of quiz because it kind of spark some people’s interests.

So, it’s going to ask them a question here, “have you ever been on a diet before?” And they can click, yes, no, I used to.

Most of them are going to say yes, and it really doesn’t matter which answer they pick because we’re just trying to get them through a series of questions to pre-qualify them.

And another thing about this quiz, if they get distracted; let’s say they go through two questions, and then they’re like, okay, this is boring, I’m going to scroll down.

affiliate quiz

What happens is it takes them through a story. and it tells them why this quiz is so important, and notice how it goes back to the bottom; if they end up at the bottom, it’s going to redirect them exactly to the same question they left off.

affiliate quiz funnel bottom

And again, we’re just trying to get them to finish the quiz so they can click on our affiliate link.

And here’s something really important I want to show you.

There is a question: “Are you age 35 or older and want to improve your health?” Obviously, they’re going to say yes, and the way we know, we can get them to say yes because we’re targeting only women over 40 who are using the keto diet.

affiliate quiz funnel question

So this kind of just reassures that whatever we’re promoting is going to be for them because chances are someone who’s 42 could be going through this quiz and maybe one of their objections in their head is like what if this is made for like a 20-year-old girl?

So, putting this question in kind of just reassures it for them, plus we’re already targeting people who are over 40.

And after answering all the questions, a pop-up comes up, “Your results have been analyzed, click the button below for done for you video instructions and done-for-you protocol.”

quiz funnel pop up

And in the button, this is where we put our affiliate link and it goes straight to the sales page ClickBank offer.

So that’s the whole entire funnel. It’s super simple to create it in Builderall.

You don’t have to show your face or anything.

And what’s cool about this is, you can download this funnel if you’re a member of our Top Affiliate Training.

So, if you go to our membership site, go to our training portal, you’ll see it in the “Done For Your Campaigns” section.

affiliate funnel

But really the only thing you’re going to have to change for this, once you download this funnel is the pop-up with your affiliate link.

So originally, we had a pop-up where we had our affiliate link in that button. So, all you’d have to do is go on ClickBank and then get your affiliate link and then change it out in this button.

So that’s what’s really cool about this funnel. It’s really duplicatable and it’s really fast to set up.

So now you might be wondering “where do you want to advertise this funnel?”

Traffic Methods To Promote Clickbank Products

So, I showed you the quiz funnel, now let’s talk about how to promote it.

Facebook Ads

Obviously, I talked about Facebook ads a lot, but keep in mind, you can use this funnel in multiple different places. The main way I made the done-for-you campaign is specifically made for Facebook.

So just making sure the audience is congruent with the product you’re promoting is going to be super important for that. Again, that’s why I like using Facebook ads because the targeting options are insane.

But as I said, you can change it up a little bit to make it work on another platform.

Instagram Influencers

So, for example, you can go after medium-sized Instagram influencers who are maybe charging you $20 to post it on their story, and you’re going to get a bunch of clicks from that.

And really all they have to promote is a free quiz. Hey, swipe up to take the free quiz on this, this, and this.

And really all you want to do is, for this example offer that I just showed you, the slim belly fix, it’s specifically made for 40 to 60 years old. So, if you’re going on Instagram, make sure that whoever you’re promoting it, to the Instagram influencer you find, make sure that their audience is around 40 to 60 years old.

Pinterest Ads

Another thing you can do is use Pinterest content. So, if you’re building up a Pinterest page, this funnel would work great for it. I’m also using Pinterest ads as well and I also know people who do use Pinterest ads, and they make a lot of money with ClickBank affiliate marketing.

So, you want to dive into there, that’s another option.

YouTube Ads

And then we also have YouTube ads where if you’re using YouTube ads, you can go after more small targeted audiences. At least, that’s what I would recommend.

And really when you’re going after these smaller targeted audiences, usually those people will just convert higher because they’re more of a niche. So, for example, this funnel I showed you earlier if you’re targeting Keto and women over 40.

So, what you can do with YouTube ads is you can do a placement or keyword targeting. So, if you don’t know what that means, basically placement targeting is where you can place your ads on specific videos or channels.

Let’s say there’s a channel about the keto diet. You can go place your ads on that channel and you can get traffic to your quiz funnel.

youtube keto diet channel example

That’s like a placement, or you can do keyword targeting, which is something we teach in the YouTube ads module in our training portal.

But if you do keyword targeting, you can go and target people who are typing in ketogenic or typing in weight-loss diets, stuff like that.

Or maybe it’s weight loss for women over 40. That would be a great keyword to go after and advertise a Clickbank product like this.

