CrawlQ Review 2023: Pros & Cons, Ease of Use, Alternatives

crawlq ai review

In this CrawlQ AI review, we’re going to look at this very unique AI-powered research and content creation tool.

CrawlQ promises to help us get accurate SEO data off the web and then create laser-targeted content based on that research.

But is CrawlQ actually worth it?

Well, in this CrawlQ review, I’m going to show you how this software compares with some of the best AI SEO tools available in the market.

So let’s get started.

CrawlQ AI Content Writer

To get started with CrawlQ, first, we need to create a workspace. You need to give your workspace a name a put in your URL.

CrawlQ Workspace

And the next thing we need to do is to write the specific content that is going to be generated later on by AI.

So for everything that we need to fill out here, there will be examples which is really cool if you’re struggling at this point.

And now we can get started with Quick AI Gains or Deep Dive.

crawlq quick ai gains

So let’s get started with Quick AI gains. We have these examples:

  • Blogs and articles
  • Sales copywriting
  • Text rewrite
  • Text summarization

Then we need to select the script, and here we have options like authority headlines, authority blog tool, and authority meta title/description.

I’m going to choose the authority headlines, and now we get asked more questions.


These are basic questions that are going to help the GP-3 technology create that content for you so the better you write these answers the better the results are going to be.

And you have two options here.

We can fill this with examples that help a lot because AI will fill this out for you.

The second option is to write your own.

And then you need to choose relevant content for your niche.

Once you’ve done that AI will generate content for you and all results related to the main topics will be shown to you on the right panel including:

  • Overview
  • Headings
  • Topics
  • Top paragraphs
  • Questions
  • Reviews

We have really useful information, and the first thing is we have the overview, the average header, the average image, and the average words that you choose.

content overview

Then we have headlines and paragraphs that are grabbed from other websites as competitors that are targeting with the keywords that we’re using.

From here you can start building your content using outline, research, rewording, and optimizing the content for better topic coverage.

generated content

So that’s one of the ways that we can generate this content that we need.

However, it’s really difficult to use compared to tools like where the content optimization is much simpler, as you can find out in my in-depth Frase review and see how it compares to CrawlQ.

Maybe it is not as well targeted as you could see in my SmartWriter review but still better than in other AI copywriting tools out there.

Now, let’s take a look at the market research tools that are also very powerful.

CrawlQ Market Research

To get started first, enter the first keyword topic that interests your niche and hit the search button.

Next, review the relevant trending topics list on the right-hand side and click to select the trending topic most relevant to your niche.

relevant topics

Then, click on each link to discover the semantics and psychographics related to your niche.

To identify relevant information, click on one of the links:

  • Video search
  • Podcast directories
  • Social media
  • News
  • Question and answer databases
  • Product reviews
choose theme

And that’s it. Your market research is done.

It’s a very straightforward process. I really like this feature.

CrawlQ Search Intent

Here you also start by typing in a keyword topic related to your product or service and what you are selling.

Then again, you need to review the list of relevant trending topics which define the name of your product or service and identify what questions they are asking to search engines.

In the keyword question graph, you’ll find out what comparisons they’re making regarding your product or service.

keyword question graph

Next, you can find what adjectives they use to qualify your product or service and also discover informational, transactional, and commercial search intent.

CrawlQ Market Research and Resonance

With this tool, you can automate your content creation process.

To get started, click niche, and fill in the information with the data market spying wizard and search intent discovery.

CrawlQ Market Research and Resonance-niche

Then, in the empty field enter only action verbs, nouns, or adjectives, follow the directions for best results.

fill information

Click the submit button to save your entries and you can move on to the next category.

You can repeat steps one to four for all categories.

And the best part is while you’re working on market research and response, you can always use other parts of the tool.

Market research Tools

The more information you enter, the better the CrawlQ semantic intelligence engine meets your content automation needs.

CrawlQ Competitor Analysis

This is a cool competitor analysis tool for all founders, marketers, and copywriters who need the right tools, frameworks, and in-depth data to do accurate competitor analysis.

SE Ranking has a similar competitor analysis feature but it’s more robust and gives you much more data as I explain my SE Ranking review so you can check that out and see how they compare to each other.

So, like with any other previous tool you just simply enter the main topic related to your niche, but you can also enter the domain name of your competitor.

You can also add more direct competitors.

enter domain

On the overview page, you’ll see the keywords heading, subheading, and main long-tail topics that your competitors are targeting on search engines.

overview page

And there are going to be hundreds of them. For me, they have really impressive database.

But the best thing is that you can drill down on things like

Landing pages
Readability analysis
Sentiment analysis
Word count
Sentence cloud
And more

Then you analyze each competitor’s overall Alexa rank.