So anyway, let’s go into the actual app, add images, and copy. Now, keep in mind, this image and copy I’m going to show you, it’s made for Facebook ads specifically, but you can always change it up, change it around to match it more on Instagram, or have your influencer post it.

Or maybe you can make some of these images into a video or use the software to make a video with this copy and different images B-roll to use that for a video ad on YouTube.

So, you got to kind of get creative, but the point is I would kind of want to show you the whole overview and the structure, that way you can go out there and find your own success with a different product, as long as you know the formula.

clickbank ad campaign


*Women in the age range of 40-60 years old looking to lose weight or who are already using common diets like Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, etc.

Facebook Ads Demographics:  

*40-65 North American women

Facebook Ads Interests: 

*Keto, Weight Loss, Paleo Diet, Intermittent Fasting, Lady Boss.

And now I want to go over the ad images that I use to promote these types of Clickbank products.

clickbank ad images

So, when it comes to actual your ad, whether your ad is on Pinterest, Facebook, or you do Instagram influencers, really the point and ad for this specific quiz funnel is you really just want to catch attention.

Remember, we’re dealing with the weight loss niche and older women.

So really what we’re trying to do here is just create curiosity.

Notice how these images, if you’re scrolling on Facebook or you’re scrolling on Instagram, or maybe you see a YouTube video and they see this big red box or they see this woman pointing to her intestines and it shows some colorful things, it really just makes you think like, what is that?

So really, the whole point of this is it makes them stop, pay attention and read the posts, read the ad copy. So that’s the whole really goal of these ad images.

And of course, I give you like, you know, a couple here, maybe like 10 or so.

But anyway, let’s go back to the actual ad copy because as I said, these images are kind of made to catch their attention, to get them to read the post, which is our next step in the funnel.

So now I kind of want to go over a few of the copy examples. So, we have 4 different variations of copy for this specific quiz funnel.

So, you can go through them here, but I’ll just read a couple on.


📋 Ad Copy Example

Got 3 minutes a day to dedicate to this? 

I figured when I started doing this every day that if I can just do the full 3 minutes then I’d see results. 

I’m glad I stuck with it because just by taking “one cup” of this every day has helped me drop the pounds and now I don’t fear the scale. 

Instead of me telling you about it, you can click over to the next page where you’ll see a full presentation on what it is all about! 

So, notice how we’re just trying to tell a story. We’re not making any claims, and really, that’s the whole goal of Facebook, and a lot of these ad platforms, is not to be the scammy guy that says, “Hey, you can lose 10 pounds in the next three days.”

It’s more about telling a story and creating curiosity.

Also, notice how the image ad leads them to the copy and the copy leads them to the quiz funnel.

So that’s the whole kind of structure with any of these ClickBank campaigns. Really any campaign you’re running, create curiosity and then tell a story to get them interested in whatever your lead magnet is, whatever it is you’re promoting on your front offer.

So anyway, let’s go over one more ad copy, and then we’ll go ahead and end this out so I can let you guys go and take a look at this yourself.

So, this one’s pretty interesting.


📋 Ad Copy Example

“All I need to do is take one cup every day?” 

I asked.

I met an old friend for Sunday brunch last month and I was really happy and surprised with how good she looked. 

She said, “I’ve just made some adjustments to my diet and most importantly I take one cup of this every day.”

Even though I had my doubts, I had my own struggles with the scale so I figured I’d just give it a shot. 

Well about 15 days have gone by since I started and WOW…I’m super happy!

And the best part is…

Now MY friends are asking ME what I’m doing differently 💅

Tap The Image Below to find out how this could help you too!

So, notice how it’s very similar to this one. It’s just a different variation of it. Same thing with these other two ad copies right here.

Promoting Clickbank Products in 2022: Final Words

So anyway, that’s the whole entire, really overview of how to promote products on ClickBank.

Again, this is made for promoting a specific offer, but you could always make a different variation of this funnel, maybe to promote a different product, maybe it’s a dog training product.

So, you start asking maybe 4 different questions about dog training in your sales funnel.

This way you don’t have to be behind the face or you don’t have to be in front of the camera, you don’t have to make a bridge video.

This is kind of your funnel where you’re just trying to get as much traffic to your affiliate links and make your ads profitable.

I hope you can apply this to whatever Clickbank product you’re promoting.

If you want to promote this product, again, we have all the resources for you inside of our Top Affiliate Training portal.

Just can just join for free and you’ll get this done-for-you campaign sheet.

But again, guys, I would encourage you to try to make your own quiz funnel, make it for another product you’re promoting on ClickBank.

You already have the ad copy for really any weight loss product. It doesn’t matter which one you’re promoting.

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