The higher the global Alexa ranking, the more difficult it becomes to beat the competition.

crawlq alexa rank

Here you’ll also see user interaction for the past three months, one month and one day but the user interaction data from just one day is not really accurate. Maybe it’s because of the time zone or things like that.

CrawlQ Contextual Competitor Wizard

The contextual comparison wizard is a new URL-to-URL comparison tool that helps you identify gaps or opportunities to improve your content strategy which is super helpful.

Here’s how it works.

First, you need to enter your URL and your competitor URL and you can determine how your page compares semantically with your competitors.

competitor analysis

You’ll also see how unique your content, readability, landing page UX, headings, and keyword cloud to understand your competitor’s content strategy.

CrawlQ Organic Competitor Wizard

This will help you discover competitors and improve your content strategy.

First, enter the main long tail keyword topic related to your niche, and you can also add additional keyword topics.

It will show you the keyword cloud to understand the prevalence of similar topics where you can identify the top semantically similar top keywords related to the main topic snippet of your long tail words from the top search engine results.

semantically similar top keyword

So you can check who your top competitors are in organic search results for your main topic with long tail keywords and understand which competitors have the most semantic coverage of your main long tail keyword topic.

competitor urls

And from here, you can improve and refine your search by adding popular keywords and suggested topics related to your niche to the suggested topic.

But that’s not all.

Here is the best part of this tool.

You read an AI-generated summary of each competitor’s content and get your competitor’s top keywords on the main long tail topic.

competitor's content

So this will help you identify gaps and opportunities to improve your content strategy.

CrawlQ Topic Authority

CrawlQ topic authority identifies content gaps and will help you find ways to boost your topical authority in search engines.

This tool finds the most common essential website text corpus summaries, bigrams, trigrams, and keyword token distributions on your website.

CrawlQ Topic Authority

CrawlQ topic authority gets the overall score for your website and calculates the semantic coherence of your website’s topic.

So you can examine your keyword cloud and decide whether the general topics that dominate your entire website make sense.

It will help you identify the top 10 website URLs with low topic coverage so you can get more in-depth content from these pages to create in-depth value-added content for topic authority.

weakest topic authority urls

Furthermore, you can also identify your top 10 website URLs with high topic coverage to understand these pages and create a content strategy to continually increase the value of these pages.

And when the content topic coverage is low on average you can create a content strategy to check the topic coverage across all URLs on your website and fill in the gaps.

CrawlQ Topic Modeling

CrawlQ topic modeling is a super valuable tool in determining the semantic coherence of your website’s content structure.

The interactive visualization system answers three basic topic model questions.

  1. What is the meaning of each topic?
  2. How often does each topic occur?
  3. How are the topics related to each other?

The visualization system gives an overview of the topic model and answers questions two and three. In this view, the topic is circled on a two-dimensional plane.

distance between topics

The center is calculated by the distance between topics and then projecting that number onto the multidimensional scaling.

And the right panel visualization displays a horizontal bar chart with the individual terms most useful to interpreting the currently selected topic in the left panel.

CrawlQ Dominant Topic Visualization

CrawlQ’s dominant topic visualization supplies you with a visualization that represents the semantic structure of topics and groups of topics so you can interpret the meanings of topics and their relationships.

crawlq graph

Points on the graph represent a document or URL on your website and dots color represent the number of dominant topic names that you can see by moving the mouse.

This is a really cool interactive graph that shows the topics at different levels of overlap and the distance between them. You can also see which topics tend to occur together.

This will allow you to identify the dominant topics of a website. You can cluster the URL into dimensional space based on what it’s about.

With the CrawlQ Dominant Topic Visualization, you can easily map out topics to see how they relate and build on one another.

Sales Copywriting Wizard

This is one of my favorite CrawlQ features. It creates perfect copy that speaks to your target audience without all the time, and energy required to learn copywriting and SEO skills.

Similar to ClosersCopy, It all starts with selecting the script category.

script categories

You can use many categories of scripts designed according to your needs then select the specific script you want to write answer a few questions that fit your business needs.


Then you need to follow the example text to write your answers to get the right results.

You can also see a demo example project by clicking “fill with sample project”, and the question will be automatically populated with sample answers which is super helpful.

And once you do that they write a whole script for you.

CrawlQ Pricing

CrawlQ offers 4 different pricing plans:

  • Solo – $49/month
  • Startup – $89/month
  • Growth – $149/month
  • Agency – $499/month

CrawlQ Alternatives

Here are some of the CrawlQ alternatives:

CrawlQ Review Final Words

CrawlQ is quite a unique research and content creation tool, but I wish CrawlQ had a better flow and easier way to get started because it can get a little confusing with all this data and information.

If you’re not a technical wizard, you’ll be better off with tools like which has even more great AI SEO functionalities for a better price.

So, this is my CrawlQ review; if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

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